Milestone of the Roamer

Rome 1888 from the watch a long stick with the Swiss watchmaking tradition and precision of the tabulation process, and always followed the strict and precise working attitude, so it can withstand the market tide many times, to stand out in a number of peers become the international brand heritage century classic. Successive generations of the brand has always been adhering to a consistent pattern of head of brand beliefs, traditional, rigorous, classical, classic image of the Roman watch. 120 years of experience, to attain perfection in Rome watch, seek the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, the same time, mechanical watches in the manufacture of complex field of professional integration of traditional watchmaking skills with the essence of innovation, and finally generation of the world watches achievement .

In the new era, the watch does not meet in front of Rome's achievements, but the constant pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs. The new face of rapidly changing technology and new technology, and the Roman watch to absorb reflected in its new products, especially in the past two years, the Roman form of the new works to remove all the people inherent in the concept of the Roman watch, these works stretch style generous, detailed and delicate process, novel swatch, have many people really love the watch esteem, has also been the market this strictly "examiner" recognition.
Roman watch on their own product has a clear understanding of the market adopted a different strategy to market their voice is not fashion stars and dazzling man of the hour, choosing instead to truly understand the value of the Rome watch people. Such as Zermatt, Switzerland Hotel Post, president Martin • Fort Cloud, Zurich "Black socks Company" founder Sami • Li Xier and Lausanne "My amusement park," Ms. Fu, president Vigini • ratio, they each have has a brilliant achievement and recognition of the value of the Rome watch unique. Roman watch from simple to complex, no not the ultimate expression of wisdom and skill, so that every detail of the wearer from touching and feeling in the flow of time, foresee the future.

Today, theRoman formof business has been around the world, with huge sales network, established in Rome is not just a brand, is also a life and fashion.

Even more gratifying is that the new form no longer old Roman "old brand," he is being more and more young people.

Milestone in the history of Rome Watch ROAMER

1888: Mr. Fucimaiye opened Solothurn has six employees of a production studio gear to promote the actuator.
1904: renamed "Meyer • Festus Deli", the company has developed into a comprehensive company manufacturing watches. Accurate and reliable product, "MST" movement near the company have their own clocks series.
1927: began producing his own case in order to achieve the overall quality control and reduce dependence on outside suppliers.
1946: After years of improvement, Ruishiluoma watch patented waterproof system design eventually developed into "safe flying type" waterproof watches, with reliable and durable performance won praise around the world to do.
1952: The company name changed to best-selling brand "Ruishiluoma watch"
1972: Ruishiluoma form first global launch of its first quartz watch series.
1983-1992: in the watch industry's crisis, Ruishiluoma watch can still preserve its independence and uniqueness.
1993: changes in market conditions with new investors to join us to make Ruishiluoma watch regain vitality, better learn and grow from the past to a bright future prospects.
1996 -1,997 years: Ruishiluoma watch describes the new market philosophy "true value", and also introduced the "Power 8" (Power 8) series, the series injected new vitality into the brand, which laid the foundation Ruishiluoma watch in the mid-range strong position the watch market.
1999: Ruishiluoma celebrate the 111 anniversary of the watch.
2001: Ruishiluoma watch to develop to a modern facility and the "Swiss made" of the production plant.
2002-2007: Ruishiluoma watch from the past, leading the trend of the mechanical watch in a further in-depth research and studying the introduction of a new "confidence range", the brand to a higher level.
2008 - present: classic design has always been the pursuit of the Roman Watch celebrates its 120th anniversary of the birthday. On this occasion, with the exquisite craftsmanship and professional skills, integration of fashion design and always adhere to the "Swiss made" brand concept, will make the growing reputation of the Roman watch, and create another brand development for the Rome summit.


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