Longines launched a new "French polar explorers," Memorial wristwatch

In the latter half of the 1940s, the most remote corners of the earth led to interest many people, public opinion was fascinated. Like other countries, France has set up a national organization dedicated organization polar expeditions. Ethnologist and explorer Paul Emile Victor in the late 1930s had already spent a lot of time in the Greenland expedition, he was appointed the establishment and management of this new group. From 1947 to 1976, scientists in the race, under the leadership, Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor organization of 150 voyages to Greenland and Adelie land coast.

To cope with the harsh conditions of polar regions, the expedition must be equipped with a considerable number of devices. For example, in May 1948, their departure from Europe with a seven amphibious track vehicles, and two Dakota aircraft, tractors, trailers laboratory, a mobile weather station vehicle, tents, sleds, and 30 trucks of supplies. For this adventure trip, scientists are also equipped with four Longines chronograph design, 3 is set to normal time, a time was set to star. The 15 expedition members also wear a Longines watch made of stainless steel. Time measuring instruments are mainly used for the expeditions to determine the astronomical position (also be used to accurately calculate the geodesic). Scientists writing for these hours by the performance report, tell the world Longines timepiece device in the world to explore the farthest geographical played a vital role. As a scientific expedition in the mid-20th century part of the activities, Longines line to the farthest corners of the world - North and South poles.

Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor  members wear Longines is a central second hand stainless steel watch. It is the central indicator, hour scale, numbers, and pointers are coated with luminous paint, this design is very rare in the 1940s, but apparently the demand is very consistent with easy to read. Another interesting design is the movement of the Longines 12.68N While this has a special shock mounts, and other conventional devices such Longines in very different.

Now, Longines decided to re-release this with Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor the scientists watch, commemorative tribute to explore the furthest corners of our planet - the great polar expeditions. Longines Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor  was revived watch accurately to participate in exploration geologists, measurement scientists, meteorologists, physicists and home, biologists, geographers, glacier scientists and film photographers used the device, the same as its original, with self-winding mechanical movement, position 3, the date display window, silver dial, on decorated with luminous hour markers and Arabic numerals; a dark brown crocodile leather strap or black leather strap options.

Longines Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor the name of the watch is engraved in stainless steel back shell on the back, which recalls the legendary expedition of these two a north and south ends of the end of shaking the sea - Arctic and Greenland, and Antarctica and Adelie land coast.

Casio introduced new PROTREK Mountain Series PRW-5000

Courage involvement in natural career explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, always deep in the wider world feel the pulse beat of nature, enjoy outdoor adventure experience to bring our passion and fun. A powerful high-end outdoor watch can help you do.

Watch the brand new Casio's PROTREK Mountain Series PRW-5000, through the use of advanced triple-sensor technology, accurate measurement of the changes of nature, also equipped with a unique cutting-edge technology 6 Bureau of Radio, solar-driven features such as strong, the high-tech applied to practice, to help you conquer a mountain, swim the deep sea professional outdoor equipment wrist.

Triple-sensor technology

PRW-5000, innovative triple sensor technology, lets you easily into the natural world tour. It measures the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you're climbing mountains or diving in the deep ocean, can clearly know the direction, and sea level pressure to obtain detailed and accurate data and information and pictures, allowing you to use and Discrimination. This wrist equipment, outdoor adventure to offer you the most reliable support.

Dual-mode display, high visibility dial design

Pointer and LCD digital dual display mode, clear clear, to demonstrate the determination of triple-sensor direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude data. The center of the watch shall be used to display a variety of small dial measurement data, when the needle and the minute hand displays the current time, the small dial also displays the current function into the data, accurate to fulfill the important function of a watch, the wearer can dial directly through a small clear to read data.

Dial of the time scale used two different colors, the time index on the use of more simple white, in sharp contrast to further improve the visibility, easy to read.

Center of a small dial used the compass direction of the design concept, large size of the hour and minute hands and simple design, avoid duplication and cross-LCD, and more visually clear.

In the LCD display on the digital display is a measure of direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and a high degree of data, shows a high degree of change and atmospheric pressure trends have also been displayed on the LCD. Visibility strong combination of pointer and LCD digital display, making all kinds of measurement data can even display. To provide for your travel more accurate information of all kinds, to ensure fun in nature travel and explore the unknown exciting.

Compass-type dial, showing different features

PRW-5000 in the dial design is unique, very special. Using the compass-like dial, enhanced sense of cool fresh outdoor feeling. Another section of the button to set the watch with a large size, even in cold weather conditions, the wear gloves, you can simply light operation. Three large buttons, COMP digital compass, indicating the direction in 12 of 16 position, and within the 365 degree angle; BARO button barometer thermometer, atmospheric pressure data can be automatically updated every two hours; ALTI highly button , you can display your current height data every two minutes or five seconds on the automatic update.

Different buttons to display different functions, all starting from the practical to meet the explorers and climbers needs.

6 Bureau of Radio, solar-driven system

Casio original six Board and solar-powered radio reception system, automatically receive time down on the time and the absorption of sunlight sufficient environmental protection, which for people who love outdoor adventure, absolutely practical, whether you am traveling in the natural are positioned, they can get accurate time, Yong-forward line.

In addition to highlighting a strong sense of outdoor watches, PRW-5000 bezel diamond cutting as glittering as the aluminum frame, full of vigorous strength, stainless steel bezel, engraved in exquisite patterns fully shown details of the aesthetic interpretation of the outdoor the beauty of the movement.


Modern collection of ancient cultures, Roamer watch 5 planetary Jupiter

Five planets have complete series of the Swiss watch brand of Roamer, after the introduction of dazzling Venus series, recently launched a Jupiter family, a family of five inside the planet, the most colorful collection of myths and old watches.
Ancient culture is always looking back and exploring, always reveals a sense of mystery and long, so that shape cultural accumulation, adding elements of contemporary fashion, becoming the most style collection of high quality goods. And watch the hands of the most impressive, as the focus of a superior status symbol watch in addition to taste, if the ancient and modern co-exist with temperament, an absolute claim to be a collection of wrist thing.

Jupiter Jupiter in Greek mythology, represents the king of the gods, select an element such as a watch inspired no doubt has a remarkable significance in the design of the wonderful workmanship under the watch became the Roman Jupiter bright glare.

You can see Jupiter, strap materials used include all solid stainless steel case, PVD plated case, make you look extraordinary grade. Functionally, the Roamer form in the high-end watch brands on the technology demonstrated. Swiss automatic movement from the purely mechanical movement, durable, capable of normal operation under different circumstances. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal anti-reflective mirror, showing the simple elegance texture is absolutely perfect as a symbol of man. Bring such a watch, you might imagine, he is the king of the gods Zeus, this self-confidence, is what most men should have quality. The only way to block the world strategizing independence.

Features: All solid stainless steel case with / PVD plated case with, wear-resistant sapphire crystal anti-reflective mirror, hours, minutes, seconds display, calendar, window display 3-bit, 100 meters waterproof


Swiss avant-garde style represent Tag Heuer

As a "clockwork" of many high-end Swiss watches in the crowd, with 144 years of history TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) uphold the original idea, R & D Precision Manufacturing precise, reliable and beautiful watches, known as "since 1860, Swiss avant-garde style represent. "

Watch century pioneer

TAG Heuer's founder - Edward Hoya (Edouard Heuer) in 1860 in western Switzerland Jura town Shengyi Mai (St Imier) started his own small watchmaking workshops, thus, in the international high-end watches as well as important international sports TAG Heuer was born. Edward Heuer created a lover of sports and the accuracy of the timer. Various athletic programs for the precise timing of the need to give the TAG Heuer endless inspiration for the design and technology; the nature of competitive sports - "to challenge themselves and succeed, excellent quality" of the spirit became even more TAG Heuer brand spirit. The plant from its founder Edward Hoya and then the hearts of only one conviction that the time measurement into a new level. The establishment of factories from the watch since TAG Heuer watch industry has been a pioneer. Both watch technology, material selection and design style, TAG Heuer has created a model for a series of exclusive watches.

TAG Heuer Fernando Alonso endorsement

Innovation and invention

In the past, 144 years, TAG Heuer, "to challenge themselves and succeed, excellent quality" of the spirit of creating a lot of "world first" has been fully reflected:

In 1882, TAG Heuer stopwatch for the first one patented machine, since then, TAG Heuer sports watch has been the leading technology authority and the representatives;
In 1887, TAG Heuer invented the "gear vibration" technology is still being most of the watch manufacturers to use the machine time watch;
In 1916, Heuer invented the first accurate to 1% of the second stopwatch, opened the tab page in the history of proud and be followed by Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam third Olympic Games special time watch;
In 1930, TAG Heuer has developed the world's first self-winding chronograph function;
In 1933, TAG Heuer released the world's first device in the car dashboard chronograph Autavia, so riders can easily read the race time;
In 1972, TAG Heuer also invented the world's first time diving square code watch Monaco;
In 1975, TAG Heuer announced the world's first quartz watch watch ... ...
These are only made by Hoya part of many patents, and it is these general industry-leading proprietary technology, established a TAG Heuer watch industry in Switzerland and the world's distinguished position in the important.

Louis Koo endorsement TAG Heuer

The design must not drift

Heuer fully demonstrate excellent precision timing functionality, founder of Edward Heuer watches, I also believe that design philosophy - he believes that a watch should not have unnecessary details - should be given Heuer can one distinguish a style, which will be aesthetics, technology and features the perfect blend of watch design. TAG Heuer has been practicing the "technology determines function, function of excitation inspired" design philosophy, introduced almost every style into the history of classic watches. First published in 1930, the MONZA, with its unique cushion-shaped case modeling, together with the genuine crocodile leather strap, TAG Heuer became the most representative of the classic style. In the recently released replica MONZA Calibre 36, not only in shape follows the classic 30s design, is equipped with a balance wheel frequency of 36,000 per hour, transfer the mechanical movement, can accurately measure 1 / 10 seconds. In 1964 came the CAR-RERA's name from the history of the most dangerous race track in Mexico Carrera Panamerica Mexico, its design, with particular emphasis on the accuracy and clarity, which is reflected in its buttons and oversized crown on time, and its streamlined shape is considered the classic TAG Heuer one of the symbols. TAG Heuer in 1969 published the world's first automatic chronograph square case MONACO, just off the market immediately craze. In 1970, more well-known international film star in the hit film "Le Mans", also wear MONACO watch the election.

Speak for the Chinese diving dream team TAG Heuer

And the movement of deep origin

Innovative technology, continuous improvement of the timing and tough durable materials, these unique qualities have made Hoya has been established since 1860 and many high-level athletic program maintains close ties. Early 50s of last century, TAG Heuer began sponsoring the world-famous race car drivers, in 1971, TAG Heuer began with Ferrari in 1985, the TAG Heuer began sponsoring McLaren Mercedes (McLaren) team; 1992 years, the TAG Heuer F1 start as the world Formula One official timer. In the maritime campaign, since 1970, TAG Heuer for participation in the America's Cup sailing campaigns all vessels equipped with timing devices; in the ski area, since 1989, TAG Heuer is all the United States and Canada and a number of World Cup ski race important in the world skiing in Europe the official timer.


Howley ORIS BC4 flight time correction watch, the best flying partner

Oris and flying partner-Blue Eagles helicopter team Wright Eagle experts together, the new BC4 Flight Achievement Series. The new Oris BC4 Flight calibration watch, the watch case and dial design of the structure, are inherited from the BC4 family. And in particular in order to correct the movement of the heart, it is more warm heating Hanguangmen.

Correction independent of the central movement has a minute hand, making minute show from the clock in case of impact with the second hand is accurate read. The movement used to correct the flight form, it is Oris ingenuity creative! Because, for the pilot, the minutes show that indeed the significance of even more critical. The watch's bezel, in particular, the number of minutes to replace the digital clock, a strong declaration against the clock the moment of flight. At the same time, more clear-cut which watches gained by the dashboard atmosphere.

2 o'clock in the vertical direction of the crown, can be used to rotate the dial on the internal ring to set the time zone of the minutes of the second target and the countdown timer. The focus on the clear dial configuration, level design vivid. This watch even more special way to present the classic flight bag. Oris unique in that only the flight bag, you will have superb BC4 correction watch, exclusive writing pad and pencil, flight maps, and flight itinerary.


Baume & Mercier glorious history, brilliant achievements in the future

This is a always represents elegance, Excellence, a successful name ... ... 170-year-long watchmaking history, abandoned to the traditional process of a contemporary innovation, Baume & Mercier seek the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, innovating and updating technology, continuous innovation, design a series full of modern flavor without losing the traditional and elegant style. Development so far, Baume & Mercier have become the Swiss watch of the leaders, renowned. Its also in the watch industry for a number of technology development, the award-winning years, known as fashion, simple, elegant watch master.

Classical ideas from the Eternal - balance and harmony:
Balance is a wonderful word, is a grasp of harmony, contrast, balance is not a perfect high and one low. However, traditional and modern, everyone has different understanding of balance seems more difficult to define. Baume & Mercier success in this area gave us a good example. Consistent with our tradition of watchmaking, combining modern colors, Baume & Mercier in the sense of proportion between the perfect combination of classic modern elements with the past, one by one to lead the trend for this timeless Baume & Mercier born.

Riviera (Riviera), the flagship series

Riviera (Riviera) is a famous tourist destination in the south of France, rich resort area, is a combination of vacation homes, cruise ships, well-known concentration of galleries and museums, is being interpreted luxury living. Shiliweila this name, design uses 12-sided polygon surface, day and night on behalf of each side, chain and watch as the Baume & Mercier on the enthusiasm, and onward. Since 1973, the international watch models in this breakthrough since the birth of timeless classic and has remained watches peers relish.

In 2005, Baume & Mercier Riviera watches re-design. In the design field, to make the past reborn, without being pure nostalgia, probably the most complex and difficult thing. Therefore accepted the challenge of Baume & Mercier. Launched a new ladies watch jewelry No. Riviera Mini. Men's version of the original design of the improved section, the danger of manhood, while retaining the classic legend of the 12-sided polygon, based on the thickness of the case substantially reduced gift to streamline the United States. In perfect proportion and posture Shiliweila, the fusion of visual beauty and paste the wrist to enjoy. Riviera is such a legendary watches, but definitely in the tradition of modern myth of the rebirth of a generation!

Kelaisimai (Classima Executives), Xtreme Classic
Kelaisimai, selected in the history of one of the thinnest movement, distinguished and elegant appearance, the model for the production of skills, as the symbol of choice for entrepreneurs. The latest Kelaisimai 2006 engraved watch, the combination of traditional and modern still seamlessly. Two new retro design and exquisite table set in a mechanical process, in the distribution of old style watch time, yet stylish modern features, watch for the complex design of writing a new definition, show the balance of the United States of infinite space.

Other Series

Hampton (Hamptons), located in eastern Long Island, New York, above, combined with the traditional culture and modern flavor in New York, is a fascinating place. Beach and ocean, set off a sand dune on the green plants, continuous ridge and even the water is full of traditional features of the cabin, as the local indigenous people and other tourist resorts, leisure over the weekend from New York came here to forget the city bustle, this This all makes it to look its duties Hampton Hamptons unique, attractive.

More importantly, the cradle of unlimited inspiration, Baume & Mercier watch factory can thus be inspired, in 1994 founded the Hampton Hampton table is. Hampton in Hampton who, in addition to still find the traditional culture of New York light flavor, but also the delicate feel of quality materials, both elegant and traditional.

Launched in 1998, Caplan (CapeLand), as it form part of the same meaning, ends of the earth, the land of the terminal, that even in the face or corner of the end of the cliff reflected the spirit, coupled with tough outer Hammer design and precise timing feature allows Caplan become partner of choice for sports enthusiasts.

Diamond Series (Diamant), like its inspiration from the women, with a strong, elegant temperament and changing the image, meet the needs of all occasions. Show steady square case design aesthetic, its detailed decoration showing more originality and feminine quality with a crown on a mosaic of diamonds, valued not only add texture, more in the subtle difference in the distribution of light.

Now, with the mention of Baume & Mercier, people will think of the brand's classic tag: beautiful ancient Greek word "PHI". This letter represents the theory of prime numbers, high / Length (Height / Length) = 1.618 percentage eternal symbol of the eternal watch design a combination of proportion and perfect harmony, such as the pyramids of Egypt and the human body to measure the proportion of the number of gold are the perfect ratio. Most Baume & Mercier will be engraved watches produced to show that Baume & Mercier stick to perfect the concept of technology and lasting harmony. :
Produced produced by the Baume & Mercier, both timing devices, embedded gem bracelet-shaped watch classic or new rich as well as elegant and contemporary watches, Thatcher are fully reveal the wearer production of different personalities, these Baume & Mercier have made a large number of faithful worldwide supporters. Particular brand in order to seek to perfect, to break the tab technical limitations, the constant innovation and insistence on excellence, the expression values, leading the trend. Today, Baume & Mercier watches series of all-inclusive, and each features are Baume & Mercier in every pursuit of a perfect quality and artistic design masterpiece.

Brand glorious history, brilliant achievements in the future
Trace the history of Baume & Mercier in the development from the Swiss Jura mountains, 1830, officially named Baume & Mercier, representing William Baume and Paul Mercier tsarist nobility cooperative relationship. Early fame, Baume & Mercier committed to producing high quality chronometer. With excellent excellent Baume Mercier watchmaking skills and enthusiasm for art, business has developed rapidly, a variety of honors followed. 1893 awards by the British Royal Kew Observatory, the Geneva watch industry in 1921 was the highest honor Pioncon de Geneve (Geneve Hallmark), so that well-known Baume & Mercier from Switzerland to the world, laying the basis for success.

in Asia since 1988, the Group, then in 1993 the Cartier group again with another world famous brand Vendome Group after the merger, now known as Richemont, Baume & Mercier to its one. The Road magical journey, so that more vigorous development of Baume & Mercier, even more vigorous, well to highlight the creative power of its unique and unparalleled source of power, success in the international watch industry Baume & Mercier classic brand position.

Baume & Mercier's headquarters in the beginning of the last century based in Geneva, Switzerland, and its watchmaking factories have been located in Switzerland, Jura Mountains, the Swiss watch industry can be said here, and countless top tab expert. Baume & Mercier plant each product, are subject to stringent quality test and elaborate, entirely consistent with the stringent requirements of advanced watch.

All along, the Baume & Mercier in addition to the senior watch elegant fashion to the masses, but also to "Baume & Mercier & Me" that is, "Baume & Mercier and I," the slogan is well known. In 2005, Baume & Mercier in which to re-inject new impetus to caring responsibility, caring for the community attitude towards life as a noble goal, intensive Baume & Mercier and Meg Ryan Meg Ryan and Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland co-operation, invited the two bit easygoing, happy heart charity, and in accordance with Baume & Mercier personal image and brand philosophy of public figures and Baume & Mercier as the image of the global campaign on behalf of charity, and further to "Baume & Mercier & Me" carry forward the spirit of the two closely interact, as contribute to public welfare undertakings.

Baume & Mercier and famous show business stars Jacky Cheung, sympathetic, and appreciate one another. In China, beginning with the brand spokesperson Jacky Cheung co-operation. One is a full-bodied style of the famous watch brand implicitly, a low-key and humble and remarkable achievements on behalf of artists, same style, so that progress of this fate is even more beautiful harmony. When Jacky Cheung Peidaimingshi table in front of the public, who can refuse such a complementary charm.

t Today, Baume & Mercier has a large worldwide sales network, its subsidiaries and agents in over 75 countries. Three Baume & Mercier are now the major selling countries for the United States, Italy and Japan. Baume & Mercier point of sale more than 3000 worldwide, are world-famous watch and jewelry stores, to ensure the highest quality sales and service.


Girard Perregaux 1966 table Cat's eye for romantic and well-being tips

Love, always pursue the goal of men, it is attractive mature woman distributed the secret of happiness. Warm summer season, they encountered lingering poetic Valentines Day, Girard-Perregaux presented specifically male GP 1966 round watch with the classic elegance Cat's eye Cat's Eye Ladies diamond watch, rose gold behind the light is eternal beauty, is happy symbol. Contains the recommendation watches happy attitude will be through the wrist between the automatic movement of the elegant rhythm, corresponding to the pulse beat of lovers, for the love of two men touched a record time!

"CAT'S EYE" Power Save Ladies Diamond Watch
With sophisticated design to attract female attention, Case was tapped oval bezel inlaid diamonds that this section of white Mother of Pearl rose gold face plate design, the time scale diamond and in the four major 3,6,9,12 Arabic numerals mark the time, small seconds at 9 o'clock, date window and power reserve window is divided in 1 to 2 o'clock and 4-5 o'clock in the middle. Perspective through the sapphire crystal case back can see the automatic movement of the operation, silk strap with buckle harmony with the face plate display female presence.

Watch Full Calendar Men 1966
GP 1966 Full Calendar equipped with self-Perregaux R & D made the most exquisite form the core of modern GP033M0. And the aesthetic point of view, a perfect circle on the surface to thin rose gold precious metals refining, the face plate can be seen full calendar display, the location of 12 weeks, month display, moon phase at 6 o'clock direction of the show In addition, the date is more marked in the phase of the moon around the around the post in the transparent case back Sapphire crystal form, we can enjoy a high degree of precision and stunning movement rhythm. This exquisite and delicate annual new works, together with the folding buckle crocodile leather strap, the overall showing extraordinary elegant classical style.


Tissot, extraordinary creativity, from the traditional

Tissot (Tissot) 1853 was born in the cradle of Swiss watch-making industry. With the tradition of innovation and experience 150 years after Tissot (Tissot) name has been around the world more than 150 countries on five continents, to become immortal altar watch in the Swiss watch brands, and repeated by the international accolades and awards.

150 years of excellent history of Switzerland, Tissot watch, since 1853 been committed since the perfect precision watch manufacturing, the moment (Le Locle) of the plant which produced the watch, tailor imagination, excellent quality and the wonderful famous for watchmaking technology. Since the launch of epoch-making for centuries more people watch relish, such as the 1904 Queen's officer for the system of the Russian "tsar watch", in 1953 only to launch the world's first automatic world time watch Navigator, 1971 launched the world's first only plastic watch IDEA 2001,1985 launched the world's first manufactured stone only Rock Watch, 1988 launched the world's first only made of wood Wood Watch, 2002 launched the world's first touch sensor watches T-Touch, and in 2005 launched both the world's first sensor touch only 150 countries in the world time watch - Navigator 3000, indicates the Tissot innovation continuously and stand the reasons for the top world brands.

1853, Tissot was born in force Locke, one in the Jura and the French border and the border, only the Swiss town of 8,500 residents.

As the brand creator, Charles-Félicien's son, Charles-Emile Tissot has been from the beginning planned to expand the brand outside the Swiss borders. This spirit of daring to Dawn, is still the cornerstone of the brand growing.

Therefore, in 1858, Charles-Emile watch the sample to leave power with Locke, came under the rule of tsarist Russia. Tissot watch has a large population into the market, welcomed by the Russian nobility. Army Form 1904 for the Tsarist Russian officials of the Royal guards specially designed watches, the back of the Order of the Star of the decoration is still being copied into treasures. Charles-Emile spent almost two decades, from St. Petersburg to Okhotsk coast, across the vast Russian empire.

Although Russia is the Tissot then the largest foreign market, but Charles-Emile's vision is far more than that, he also noted that the United States and Latin America. As early as 1848, he first visited there, but until 1866, he truly began with the United States and Latin America, the company's business activities. 1893 Chicago World's Fair, Charles-Emile became a member of the Swiss assessment.

With the expansion in Europe, Tissot, they receive a certain number of medals, such as the World Exposition in Paris (1878 silver and 1889 gold), in Anvers (1890 Year Gold) and Geneva (1896 gold), etc.; 1900 Fair in Paris, the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt as wearing a Tissot watch, so many world-renowned Tissot who have joined the ranks of owners, including the 1947 South American singer Carmen Miranda, and in 1960 the royal family of Monaco Locke also visited the factory tour in force, and was donated to Tissot.

Tissot, extraordinary creativity, from the traditional.

Tissot 1983, joined the Swatch Group, the world's Hayek's opinion, the Tissot 150-year history of innovation and the Dawn of the spirit of the brand image is entirely consistent with the Group. From a small town in the Jurassic, and now marketing to the 150 countries on five continents, and a representative of Swiss quality and precision of the brand, Tissot is itself a legend, it tells the world the brand constantly growing the new design, new technology achievements, so the customer is always full of surprises. As the company's purpose: the extraordinary creativity, from the traditional.

Tissot combines 150 years of innovation and Swiss watchmaking tradition, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. Its goal is to provide to the public gold silver watch. As bicycles, motorcycles, fencing and ice hockey World Championship designated timer, Tissot emphasized for performance, precision and extreme sports challenges of self-worth. In addition, Tissot also invited the English Premier League club Liverpool and soul of the national team Michael Owen (Michael Owen) as an international ambassador. Was elected in 2001 European Footballer of wearing his watch, of course, accurate and reliable timepieces.

Since 1983, the Swiss Tissot watches join the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of SWATCH Group, to become a member, established the Swiss-based power Locke (Le Locle) and more than 150 countries worldwide with retail outlets. Swatch Group Hayek's opinion, the Tissot 150 years of history, innovation and brand image is entirely consistent with the Group. From a small town in the Swiss Jura, and now as a representative of the Swiss watch brand product quality and design one, Tissot is itself a legend, it tells a brand to the world growing and innovative stories. Let the customer is always full of surprises. As the company's purpose: the extraordinary creativity, from the traditional.


Citizen optical kinetic energy only three repeater watch

Citizen Watch Company is an internationally renowned company in the world, almost all of the watch manufacturers have used or are using the Citizen "MIYOTA" movement (2035 movement that is representative of products CITIZEN), but the West Rail City is a large enterprise groups and a wider business scope, number of branches, for all concerned, may not understand.

Citizen Watch Company was founded in May 28, 1930, the company name "CITIZEN" is the people. Citizen Watch Company is the main industry, a diversified multinational group of companies. Citizen Citizen Watch Company of Japan is the Group's parent company. Citizen of the state-owned enterprises in Japan more than 30, employees in Japan is about 10,000 people in over 40 overseas enterprises, overseas employees 20,000 people. Citizen group has annual sales of about 3.8 billion U.S. dollars, in addition to watches, the Citizen company also produces liquid light display, jewelry, eyeglasses, calculator, electronic printers, mini-TV sets, cameras, computer drives, high capacity floppy disks and other information products, medical devices, optical components, quartz vibrating child (year over 1 billion, the number of the world's first), CNC precision machine tools, robots, automated production lines, its product variety, wide operating range.

Citizen Watch Company has two very important cause. One is located in the city of Tokyo, Tin o "o create the field", this is equipped with eight departments, mainly engaged in Citizen for key product development, production and sale of Chinese customers are very familiar with the "special stall Business Division "Just inside this; Another cause is the account, easier in turn Lian Ze City" by Ze cause ", which are equipped with technical institutes and two departments Precision Machinery Division. Citizen brings together these two cause the company's elite talent, is Citizen's core strength is to promote the Citizen of this great ship to continue moving forward the two most important engines.

It was on the scientific management, strict quality assurance system and perfect service, makes this Citizen watch industry giant, can watch industry focused, and lead the watch industry innovation, to enter a new world.

Citizen Creative Events

Citizen's former house in Japan is still working when the account Institute, founded in 1918, mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of watches, in 1924 created the first pocket watch. Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. was established in 1930, in the second year (1931) produced only the first Citizen brand watches. In the ensuing time, Citizen is committed to innovation, creating many "firsts" and a miracle!

1. Chronograph watch is a precision instrument, after experiencing a strong vibration is easy to mechanical deformation, watches the error occurs even stop running away. Citizen company developed from the early 50's earthquake watch, the success in 1956, and conducted aerial fall watch experiment, this sensation of the world.
2.1962, the developed world's thinnest mechanical watch three needles.
3.1966 years, developed in Japan early electronic watch;
4.1975, the world's first error of not more than three seconds on the Analogue quartz watch.
5.1976 years, developed a solar powered quartz watches pointer.
6.1978, the world's first dual-display with digital and quartz watch pointer.
7.1978, the first only the thickness of only 0.98 mm of the world's thinnest quartz watch movement.
8.1980, the world's first quartz watch only the smallest pointer.
9.1995 Citizen just launched the first light powered watch.
10.1997, the error in 10 seconds on high-precision kinetic energy form of light.
11.2003, the world's thinnest light powered watch, the thickness of only 4.4 mm.
12.2006 in March, Citizen watches in Basel, Switzerland, at the launch of the world's first optical kinetic energy only three repeater watch.


Swatch Group's record of extraordinary achievements

G • Mr. Nicholas Hayek (Mr.Nicolas G. Hayek), born in 1928, is the Swatch Group (based in the city of Biel) is one of the founders and current chairman of Swatch Group. In 1985, Mr. Hayek was on Asuag and SSIH lasted more than four years after the reorganization, and eventually merged the two companies Swatch Group watch. At the same time, he also hand in a group of Swiss investors as Swatch Group, the holding side. In 1986, Mr. Hayek became chairman and CEO of Swatch Group.

Swatch Group owns a number of watch brands, including Swatch (Swatch), Breguet (Breguet), Blancpain (Blancpain), Jaquet Droz (Ya cover der Rohe), Glashutte, Original / Union (Glashütte) , Leon Hatot, Omega (Omega), Longines (Longines), Rado (radar), Tissot (Tissot), Calvin Klein (Calvin • Klein), Certina (Certina), Mido, Hamilton (Hamilton), Pierre Balmain (Pierre • Balmain), Flik Flak (Fei Fei), and Endura. Swatch watch brand in the revival of the road, Mr. Hayek played a decisive role. His early 80s in the 20th century, the development of strategies to develop the Swiss watch industry ultimately to glory again, and again in 1984 to lay the world's leading position.

Mr. Hayek at Swatch Group's record of extraordinary achievements include:

Strategic introduction of Swatch watches.
to provide for the Swiss watch industry watch movements and components, ability to help the Swiss watchmaking industry in the 20th century, 80 years to achieve recovery.
continue to develop and enhance the Breguet, Omega, Rado, Longines, Tissot watch brands such as product and brand image.
to achieve annual sales of more than 40 billion Swiss francs, to Swatch Group, the global watch industry in the medium and long term to keep the first name of location.
to promote and revitalize the Breguet brand. Breguet as president in the period, Mr. Hayek use less than four years to return to luxury Breguet re-ranks of the watch.

Mr. Hayek won a number of Swiss institutions have been repeatedly awarded the honorary award, which includes the Swiss media "Outstanding Management Award (Troubleshooter of year)" (1984), the Max - Schmidheiny Foundation (Max-Schmidheiny Foundation ) "Freedom Award (Freiheitspreis)" (1993), the Blanco - Weiss Fund Gold (Branco-Weiss Foundation) "years of Entrepreneur Award (Entrepreneur of the decade)" (1993), and in Oekreal issue " Innovation Award (Innovation Award) "(1993 years).

In recognition of Mr. Hayek and Swatch brands create Swatch Group achieved remarkable success, and Switzerland and Europe's contribution to industrial development and employment, the University of Bologna, Italy (the University of Bologna, Italy) Department of Cultural Heritage in 1998 in June, Mr. Hayek awarded an honorary doctorate. Previously, Mr. Hayek had also won in 1996, the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland) presented an honorary doctorate of law and economics. In 2004, the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (Federal University EPFL) appointed Mr. Hayek Strategy Committee.

SWATCH watches

70 late 20th century, the Swiss watch industry into an unprecedented crisis. At that time, Swiss watches produced output ratio in the global market declined sharply from 43% to 15%. Swiss watch industry and urgent rehabilitation arduous task. In 1978, the birth of the world's thinnest watch at the time, once again sent to the Swiss watch industry challenges. Swiss watch industry determined the difficulties, created a more light timer. In 1985, Swatch father - Nicholas G · Hayek on Asuag and SSIH had lasted more than four years after the reorganization, and eventually merged the two companies Swatch Group watch. Swatch Group watch craftsmen not only created a new ultra-thin sheet records, even invented a whole new watchmaking. The tabulation process with integrated case and bottom case as the installation of movement of the floor. Watch the top of the movement from the installation, the installation sapphire crystal glass mirror is to be the last phase of the process. To simplify, this is a bold watchmaking, is exceptionally successful subversion. However, whether the use of plastic to produce a more cost-watch it? Swatch Group led the Swiss watch industry embarked on a journey to conquer the next challenge. Made use of plastic should be easy to watch on the chain and set the movement, must be able to install from its plastic case of side movement. In addition, the plastic watchs of men's, women's watches should also be using the same base. After numerous improvements, Swatch Group watch craftsmen use 51 parts instead of the usual form of at least 91 parts watch, may ultimately become a plastic sheet. Swatch watch with Swiss quartz movement, synthetic materials, both waterproof shockproof, precise timing, the price level should such outstanding advantages. Watch especially for mass production, and with rich color options. This young and innovative watch exclusive manufacture in Switzerland, has become a passion, a fun and moving, the perfect symbol of life goals.


The birth of the first Swatch watches in 1983, the world was shocked.
1984, Swatch production exceeded one million.
1985 Kiki Picasso (KiKi Picasso) Design of the first artists to commemorate the Swatch Watch.
1986 Fashion Series Watches Swatch devaluation.
Swatch make persistent efforts, Sheng invited Jisihalei (Keith Haring) design of four artists collection of watchs.
Swatch introduced its first Christmas Collection Form "Bergstrüssli".
1988, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the birth Swatch, Swatch watch family Xin Tian six anniversary collection watch Puff Special.
Swatch production exceeded 50 million!
Swatch 1989 twin phone (Twinphone) connected in the world community.
Swatch was born in 1990, multi-function watch to allow time comes to stay.
Scuba200 take you diving into the water watch.
Swatch collection of clubs established in 1996 the club changed its name to Swatch world.
1991, Swatch Automatic mechanical watch list so revitalized.
Listed on the first Swatch watch pager type.
Alfred Alfred Hofkunst for the Swatch design artists collection watch "Swatchewatchs"
Swatch 1992, production exceeded 100 million!
Swatch Chronograph swept the world.
During calendar years 1993, Swatch devaluation music sheet MusiCall.
Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne Westwood) as the Swatch design artists collection watch "Orb".
1994, Swatch metal sheet metal sheet to create a modern new era.
Swatch devaluation in 1995, solar watch.
Swatch Metal Series family of new multi-purpose timer function with the sub-watch.
Swatch Metal Diving deep underwater world adventure.
Swatch Ski celebrate the global access watch.
Swatch 1996 Atlanta Summer Games as official timer.
Swatch production exceeded 200 million!
1997 plastic sheet on the history of the thinnest thickness of only 3.9 mm in the Swach thin sheet.
1998 Swatch Scuba 200 Scuba metal usher "15th birthday", diving depth next level.
Swatch Internet time watch to create a next-generation networks.
Swatch 1999 production exceeded 250 million!
Swatch Sydney 2000 Summer Games as official timer.
Swatch Vendome boutique in Paris, France, to open at Place Vendôme.
Swatch square watch to remind the public "not to act too rigid." Although the shape of watches can be changed, but it's full uphold the spirit of Swatch.
2001, "ultra-thin multi-watch" as the world's thinnest plastic multi-function watch, the thickness of only 6.6 mm.
Swatch production exceeded 300 million in 2002!
Swatch launched large watch, its size than the standard Swatch Congress 30%.
Swatch Metal Series family of new and transparent form.
Swatch have launched flipping endless watchs and Naba watch.
Swatch "27 states" (The 27th Canton) show unity determination.
Swatch Shi Pika Boulevard store to open at the Italian Boulevard.
2003 Foundation to support small dreamer, Swatch and musician Phil Collins (Phil Collins) with the introduction of Phil Collins collection series watch.
Swatch 2004 Athens Olympic Games as official timer.
Swatch have launched contacts watch and happy diving watch
The corporate brand in the World Brand Lab 2006 compiled by the "World Top 500 Brands" list ranked 112th.


continue to research and create a perfect product: CYMA

Swiss enjoy "watch the country" reputation, and now the Swiss watch Nissan's sales accounted for 60% of the world, held annually in Basel, Switzerland, the "Geneva Watch Fair" is a prelude to the world watches the latest trends, one of the many Swiss Watch the brand a place in which no easy task, Ruishixima table (CYMA) is one of them.

Ruishixima table (CYMA) from 1862, it has 130 years of watchmaking history, the brand has remained true to "continue to research and create a perfect product," the spirit of the award-winning successively at different times. The new series Ruishixima table (CYMA) both in design and workmanship are elegant and delicate, combining centuries of watchmaking technology.

Unique compact design watch, sapphire crystal glass surface decorated with black under the fine very modern decor, including the subtle wave pattern and white Arabic numerals of different sizes; the surface of the central is a mother of pearl oval, its surrounding augmented a minute scale. Hour and minute hands are off the stainless steel trim, located at 6 o'clock position within the small second hand laser lines for polished plate Zeyi.

And the table body slung stainless steel bracelet, five rows from the ring of varying width of the composition, and to light and alternating matte and high grade steel. This Swiss-made watch to keep separate all silver-white surface models and women models.

West Malaysia introduced the brand's history

Ruishixima table (Cyma) since 1862 in the Swiss Jura mountains (Jura Mountains) Since its establishment, has been known for fashion and elegant design. West Malaysia inspiration from the French table named "cime", whichever "peak" means, moral standing brand top of the watch industry; and brand names are taken directly from the Latin "cyma", meaning "forward forward . " In fact, West Malaysia form the continuous development since its inception the new technology, watch for the town of Neuchatel, Switzerland's watch industry has made tremendous contributions.

Jurassic ancient times only the dense mountain forest, every year more than half of the time covered by snow, then through continuous cultivation, a group of hard-working and very creative people who gradually gathered here to begin studying the design and production of watch . To the 1780s in the mountains have been covered with watch factory, and then watch production has been developed to contain 30 different division of labor process.

1862, Schwob brothers (Joseph and Theodore) stationed in the local watchmaking industry, the creation of Cyma Corporation, focused on the development of advanced production technology of mechanical table. In 1891, the Swiss watch industry from the cradle to Le Locle businessman Frederic Henri Sandoz founded a production company based time-table, and a year later and Schwob brother as a partner. At this time, West Malaysia has taken the lead on complex table timekeeping table, an extremely complicated mechanical watches and watch the daily output of up to 150.

Into the 20th century, West Malaysia has received numerous awards for the table, especially in the production of slim-type watch all the more to the top. In 1903, its ultra-thin lever movement will be awarded certificates of appreciation Neuchatel Observatory; it launched in 1905, only 3.85 mm thick 701 model movement, the altar table was a breakthrough achievements. 1910, West Malaysia table shine exhibition in Brussels, was first prize

1920, West Malaysia introduced the first table can be interchangeable parts, plant's production capacity will increase tremendously. In 1929, the company was awarded the first award exhibition in Barcelona. Cima table launched the brand in 1943, the first one automatic watch; was launched in 1957 and 485 models of automatic movement "Autorotor" more is still in use. After World War II, several types of innovative design made famous brands next level, including an eight single-key mechanical alarm clock (1945) and Sonomatic alarm clock (1957). As for the watch, the more With Navystar model won the Paris Gold Bijorhca Award (1980).

Since then, the era of electronic watches, West Malaysia Table courage to follow the pace of scientific and technological revolution of the times, introduced in 1984 only 1.2 mm thick ultra-thin movement type 131. So far, this mechanical movement production has more than 1 million and a math table was also recognized as experts in slim type quartz movement. West Malaysia expressed in the headquarters in Le Locle, to carry on its more than 140 years adhere to the spirit of good quality.

Movado 122 years of history

SWATCH appearance, let us know that life outside of work still needs rigorous state of another life, like a watch in addition to being installed, we also need a second watch. CD Watch of cock, let us experience what is called popular, and is on the vagaries of fashion, like watchs and grass is always greener.

Now, Movado (Movado) again, its interpretation of "forever fixed endless" Let the stunning beauty of the watches have another layer of perception.

Century watches overwhelming

Early Movado watch very representative. In 1926, Movado designed specifically for travelers travel pocket watch was launched. Capsule-type case, delicate embroidered pattern enamel case, adding precious stones, together with the drop type case designed to protect the surface can be done off the role, to improve to the case in 1927 for automatically opening and closing movement on Clockwork, a Movado revolutionary patented design.

122 years of history, 20 museum collections

In 1881, a Swiss watchmaker named Xia Defen opened a small watch with only 6 plants, some will not expect more than a century later, it would Movado (Movado) the name to remember.

Today, with 122 years of history, Movado has not only received more than 100 patents and more than 200 international awards, the world's more than 20 museums will be the classic Movado Museum watch collection type as a permanent collection. Movado represented behind is a sophisticated integration of new technology and cross-age design philosophy.

Movado (Movado) has its own unique aesthetic and through time and space of the watch design reputation. From 1910 to 1925, the Movado movement has become a leader in the development of small, specialized research and development has become a very imaginative, exquisite female form a new force watch.

Vado watches each one is filled with different cultures and customs, including "1881 series collections" and "Museum Collection" has a strong nostalgic atmosphere, and each have a sheet with its unique design, won the world's praise.


Advocating Durability: Hamilton

Hamilton brand has two product lines - American Classic and Khaki sports, both are based on the brand's U.S. heritage, blending modern design and manufacturing technology to create a masterpiece of Swiss. American Classics series, including avant-garde design timeless classic series and series. Khaki Campaign Series uphold the Second World War predecessors in the tradition of heroic fighting, including air-based, diving type, field-based and marine-based system the four models.

Hamilton Watch Company was established in 1892 in the United States, Pennsylvania, Lancaster. It's the first series of pocket watches Broadway (Broadway) Limited Edition, "rail-run precision timer" and famous. Hamilton Railway clock unparalleled accuracy and reliability, as the once serious railway incidents come to an end, and created history as a great timer.
The first 10 years of the 20th century - advocating durability

In the second decade of the 20th century, Hamilton became the Zhuoyou Wei Wang of the United States military and military suppliers watch. It provides the first watch for the United States known as "Black Jack" Pershing and his army generals, when they are fighting on the battlefields of Europe.

20 years of the 20th century - advocating style

20 years in the 20th century, the successful combination of accuracy and durability to be further developed.

1928 launch of Piping Rock and the Yankee watch, Hamilton lead the United States established a leadership position in watch fashion.

20th century 40's - advocate patriotism during World War II, Hamilton stopped production of civilian list, but to focus on production for the U.S. armed forces special watch. U.S. military during World War II provided a total of up to one million watches. Hamilton navigation precision watch the first introduction of modern production process, and about 10,000 nautical precision watch Hamilton, witnessed the baptism of the Second World War.

20th century 50's and 60's - advocating innovation

Secret mandate developed "Project-X" After three years, was finally launched in 1957, the world's first electronic watches (battery power) - Ventura (Adventure). Elvis Presley in 1961 starring in the film "Blue Hawaii", "worn on worn over Ventura (Adventure).

20th century 70s - Advocating Technology

In the May 6, 1970, New York time 12:01, Hamilton created the world's first digital electronic form Pulsar (pulsa) was born. 20th century 80s - advocating nostalgia

Of the 20th century the rise of 80s nostalgia, Hamilton re-introduced its 20 years from the 20th century to the 60's design classic watches. Much loved old-fashioned watch, such as Boulton (Burton), Ardmore (love) and Ventura (Adventure) re-pop to classic watch industry second time in Spring.

90 20th century - advocating interpretation

Hamilton's unique relationship with Hollywood to make the two sides continue to work closely in the film, such as "Men in Black," "Lethal Weapon -4," "Fight Club", "Independence Day", "Talented Mr. Ripley" and "e-love "and so on. Fashion designers and artists and designers still like to watch it with Hamilton striking shape and style, the design brings splendor.

Today - sophisticated technology advocate

Hamilton created by virtue of their precision and elegant watches and reputation, and to become the world's leading watchmakers in one. Watch combines the strong American spirit and unparalleled accuracy, and the most advanced Swiss-winding movement and technology. Legend still continue to write ... ...


Typical traditional Swiss watch Titoni

Titoni is a typical traditional Swiss watch factory, since 1919 Since its establishment in According to legend, three generations, is now a rare independent family watch business. Over the years it has been to adhere automatic mechanical watch in the field, the company is most proud of is a characteristic of 95% of its products are highly accurate mechanical watch. All along, the Titoni blossom form and adhere to "quality first" attitude, focus on producing sophisticated, reliable and durable mechanical watches in the world, and establish a "micro-mechanical technology as" the image. The company's advertising slogan "a model of the mechanical arts", a clear emphasis on the production machinery in the field of automatic watches professional status. Titoni watch is the earlier of the Swiss brand presence in China for many years to "sophisticated, reliable, durable," the stability of the quality to win the consumer confidence Titoni unique watch, the watch laid the lofty status of Titoni.

  Original production process is strictly controlled to ensure high quality Titoni blossom form. The most advanced production tools and high-quality staff to ensure that the products meet "Swiss made" superior quality.

  Original movement assembly to Titoni not only improve product quality, and can set their own production standards. High-tech tools to aid in the traditional hand-made to improve the quality of manufactured goods. Automatic screw assembly, oil and the use of precision automatic optical inspection camera is the latest generation of technology. These resources reflect a major Titoni watch features superior to the customers desire high-quality watches.

  Dial and gauge needles and related test assembly requires sophisticated operations and great attention to detail. Titoni watch choose to complete these processes in the factory to ensure the reliable quality. Skilled employees with the help of sophisticated instruments to successfully complete the major operation.

  Titoni watch in the original production process will experience all the various tests, the final movement of skilled workers use precision instruments one by one strictly on the final test. If the movement can not be achieved by the testing company Titoni watch set quality standards, on the back to watch technician for further adjustment. Titoni watch factory is through multiple quality control procedures to ensure high quality of its factory watches enjoy a lasting reputation.

Glashutte events

Glashutte original
Location: Germany
Established: 1845
Founder: Freddie men. Adolf. Lango (Ferdinand Adolph Lange)

Glashütte the persistence of watchmaking tradition, has been movement is the self-developed, and this in the current competitive watch industry is an absolute advantage, PanoRetroGraph countdown performance is rarely seen in recent years , the innovative watch surprising performance.

Glashutte Original joined the Swatch Group, due to the excellent quality, many brands in the Group's foreign operations in the third place ranking, behind well-known in the Chinese market, Omi Jia, Longines, Tissot radar before.

Two-winding platinum Glashütte watch box in last year's "International Watch Magazine" readers voted the most favorite time watch won the first place. The traditional "hand-made in Germany", fine watchmaking, and the simplicity of the German people's favorite design is the key to success Cikuan watch.

Glashütte early as 1845, the watches Carpenter A.Lange funded by the German government, in the eastern part of Germany's Glashütte (Glashutte) established a production base clock. But after two world wars, once isolated Glashütte watch industry, until after the company restructured in recent years Glashütte incursion. 99 Senator introduced in a large double window of the calendar year calendar sheet more access to the best watch-winning Vienna. They have made this list of technologies is beyond a lot of Swiss brands. Flight 1930 had invented the tourbillon-style (a word is extremely complex micro devices, used to offset the gravity of the machine running the watch due to error), the Western world until 90 years on display in Basel, "the world's first a flight-type Tourbillon. "

Glashütte Events
1845: Fernand A. Lange founded the town of Glashütte, Germany in the first watch factory;
1852: Julius Assmann's pocket watch available;
1863: Birth of Glashütte first code watch;
1874: First Lady was born only 25mm in diameter;
1893: German town of Glashütte watchmaking school founded;
1904: Glashütte Precision Watch Co., Ltd. was established here;
1921: Original Glash? Tte name for the first time become a trademark of the dial;
1927: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War I formed Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glash? Tte AG (UROFA), tide over the crisis;
1951: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War II, the composition of VEB Glash? Tte, re-production;
1990: State of the VEB Glashtte Uhrenbetrieb transition into the Corporation (Glash? Tter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH);
1994: The Glash? Tter Uhrenbetries GmbH is a conglomerate, a private enterprise, and to "Glashütte Original" (Glash? Tte Original) for the product labeling;
1996: loyal to the old 3 / 4 plywood watches available in 1845;
1998: German porcelain factory name, "US-Chen" (Meissen) began co-production of painting enamel watch;
1999: Need for a floating tourbillon watches available;
2000: Senator calendar watch was a large window, "Watch the Year," first prize;
2001: first when the total in the history of the official countdown mechanical watch market, "Glashütte Original" added Swatch Group, and get another "watch the Year" Grand Prize
Center of the watch with 100 swing Tuo automatic winding movement, movement diameter of 31.15mm, thickness 5.6mm. Calendar with large display, put frequency 28,800 times per hour, with 55 hours power reserve, movement polished edges, gem-axis eye 51, for additional 100 registered shock, 18 gold balance screw balance wheel, double springs Clockwork box, Glash Cong te Microhyla, 21k gold hollow end of a transparent sheet placed Tuo. Case for the steel building, leather strap with steel folding clasp.


Started as an independent designer brand FRANCK MULLER, to avant-garde creativity and subversion of the traditional concept of time reading in just 10 years swept the high watch in the market.

Most people are familiar with the well-known watch brand, while its short history of 50 years, or as long as more than a century, the time the cumulative visibility not only help the brand, it is a guarantee for quality watches. However, in the past 10 years rapid popularity of the watch brand FRANCK MULLER, although there is no such strong background, you can still watch the market in the sudden emergence of high prices, the reason is very interesting. With the same name brand designer watches Franck Muller, who is the Association of Independent tab (AHCI), a member of the association by which the watchmaker to create wristwatches, are advertised highly complex and unique, this is FRANCK MULLER is the reason after the fame.

Franck Muller is a watchmaker has experienced. Ten years ago he founded his own watch brand name. Barrel-type body image and the watch number scale is exaggerated features and a symbol of Franck Muller brand. Barrel-type watch in the global wave of retro feeling, make Franck Muller won great fame. Until now, although the brand is only 10 years of history, but the watch brand has become a classic.

In order to consolidate the barrel-type watch brand's leadership position, Franck Muller There are currently eight barrels dial size. Casablanca in 2004 launched the tenth anniversary of the watch limit. The style of the giant surface design, than Casablanca gift to the royal grandeur, set off by a Franck Muller watch retro barrel-type cyclone, and the subversion of conventional surface color digital, Franck Muller in the last couple of years to shine, coupled with professional watchmaking, made a number of Franck Muller watches quickly get the favor of collectors.

From 1983, FRANCK MULLER with his energy and talent, the Swiss watchmaking art of Renaissance driving force behind the surge. In the past 20 years, FRANCK to a number of the title and the world's first patented invention, together with the challenges and significant achievements, so we dizzying. This is amazed at the complexity and aesthetic art of watchmaking technology, well watch enthusiasts around the world in hot pursuit!

FRANCK, MULLER in 2001 published his LONG ISLAND 900,1000 and 1100 series after the re-launch of this year's flagship watches LONG ISLAND 1200 series. FRANCK MULLER LONG ISLAND series is 20-30 years in the architectural aesthetics to the popular Art Deco style, and the case geometry and surface decoration memorable lines of the figures, so that from Paris, France, exert a great influence on later aesthetic style , between the loss to find it all.

Re-add color to make the world a long time after the incident wash the lingering, FRANCK MULLER specially designed a new watch show pleasure and COLOR DREAMS. This new design allows you to revisit old carefree days filled with laughter.

While another CRAZY HOURS watch, will watch FRANCK MULLER superb fusion of technology and creativity to new heights. If it is not witnessed, but also with a number of watchs that FRANCKMULLER fans joke! Because CRAZY HOURS Arabic numerals on the dial arrangement, the dial shows the inherent laws of completely broken! Hidden watch the unique craftsmanship craftsmen.