Glashutte events

Glashutte original
Location: Germany
Established: 1845
Founder: Freddie men. Adolf. Lango (Ferdinand Adolph Lange)

Glashütte the persistence of watchmaking tradition, has been movement is the self-developed, and this in the current competitive watch industry is an absolute advantage, PanoRetroGraph countdown performance is rarely seen in recent years , the innovative watch surprising performance.

Glashutte Original joined the Swatch Group, due to the excellent quality, many brands in the Group's foreign operations in the third place ranking, behind well-known in the Chinese market, Omi Jia, Longines, Tissot radar before.

Two-winding platinum Glashütte watch box in last year's "International Watch Magazine" readers voted the most favorite time watch won the first place. The traditional "hand-made in Germany", fine watchmaking, and the simplicity of the German people's favorite design is the key to success Cikuan watch.

Glashütte early as 1845, the watches Carpenter A.Lange funded by the German government, in the eastern part of Germany's Glashütte (Glashutte) established a production base clock. But after two world wars, once isolated Glashütte watch industry, until after the company restructured in recent years Glashütte incursion. 99 Senator introduced in a large double window of the calendar year calendar sheet more access to the best watch-winning Vienna. They have made this list of technologies is beyond a lot of Swiss brands. Flight 1930 had invented the tourbillon-style (a word is extremely complex micro devices, used to offset the gravity of the machine running the watch due to error), the Western world until 90 years on display in Basel, "the world's first a flight-type Tourbillon. "

Glashütte Events
1845: Fernand A. Lange founded the town of Glashütte, Germany in the first watch factory;
1852: Julius Assmann's pocket watch available;
1863: Birth of Glashütte first code watch;
1874: First Lady was born only 25mm in diameter;
1893: German town of Glashütte watchmaking school founded;
1904: Glashütte Precision Watch Co., Ltd. was established here;
1921: Original Glash? Tte name for the first time become a trademark of the dial;
1927: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War I formed Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glash? Tte AG (UROFA), tide over the crisis;
1951: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War II, the composition of VEB Glash? Tte, re-production;
1990: State of the VEB Glashtte Uhrenbetrieb transition into the Corporation (Glash? Tter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH);
1994: The Glash? Tter Uhrenbetries GmbH is a conglomerate, a private enterprise, and to "Glashütte Original" (Glash? Tte Original) for the product labeling;
1996: loyal to the old 3 / 4 plywood watches available in 1845;
1998: German porcelain factory name, "US-Chen" (Meissen) began co-production of painting enamel watch;
1999: Need for a floating tourbillon watches available;
2000: Senator calendar watch was a large window, "Watch the Year," first prize;
2001: first when the total in the history of the official countdown mechanical watch market, "Glashütte Original" added Swatch Group, and get another "watch the Year" Grand Prize
Center of the watch with 100 swing Tuo automatic winding movement, movement diameter of 31.15mm, thickness 5.6mm. Calendar with large display, put frequency 28,800 times per hour, with 55 hours power reserve, movement polished edges, gem-axis eye 51, for additional 100 registered shock, 18 gold balance screw balance wheel, double springs Clockwork box, Glash Cong te Microhyla, 21k gold hollow end of a transparent sheet placed Tuo. Case for the steel building, leather strap with steel folding clasp.


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