continue to research and create a perfect product: CYMA

Swiss enjoy "watch the country" reputation, and now the Swiss watch Nissan's sales accounted for 60% of the world, held annually in Basel, Switzerland, the "Geneva Watch Fair" is a prelude to the world watches the latest trends, one of the many Swiss Watch the brand a place in which no easy task, Ruishixima table (CYMA) is one of them.

Ruishixima table (CYMA) from 1862, it has 130 years of watchmaking history, the brand has remained true to "continue to research and create a perfect product," the spirit of the award-winning successively at different times. The new series Ruishixima table (CYMA) both in design and workmanship are elegant and delicate, combining centuries of watchmaking technology.

Unique compact design watch, sapphire crystal glass surface decorated with black under the fine very modern decor, including the subtle wave pattern and white Arabic numerals of different sizes; the surface of the central is a mother of pearl oval, its surrounding augmented a minute scale. Hour and minute hands are off the stainless steel trim, located at 6 o'clock position within the small second hand laser lines for polished plate Zeyi.

And the table body slung stainless steel bracelet, five rows from the ring of varying width of the composition, and to light and alternating matte and high grade steel. This Swiss-made watch to keep separate all silver-white surface models and women models.

West Malaysia introduced the brand's history

Ruishixima table (Cyma) since 1862 in the Swiss Jura mountains (Jura Mountains) Since its establishment, has been known for fashion and elegant design. West Malaysia inspiration from the French table named "cime", whichever "peak" means, moral standing brand top of the watch industry; and brand names are taken directly from the Latin "cyma", meaning "forward forward . " In fact, West Malaysia form the continuous development since its inception the new technology, watch for the town of Neuchatel, Switzerland's watch industry has made tremendous contributions.

Jurassic ancient times only the dense mountain forest, every year more than half of the time covered by snow, then through continuous cultivation, a group of hard-working and very creative people who gradually gathered here to begin studying the design and production of watch . To the 1780s in the mountains have been covered with watch factory, and then watch production has been developed to contain 30 different division of labor process.

1862, Schwob brothers (Joseph and Theodore) stationed in the local watchmaking industry, the creation of Cyma Corporation, focused on the development of advanced production technology of mechanical table. In 1891, the Swiss watch industry from the cradle to Le Locle businessman Frederic Henri Sandoz founded a production company based time-table, and a year later and Schwob brother as a partner. At this time, West Malaysia has taken the lead on complex table timekeeping table, an extremely complicated mechanical watches and watch the daily output of up to 150.

Into the 20th century, West Malaysia has received numerous awards for the table, especially in the production of slim-type watch all the more to the top. In 1903, its ultra-thin lever movement will be awarded certificates of appreciation Neuchatel Observatory; it launched in 1905, only 3.85 mm thick 701 model movement, the altar table was a breakthrough achievements. 1910, West Malaysia table shine exhibition in Brussels, was first prize

1920, West Malaysia introduced the first table can be interchangeable parts, plant's production capacity will increase tremendously. In 1929, the company was awarded the first award exhibition in Barcelona. Cima table launched the brand in 1943, the first one automatic watch; was launched in 1957 and 485 models of automatic movement "Autorotor" more is still in use. After World War II, several types of innovative design made famous brands next level, including an eight single-key mechanical alarm clock (1945) and Sonomatic alarm clock (1957). As for the watch, the more With Navystar model won the Paris Gold Bijorhca Award (1980).

Since then, the era of electronic watches, West Malaysia Table courage to follow the pace of scientific and technological revolution of the times, introduced in 1984 only 1.2 mm thick ultra-thin movement type 131. So far, this mechanical movement production has more than 1 million and a math table was also recognized as experts in slim type quartz movement. West Malaysia expressed in the headquarters in Le Locle, to carry on its more than 140 years adhere to the spirit of good quality.

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