Juvenia pursuit perfect

In 1860, the watch craftsmen JUVENIA product Jacques Didisheim in the famous "watch mountain" - the Swiss Jura valley of the western town of Saint-by to Asia (St. Lmier) created JUVENIA watch and opened his first watch factory. With the dedication of the watchmaking technology and enthusiasm, he began to outline a dynamic and leading brand JUVENIA altar watch, when the account became a symbol of fashion. Since then, the headquarters moved to JUVENIA la chaux de fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds). There, his endless inspiration to create, in his guidance, a respected brand imperial flourish, creating the brand history of the Silk Road.

1880 JUVENIA JUVENIA watch introduction of the first revolutionary escapement drum gear. Article on the early round of key actions to turn, replace the late change to the crown, leading the entire industry at the time of the process. Later JUVENIA JUVENIA watch with leveraged this technology into gear, more and more small size within the movement, so JUVENIA JUVENIA form to become the world's first manufacturer of ladies watch.

1910 JUVENIA has become the field of watchmaking and jewelry supply a registered trademark. Although the founder of the brand has opened up bright prospects, but his son Johnson (Bernard Didisheim) has not been immediate success halt. He knew to be in the competitive market to achieve greater results, they must create their own movement. He opened a watch specifically for this plant for production of ultra-thin watch movement JUVENIA, and actively participate in all areas of watches and clocks, bringing the brand began to get involved watches, watch parts, clock parts and components, manufacturing watches with the auxiliary power , and polishing products in areas such as manufacturing and technology set watch the essence of the brand's strength for the witness to lay a lay a solid foundation.

Since inception, the respected JUVENIA watch both decoration and concept of the perfect shape, and constantly draw from life and nature inspired, to create a lot of amazing elegant watches. 1925 in Paris, "Art Décoratifs" exhibition, JUVENIA JUVENIA watch won worldwide attention in the form of a forum that award - the highest honor Decorative Art of Design Award Decorative Arts Grand Prix. JUVENIA JUVENIA originality to the watch of the designer of some simple geometric shapes such as square, hexagonal, oval, diamond, etc. into the design case, while accompanied by enamel glaze technology, all in the details of everywhere interspersed reminding us of scenes inspired by a fireworks extravaganza general, to create a novel at the time rather avant-garde style. Unique lugs designed JUVENIA also take full advantage of the possibilities to design the lugs, this vast space which the inspiration for the designer to provide a worthy stage play, so JUVENIA JUVENIA each watch in style with a watch the modeling can be fascinating fresh.

Time flies, JUVENIA are constantly expanding the size of the own. Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Far East markets, all can see the footprints of JUVENIA watch. However, the 70's, the Swiss watch industry produced by the quartz watch and the influence of the Far East watches sharp decline, but still towering stand upright JUVENIA, one of the few not to rely on any support and always maintain the production and marketing consortium of independent brands, its stylish and distinguished tradition continues today. JUVENIA in 1989 moved to la chaux de fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds) of the new factory, in the Swiss watch industry has been enjoying a perfect product and exceptional reputation technology, the 149-year history, has never stopped pursuing breakthrough: 1880 the first development and application of roller gear operation; 1914 International Exhibition in Switzerland Swiss National Exhibition on display the world's smallest (only 9.5 mm in diameter movement, but is only 2.5 mm thick) single-core machine mechanical parts, are still enduring masterpiece. Bernard of quality, technology and creativity and excellence and respect for King laid the foundation for future development. In 1994, King became a respected presence in China the first Swiss watch brands, deep royal eminence.

Today, respect for centuries of the imperial heritage of watchmaking passion and culture of endless artistic level to sublimate, to write a new milestone for the brand, brand watch JUVENIA all forms and supporting documents are still insists that the most advanced materials used by the Swiss manufacturing and assembly. 2005 to 2006 were introduced Les Métiers Horlogers watch series, priceless Mythique Myth series and Mystère mystery series; 2007, respect for the emperor's Shaduli - Mère des Tigres another witness to respect the King's accomplishments in technology and in art effort level . Tiger is so precious to the theme of creation, flashing dazzling diamonds embedded in the bezel into the inner circle is bigger and bigger watch with 12 luxurious ruby as the time scale, all quiet with the three hand-carved tiger lifelike to live load in the case of 18K gold; 2008 JUVENIA extend past the traditional classic design and gold carving, new collectors series 18K gold pocket watch three questions is JUVENIA century watchmaking technology through precipitation, and thus elevated to the highest realm of masterpiece. Blend of the king of birds peacock's stunning arrogance expensive antique pocket watch with three questions of nature's intricate; through the eye-catching stones, interpretation of peacock feathers, eye stripe. The high art of Wong with respect Thatcher's movement, so watch connoisseurs who voted to praise the vision, put it down, also respect the family of King collector write a glorious chapter. Form 2009, China has a new store JUVENIA were in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang, and other major cities have opened flagship stores, which will be watch JUVENIA an important milestone in the development of China


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