Typical traditional Swiss watch Titoni

Titoni is a typical traditional Swiss watch factory, since 1919 Since its establishment in According to legend, three generations, is now a rare independent family watch business. Over the years it has been to adhere automatic mechanical watch in the field, the company is most proud of is a characteristic of 95% of its products are highly accurate mechanical watch. All along, the Titoni blossom form and adhere to "quality first" attitude, focus on producing sophisticated, reliable and durable mechanical watches in the world, and establish a "micro-mechanical technology as" the image. The company's advertising slogan "a model of the mechanical arts", a clear emphasis on the production machinery in the field of automatic watches professional status. Titoni watch is the earlier of the Swiss brand presence in China for many years to "sophisticated, reliable, durable," the stability of the quality to win the consumer confidence Titoni unique watch, the watch laid the lofty status of Titoni.

  Original production process is strictly controlled to ensure high quality Titoni blossom form. The most advanced production tools and high-quality staff to ensure that the products meet "Swiss made" superior quality.

  Original movement assembly to Titoni not only improve product quality, and can set their own production standards. High-tech tools to aid in the traditional hand-made to improve the quality of manufactured goods. Automatic screw assembly, oil and the use of precision automatic optical inspection camera is the latest generation of technology. These resources reflect a major Titoni watch features superior to the customers desire high-quality watches.

  Dial and gauge needles and related test assembly requires sophisticated operations and great attention to detail. Titoni watch choose to complete these processes in the factory to ensure the reliable quality. Skilled employees with the help of sophisticated instruments to successfully complete the major operation.

  Titoni watch in the original production process will experience all the various tests, the final movement of skilled workers use precision instruments one by one strictly on the final test. If the movement can not be achieved by the testing company Titoni watch set quality standards, on the back to watch technician for further adjustment. Titoni watch factory is through multiple quality control procedures to ensure high quality of its factory watches enjoy a lasting reputation.

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