Started as an independent designer brand FRANCK MULLER, to avant-garde creativity and subversion of the traditional concept of time reading in just 10 years swept the high watch in the market.

Most people are familiar with the well-known watch brand, while its short history of 50 years, or as long as more than a century, the time the cumulative visibility not only help the brand, it is a guarantee for quality watches. However, in the past 10 years rapid popularity of the watch brand FRANCK MULLER, although there is no such strong background, you can still watch the market in the sudden emergence of high prices, the reason is very interesting. With the same name brand designer watches Franck Muller, who is the Association of Independent tab (AHCI), a member of the association by which the watchmaker to create wristwatches, are advertised highly complex and unique, this is FRANCK MULLER is the reason after the fame.

Franck Muller is a watchmaker has experienced. Ten years ago he founded his own watch brand name. Barrel-type body image and the watch number scale is exaggerated features and a symbol of Franck Muller brand. Barrel-type watch in the global wave of retro feeling, make Franck Muller won great fame. Until now, although the brand is only 10 years of history, but the watch brand has become a classic.

In order to consolidate the barrel-type watch brand's leadership position, Franck Muller There are currently eight barrels dial size. Casablanca in 2004 launched the tenth anniversary of the watch limit. The style of the giant surface design, than Casablanca gift to the royal grandeur, set off by a Franck Muller watch retro barrel-type cyclone, and the subversion of conventional surface color digital, Franck Muller in the last couple of years to shine, coupled with professional watchmaking, made a number of Franck Muller watches quickly get the favor of collectors.

From 1983, FRANCK MULLER with his energy and talent, the Swiss watchmaking art of Renaissance driving force behind the surge. In the past 20 years, FRANCK to a number of the title and the world's first patented invention, together with the challenges and significant achievements, so we dizzying. This is amazed at the complexity and aesthetic art of watchmaking technology, well watch enthusiasts around the world in hot pursuit!

FRANCK, MULLER in 2001 published his LONG ISLAND 900,1000 and 1100 series after the re-launch of this year's flagship watches LONG ISLAND 1200 series. FRANCK MULLER LONG ISLAND series is 20-30 years in the architectural aesthetics to the popular Art Deco style, and the case geometry and surface decoration memorable lines of the figures, so that from Paris, France, exert a great influence on later aesthetic style , between the loss to find it all.

Re-add color to make the world a long time after the incident wash the lingering, FRANCK MULLER specially designed a new watch show pleasure and COLOR DREAMS. This new design allows you to revisit old carefree days filled with laughter.

While another CRAZY HOURS watch, will watch FRANCK MULLER superb fusion of technology and creativity to new heights. If it is not witnessed, but also with a number of watchs that FRANCKMULLER fans joke! Because CRAZY HOURS Arabic numerals on the dial arrangement, the dial shows the inherent laws of completely broken! Hidden watch the unique craftsmanship craftsmen.

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