Citizen optical kinetic energy only three repeater watch

Citizen Watch Company is an internationally renowned company in the world, almost all of the watch manufacturers have used or are using the Citizen "MIYOTA" movement (2035 movement that is representative of products CITIZEN), but the West Rail City is a large enterprise groups and a wider business scope, number of branches, for all concerned, may not understand.

Citizen Watch Company was founded in May 28, 1930, the company name "CITIZEN" is the people. Citizen Watch Company is the main industry, a diversified multinational group of companies. Citizen Citizen Watch Company of Japan is the Group's parent company. Citizen of the state-owned enterprises in Japan more than 30, employees in Japan is about 10,000 people in over 40 overseas enterprises, overseas employees 20,000 people. Citizen group has annual sales of about 3.8 billion U.S. dollars, in addition to watches, the Citizen company also produces liquid light display, jewelry, eyeglasses, calculator, electronic printers, mini-TV sets, cameras, computer drives, high capacity floppy disks and other information products, medical devices, optical components, quartz vibrating child (year over 1 billion, the number of the world's first), CNC precision machine tools, robots, automated production lines, its product variety, wide operating range.

Citizen Watch Company has two very important cause. One is located in the city of Tokyo, Tin o "o create the field", this is equipped with eight departments, mainly engaged in Citizen for key product development, production and sale of Chinese customers are very familiar with the "special stall Business Division "Just inside this; Another cause is the account, easier in turn Lian Ze City" by Ze cause ", which are equipped with technical institutes and two departments Precision Machinery Division. Citizen brings together these two cause the company's elite talent, is Citizen's core strength is to promote the Citizen of this great ship to continue moving forward the two most important engines.

It was on the scientific management, strict quality assurance system and perfect service, makes this Citizen watch industry giant, can watch industry focused, and lead the watch industry innovation, to enter a new world.

Citizen Creative Events

Citizen's former house in Japan is still working when the account Institute, founded in 1918, mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of watches, in 1924 created the first pocket watch. Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. was established in 1930, in the second year (1931) produced only the first Citizen brand watches. In the ensuing time, Citizen is committed to innovation, creating many "firsts" and a miracle!

1. Chronograph watch is a precision instrument, after experiencing a strong vibration is easy to mechanical deformation, watches the error occurs even stop running away. Citizen company developed from the early 50's earthquake watch, the success in 1956, and conducted aerial fall watch experiment, this sensation of the world.
2.1962, the developed world's thinnest mechanical watch three needles.
3.1966 years, developed in Japan early electronic watch;
4.1975, the world's first error of not more than three seconds on the Analogue quartz watch.
5.1976 years, developed a solar powered quartz watches pointer.
6.1978, the world's first dual-display with digital and quartz watch pointer.
7.1978, the first only the thickness of only 0.98 mm of the world's thinnest quartz watch movement.
8.1980, the world's first quartz watch only the smallest pointer.
9.1995 Citizen just launched the first light powered watch.
10.1997, the error in 10 seconds on high-precision kinetic energy form of light.
11.2003, the world's thinnest light powered watch, the thickness of only 4.4 mm.
12.2006 in March, Citizen watches in Basel, Switzerland, at the launch of the world's first optical kinetic energy only three repeater watch.

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