Dior Crystal Diamond Rose Gold Watch

Dior Crystal Diamond series Rose Gold Watch

Fashion Watch News Report:  Diameter of 38 mm, equipped with ETA quartz chronograph movement, rose gold case set with diamonds and white sapphire crystal, gold closed side of the white paint dial, red crocodile leather strap with rose gold folding clasp.
Price: 152,000 yuan

Dior Crystal Diamond series rose gold watch and the Omega Speedmaster chronograph 38 mm female models can be seen as the transmission of such character, Dior Crystal Diamond series watch this, as always, bright, and has joined a little more passionate, enchanting red crocodile leather strap and rose gold, diamonds with publicity and very dynamic.


Audemars Piguet 20 million Millennium Treasures Series

Audemars Piguet Series Millennium Treasures

New Luxury Watches Report: Elegant Art Deco rose gold case, length 28 mm, width 25 mm, case, lugs, clasp a total of 147 round diamonds inlaid, Cal.2046 hand chord movement
Price: 201,000 yuan

Motivation for women than men, wearing a simple watch, some women buy a watch is pretty nice to wear in the hands of some women to simply to look at the time, which turned around female white-collar majority. Unlike men, do not buy a watch wearing a down, what should bother the brand in the study of history, technology, complex functions.

I have met, and liked to wear a simple and elegant two-or three-pin watch pin girl in the majority, can not easily tell the time watch that they never wear. As "why do women like to buy things," as described in this book - women are women first, and then the consumers, they will give up for a cup holder a BMW 540i, because the bracket does not fit her Starbucks coffee cup.

The other woman is wearing a watch but rarely watch. watch is worn for others to read, never mind bracelet watch or bracelet form, as long as the stylish, will reveal the character enough.

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Cartier ID One Concept Watches

Brand Watches Information Report:  Innovation Key words: niobium titanium alloy, Zérodur, Carbon Crystal, escapement fork-one-free lubrication, ADLC coating

Movement: copper plates coated with ADLC, Geneva stripes polish
Case: niobium titanium case
Dial: transparent carbon crystal dial
Strap: Black fabric strap, 18K gold adjuswatch deployant buckle
Case Diameter: 46 mm

Types of Innovation
The application of a variety of new materials

In many people's minds, it seems most related to the "concept" of the word things are "unreal" and "not practical". However, except watch alone. As a traditional "time vector" of watches, is now being given more meaning than simply recording time. Cartier, which was once known as the "king of jewelers, jewelers of the emperor," the title of the brand, now watch as the field has become an innovative and enterprising professional standard bearer. Front of ID One Concept, has become not a "concept statement" that simple.

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Gravity and Gravity Fashion Colorful Watches

Fashion Watch Trend Report: Watch manufacturer Ziiiro company launched two fashion color watches, personalized Gravity and Mercury quite creative, not only the full sense of the name of the future, the appearance of color fashion personality, very different from the traditional time to read design.

Watch these two fashion colors to show the flow line is a simple style, no longer has a traditional dial pointer and scale, respectively, twice with the flow of color inside and outside the ring on behalf of the hour and minute hands. Thicker inner circle of the color ring represents hours, relatively thin cylindrical representatives of minutes, the color is very bright personality. Looked at them and saw a blur of movement of the time, giving a time as it flows up a touch too bright visual experience.

Gravity series of silicone strap can also replace the heart, for love of fresh fashion and sports owners. The Mercury series, the outer stainless steel woven mesh bracelet is more suitable for the elegant man. Ziiiro company official quoted £ 115.00 - £ 125.00.

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Tips to Identify Genuine and Fake Watches

Watch News Center Report: 1. To see movement

First, the true form of the movement type and movement with a very familiar logo, the case of the false bottom of the watch form a transparent, can one distinguish authenticity. Secondly, we must carefully observe the movement of words, words carved genuine movement clear and beautiful, the rough off the watch, there is no beauty. Finally, we must understand the performance of the movement, as indicated in chain mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), movement of the sound travel time.

2. Look after the label change

See watch at the end of the factory label, usually on the label will have a brand watches logo, and a number of logo watch models. Some watch the watch at the end there will be laser tag laser anti-counterfeit.

3. To see where the appearance of fine

We must first look closely watch the appearance, including the appearance of polished: watch to see whether the way the fine grinding, polishing watches very particular about the process and leave the watch with them very different. Font: the font watch full of truth, leave the watch it appears that lack of confidence. Features: Most leave the watch and work hard in the function, which is a breakthrough in the watch to see through fake. Many false features are the watch decorations (moon phase, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, etc.) are not really this feature. Pointer: pointer to the real thing from the length, thickness, shape and material on and to distinguish fakes. For example, the senior watch often called "blue steel hands" really a pointer to the watch full of quiet blue color is, the complex processes baked, leave the watch is a brush up of the blue. Disk: the disk of high technology are used watch enamel face, chi Lou technology, radioactive metal disk, shell, disk, and some watch also has its own unique technologies, such as computer disk Rolex, Cartier gold silver carved disk and so on. Diamond and mosaic: mosaic look, diamond quality and size.

4. Watch glass

General sapphire crystal watch glass by glass, the easiest way is to distinguish between the glass surface with your fingers tapping the real sapphire crystal glass will issue a crisp sound.

5. Look at digital number identification

Carefully watch the bottom cover and the name of all the relevant identification number, leave the watch without the usual rule, and even so the watch does not correspond to the median. True each statement is individually numbered.

6. See icons mark

Including the strap marks, clasp mark, mark the end of the watch, the watch and the gold watch ear mark specific patterns and digital imprint.

7. To see the hidden places

Look at all the corners, such as the strap inside (take the lead in a number). These are the most difficult to achieve off the watch, but also the most easily overlooked where buyers.

8. To see the traditional production process

Are the traditional techniques, such as the shape of screws, polished and carved end watchs, and watch some of the watch factory on their own special mark.

9. Look at strap

Senior watch belt use high-quality crocodile skin, hand sewn, no matter materials are of superior technology.

10. Watch boxes and certificate

Box work watch also reflects the value of watches, watch boxes senior very elegant watch, the certificate will be printed on the watch produced in the model and unique serial number, we call it the "birth certificate." Some certificates have pinhole drilling technology will watch the numbers to play on the certificate, to prevent counterfeiting.


Five Characteristics of Luxury

Precipitation History 

Watch News Center Report: Three generations of a noble order, this sentence is used in the field of luxury apt. Regarded as the top luxury all without exception, have a lot of consumers, and indulge a long history of memorable stories, many brands and even hundreds of years. Looks very stylish Montblanc is celebrating its founding years; Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin watches, etc. can be traced back to before the middle of the 18th century. Like aged wine can cost several times as consumers are willing to pay for this invisible history. History, is the first element of luxury luxury reason to want you to get enough of the luxury brand, talk about the history of it.   

Unique brand 

1879 "King of Vodka" Lars Olsson Smith in Sweden to create a continuous distillation, which is absolute vodka follow the brewing process and carried forward. Absolute Vodka insist town of origin, the use of the natural deep water brewing, to ensure the quality of every drop of wine. This has become the most important selling point Absolut Vodka. Moreover, absolute vodka also combine themselves with Pop Art, pop art master Andy Warhol to Absolut vodka in another new form of display in the world: an absolute art. But this is always around the Absolut Vodka brand-speed requirements: the absolute pure and unique. 
Many genes have such luxury. Blancpain all hand-made and does not adhere to any diamond inlaid, LV seek sophisticated and simple, PRADA pursuit of perfection, these unique factors that become important to consumers to choose their reasons. They insist the idea of ​​never changing with the trend, it will not meet the public taste, they just want to sell to people who like it.   

Power of legend 

If you back these brands, most brands are not difficult to find a legendary figure with the closely linked, so a lot of luxury to its founder named. Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Bentley, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin are all true. Founders only created the initial product legend, but also provides a unique brand concept and brand gene. Many brand has become a luxury, but also because it is treated as the family business from generation to generation, making its process and the spirit of heritage is still intact. Louis Vuitton by the French Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854. Louis Vuitton is the founder of the nineteenth century aristocratic palace, a special package for travel luggage technicians, skilled suitcase he produced, gradually spread throughout Europe from Paris. In 1896, Louis Vuitton's son George, father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower pattern, monogram canvas design printed on the style, and even today are still being used. Family stories like this abound in the top brands, many of the brand to a large 20th century luxury began to be acquired by, and started a market-oriented operation, but the brand essence has been to pass along. 

Limited number 

While many luxury goods are after the commercial operation, although the high price, but it is still money can buy. Thus, limited edition merchandise to become a great temptation, because it represents the number of rare, unique design and special commemorative significance. Limited Edition product is a "luxury in the luxury", the principle is to make its production of the luxury products can not be copied, limited to only a small number of people can have high prices. Limited Edition's core values ​​is not the product, but because it can provide the dreams and exclusive, luxury is dream for collectors. Each year, the world's major brands are limited edition products for the production of brains. From an economic point of view, limited edition products and the brand can not bring high returns, but many brands still willing to sacrifice part of the economic well-limited edition products. Manufacturers hope that consumers get the products from the loyalty and recognition, rather than short-term interests. If there is no limited edition product launches, it certainly can not get the luxury brand of the hall.   

The secret arts and crafts 

Prevalent in the era of mechanization and assembly line, people have a special hand-intimacy thing. People take for granted that, the manual production to be much more "authentic", excellent quality, rich in content. Therefore, most luxury goods are preserved as historical era left its traditional crafts. Manual time consuming and expensive it is not surprising. Jurassic door day after day, the valley of the craftsmen's tools for processing complex with a simple watch, LV adhere to each rivet is built by hand, a lot of fashion is a stitch sewn by hand. In a large number of high-quality cheap goods into the market, the luxury crafts seems to be the most important factor to maintain high prices.


Tissot Extreme Series models rose gold PVD

Watches Review Center Report: Automatic winding chronograph movement, PVD rose gold case, bezel embedded with 66 Wesselton diamonds, total weight of 0.468 kt, sapphire glass watch mirror, leather strap with butterfly clasp, water resistant to 30 meters

Price: 14,400 yuan

Colored gold watch when you face that moment when the high price and, perhaps PVD rose gold Tissot watch this just for you understand the predicament, even inlaid with 66 diamonds Extreme models, the price is nothing but a million, some one thousand four. Although this value of PVD rose gold plating and gold watch can not quite, but still able to create a K gold case of the texture and color. Compared with a gold watch and a bit "fragile" physique, through PVD rose gold watch more wear-resistant coating scratch resistant, so you have experienced the ups and downs with her, can have a lasting witness.

Personally think that the color enough to watch this atmosphere, the white dial and strap and rose gold is quite elegant fit, whether to participate in activities or are suiwatch for everyday wear, the same time, this watch also features a higher time complexity watch movement, also illustrates this watch excellent value for money, dedicated to her as a precious gift, not better jewelry or costumes you more thoughtful and moving.

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Breguet NO.7637 Minute Repeater Watch

Watches Review Center Report: Breguet Classique Grandes Complications18K platinum series watch, manual winding movement, 18K gold silver dial with hand-engraved pattern. 3 o'clock 24-hour display, 9 o'clock setting up an independent small second hand, sapphire crystal case back

In 2008, Breguet three questions with a new way to interpret the technical miracle of the watch, the three asked to re-install the unit after using the new materials design and movement, the sound of three spring asked the watch, the sound and tone hammer spring base position of the innovative changes. At present, this patented technology devices have become three questions form Breguet No. 7637 and its full drill version No. 7639 features design.

The diameter of 42 mm, platinum or rose gold case to cast the three asked the watch, watches the dial is made of traditional Breguet style, hand-engraved silver gold dial, the dial on a 9 point with a separate Small seconds dial, the designer also designed a small dial when we made a visual game, the second hand indicates the 0 point design in the near 6 o'clock position, breaking our traditional thinking.

The other side of the dial was at 3 o'clock 24-hour day and night display function. Watch list through the back sapphire glass case back, we can see is made entirely with hand-carve the manual winding movement, gold tone color between spring and the case against the background, while the hard metal hammers and the chamfer is polished polished treatment - so hard to watch the material is processed to add a lot more difficult. Slide the slider to ask the watch, vibrant and out of Smart's temperament, you will feel there has never been asked any one of three watchs, can be like the watch the same burst out from the case in such a crystal clear melodies.

Since Breguet born into this world, the majority of his time living in Paris, the lifetime contribution to the manufacture of watches and clocks, the invention of a great many unique and active in the watch industry in each area, which also made his name as a synonym for the Swiss watch one of the most important. In his great life, and the invention of the tourbillon shock devices, improved automatic watch are sufficient to become a legend on the works of history. However, Breguet own case, the innovation is on the watch to ask him most proud.

We asked the watch is not only a rare rare weekday complex form, is the traditional art of watch making technology and the perfect combination of music products, and only asked the watch to reflect the spirit of the pursuit of Watches true, but for all the ultimate goal of the watch manufacturers who . We can think of: only very talented master clocks can be used to obscure the machinery for these additional jets on the sounds of nature sounds, it is like to watch real life, for granted. Naturally, such harsh conditions, ask a direct result of the number of watchs are extremely rare, so ask this of course greatly increased value of the collection watch.

The most common question watch percussion sounds by hammers spring pronunciation, and in 1783, the legendary master Abraham Watches - A.-L.Breguet to further improve the organization. Create watch he asked, is the case side of the operation of the slider to move, release the slider, the hammers will be returned to its original location and follow the rhythm of percussion sounds to the time a certain spring. Q watch is usually two tone spring plate in the case of the delicate inner tube, in order to make it sound perfect, producers need to spend a lot of time and effort, and this is why the cost of a high Q fundamental factor watch .

In the same field, Breguet has also created several for the moment and the newspaper reported Banke, five minutes and even asked the watch ten minutes the sound spring device, in 1800, he invented the small size of the folding style buckle latch Q watch (with a press? rotating watch ring), can be tied lanyards and even on the tape. This design also ensures that the watch will not accidentally touch the sound.

Over the past several hundred years, Breguet and asked the watch "sound" fate continues to heat up, a leisurely works fine, along with smart ideas Breguet designers continue to emerge. 

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Breguet Travel Clock N ° 1 / 7 Manual Winding Movement Cal. 564/1


Men Love Watch and Women Love Accessaries

Latest Watches News Report: Fall in love with a second, leaving one person a minute, a lifetime to forget someone, love is always with time to grow and die. On the surface, the concept of men than women have the time. In actual fact, women have their own set of mind "time rule", eight more than three months may be "old." Love living in the heart, not the time can be easily interrupted, even when the intersection is short, the memory will go beyond the years the frontier. Human life is limited, but look forward to eternal love, then became lovers Dingqingzhiwu watch, though reluctantly, but the precise timing of the watch is indeed a moment to meet a woman on the "forever" look.

Can evoke the memory of the watch is suffused with love fantasy tone, regardless of the outcome Joy and sorrow, love is a once in a lifetime of valuable chapter, even the pain is gorgeous.When the time how broke our hearts, have a vague sense of recall. Get older, there will never be the same boy had a white heart, there will never be caught by a kiss on the wild, can not sleep the night, there will not be presumptuous in love, joyful youth.

TITONI Titoni's flagship series, Master Series line is that money is "a phase", and to arouse the "flavor of love," the dreamy sense of watches. Watch design, the first time in mother of pearl dial surface of the shell to add a unique texture waves, unaware of the natural mother of pearl with unique colors, displaying unique charm watch. In addition, the dial are inlaid with genuine diamonds as a scale, always distinguished elegance exudes a unique temperament. Transparent sapphire glass case back, but also to those who love the watch at any time to appreciate the beautiful automatic movement of the swing. Masters Series Heritage's style, this watch production technology is unmatched, the best women with elegance.

Remember King Lau in "A Moment of Romance" in the maneuvering it? Adulthood, there are people willing to exchange for your life to be meaningless in a victory? Or, the car is only a youth "hormone" game. If the protagonist is a love love the speed, he may wish to consider Tissot TISSOT MotoGP this concept is full of limited edition car. 2000 Tissot MotoGP championship became official time, and each year introduced a limited edition MotoGP, MotoGP fans can make every publicity out of their own personality, experience the charm of motorcycle racing. Watch the whole selection and design inspiration from the world's most important motorcycle championships, definitely make the wearer look every motor sport is full of emotion and passion, in the crowd who look and unique.

Another of the unique sweetness of the watch, Movado MOVADO SAGE Smart series is more compact, it will be a wise choice lovers. Black Museum dial type of the museum collection, the elegant crown prince costume pointer; stylish slim case design, so that the watch body is more fit wrist. White polished and brushed stainless steel bracelet-style chain, linked together, like love-like, is a lifetime of love can not escape, network with you, netted him, no matter where you are as close to dependencies in the right close as romantic.


Dior Crystal Diamond Series Couples Watches

Brand Watch News Report: Dior's design is popular neutral fashion, 42 mm section as a male form is diamond-studded, 28 mm models children as a relatively simple range of the female form. Male Female watch watch will be more and more expensive luxury, which is rare in the couple watch, but certainly the man's position. Oriental women used to be a man loved by men at the same time control, and Dior does convey a completely different concept that women in the realization of material and also enjoy the freedom of the spirit of independence.

Price of 83,300 yuan male form and female form price of 25,800 yuan

For a certain economic capacity, its not for lack of watch wearing a couple, what brand value, what the classical style, practical and engaging and is not important. What they need is personality and stylish watches, to the world show off their unique love. This type of watch must be expensive, at least have up and down is enough quality in the one hundred thousand yuan, and the prominent shape, you can see is a forgotten folk. Romantic and more and more couples choose to grant a rare limited edition on the watch, the watch will be a special, dedicated a special love, this must be worthy of the status of their heart.