Advocating Durability: Hamilton

Hamilton brand has two product lines - American Classic and Khaki sports, both are based on the brand's U.S. heritage, blending modern design and manufacturing technology to create a masterpiece of Swiss. American Classics series, including avant-garde design timeless classic series and series. Khaki Campaign Series uphold the Second World War predecessors in the tradition of heroic fighting, including air-based, diving type, field-based and marine-based system the four models.

Hamilton Watch Company was established in 1892 in the United States, Pennsylvania, Lancaster. It's the first series of pocket watches Broadway (Broadway) Limited Edition, "rail-run precision timer" and famous. Hamilton Railway clock unparalleled accuracy and reliability, as the once serious railway incidents come to an end, and created history as a great timer.
The first 10 years of the 20th century - advocating durability

In the second decade of the 20th century, Hamilton became the Zhuoyou Wei Wang of the United States military and military suppliers watch. It provides the first watch for the United States known as "Black Jack" Pershing and his army generals, when they are fighting on the battlefields of Europe.

20 years of the 20th century - advocating style

20 years in the 20th century, the successful combination of accuracy and durability to be further developed.

1928 launch of Piping Rock and the Yankee watch, Hamilton lead the United States established a leadership position in watch fashion.

20th century 40's - advocate patriotism during World War II, Hamilton stopped production of civilian list, but to focus on production for the U.S. armed forces special watch. U.S. military during World War II provided a total of up to one million watches. Hamilton navigation precision watch the first introduction of modern production process, and about 10,000 nautical precision watch Hamilton, witnessed the baptism of the Second World War.

20th century 50's and 60's - advocating innovation

Secret mandate developed "Project-X" After three years, was finally launched in 1957, the world's first electronic watches (battery power) - Ventura (Adventure). Elvis Presley in 1961 starring in the film "Blue Hawaii", "worn on worn over Ventura (Adventure).

20th century 70s - Advocating Technology

In the May 6, 1970, New York time 12:01, Hamilton created the world's first digital electronic form Pulsar (pulsa) was born. 20th century 80s - advocating nostalgia

Of the 20th century the rise of 80s nostalgia, Hamilton re-introduced its 20 years from the 20th century to the 60's design classic watches. Much loved old-fashioned watch, such as Boulton (Burton), Ardmore (love) and Ventura (Adventure) re-pop to classic watch industry second time in Spring.

90 20th century - advocating interpretation

Hamilton's unique relationship with Hollywood to make the two sides continue to work closely in the film, such as "Men in Black," "Lethal Weapon -4," "Fight Club", "Independence Day", "Talented Mr. Ripley" and "e-love "and so on. Fashion designers and artists and designers still like to watch it with Hamilton striking shape and style, the design brings splendor.

Today - sophisticated technology advocate

Hamilton created by virtue of their precision and elegant watches and reputation, and to become the world's leading watchmakers in one. Watch combines the strong American spirit and unparalleled accuracy, and the most advanced Swiss-winding movement and technology. Legend still continue to write ... ...


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