Baume & Mercier glorious history, brilliant achievements in the future

This is a always represents elegance, Excellence, a successful name ... ... 170-year-long watchmaking history, abandoned to the traditional process of a contemporary innovation, Baume & Mercier seek the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, innovating and updating technology, continuous innovation, design a series full of modern flavor without losing the traditional and elegant style. Development so far, Baume & Mercier have become the Swiss watch of the leaders, renowned. Its also in the watch industry for a number of technology development, the award-winning years, known as fashion, simple, elegant watch master.

Classical ideas from the Eternal - balance and harmony:
Balance is a wonderful word, is a grasp of harmony, contrast, balance is not a perfect high and one low. However, traditional and modern, everyone has different understanding of balance seems more difficult to define. Baume & Mercier success in this area gave us a good example. Consistent with our tradition of watchmaking, combining modern colors, Baume & Mercier in the sense of proportion between the perfect combination of classic modern elements with the past, one by one to lead the trend for this timeless Baume & Mercier born.

Riviera (Riviera), the flagship series

Riviera (Riviera) is a famous tourist destination in the south of France, rich resort area, is a combination of vacation homes, cruise ships, well-known concentration of galleries and museums, is being interpreted luxury living. Shiliweila this name, design uses 12-sided polygon surface, day and night on behalf of each side, chain and watch as the Baume & Mercier on the enthusiasm, and onward. Since 1973, the international watch models in this breakthrough since the birth of timeless classic and has remained watches peers relish.

In 2005, Baume & Mercier Riviera watches re-design. In the design field, to make the past reborn, without being pure nostalgia, probably the most complex and difficult thing. Therefore accepted the challenge of Baume & Mercier. Launched a new ladies watch jewelry No. Riviera Mini. Men's version of the original design of the improved section, the danger of manhood, while retaining the classic legend of the 12-sided polygon, based on the thickness of the case substantially reduced gift to streamline the United States. In perfect proportion and posture Shiliweila, the fusion of visual beauty and paste the wrist to enjoy. Riviera is such a legendary watches, but definitely in the tradition of modern myth of the rebirth of a generation!

Kelaisimai (Classima Executives), Xtreme Classic
Kelaisimai, selected in the history of one of the thinnest movement, distinguished and elegant appearance, the model for the production of skills, as the symbol of choice for entrepreneurs. The latest Kelaisimai 2006 engraved watch, the combination of traditional and modern still seamlessly. Two new retro design and exquisite table set in a mechanical process, in the distribution of old style watch time, yet stylish modern features, watch for the complex design of writing a new definition, show the balance of the United States of infinite space.

Other Series

Hampton (Hamptons), located in eastern Long Island, New York, above, combined with the traditional culture and modern flavor in New York, is a fascinating place. Beach and ocean, set off a sand dune on the green plants, continuous ridge and even the water is full of traditional features of the cabin, as the local indigenous people and other tourist resorts, leisure over the weekend from New York came here to forget the city bustle, this This all makes it to look its duties Hampton Hamptons unique, attractive.

More importantly, the cradle of unlimited inspiration, Baume & Mercier watch factory can thus be inspired, in 1994 founded the Hampton Hampton table is. Hampton in Hampton who, in addition to still find the traditional culture of New York light flavor, but also the delicate feel of quality materials, both elegant and traditional.

Launched in 1998, Caplan (CapeLand), as it form part of the same meaning, ends of the earth, the land of the terminal, that even in the face or corner of the end of the cliff reflected the spirit, coupled with tough outer Hammer design and precise timing feature allows Caplan become partner of choice for sports enthusiasts.

Diamond Series (Diamant), like its inspiration from the women, with a strong, elegant temperament and changing the image, meet the needs of all occasions. Show steady square case design aesthetic, its detailed decoration showing more originality and feminine quality with a crown on a mosaic of diamonds, valued not only add texture, more in the subtle difference in the distribution of light.

Now, with the mention of Baume & Mercier, people will think of the brand's classic tag: beautiful ancient Greek word "PHI". This letter represents the theory of prime numbers, high / Length (Height / Length) = 1.618 percentage eternal symbol of the eternal watch design a combination of proportion and perfect harmony, such as the pyramids of Egypt and the human body to measure the proportion of the number of gold are the perfect ratio. Most Baume & Mercier will be engraved watches produced to show that Baume & Mercier stick to perfect the concept of technology and lasting harmony. :
Produced produced by the Baume & Mercier, both timing devices, embedded gem bracelet-shaped watch classic or new rich as well as elegant and contemporary watches, Thatcher are fully reveal the wearer production of different personalities, these Baume & Mercier have made a large number of faithful worldwide supporters. Particular brand in order to seek to perfect, to break the tab technical limitations, the constant innovation and insistence on excellence, the expression values, leading the trend. Today, Baume & Mercier watches series of all-inclusive, and each features are Baume & Mercier in every pursuit of a perfect quality and artistic design masterpiece.

Brand glorious history, brilliant achievements in the future
Trace the history of Baume & Mercier in the development from the Swiss Jura mountains, 1830, officially named Baume & Mercier, representing William Baume and Paul Mercier tsarist nobility cooperative relationship. Early fame, Baume & Mercier committed to producing high quality chronometer. With excellent excellent Baume Mercier watchmaking skills and enthusiasm for art, business has developed rapidly, a variety of honors followed. 1893 awards by the British Royal Kew Observatory, the Geneva watch industry in 1921 was the highest honor Pioncon de Geneve (Geneve Hallmark), so that well-known Baume & Mercier from Switzerland to the world, laying the basis for success.

in Asia since 1988, the Group, then in 1993 the Cartier group again with another world famous brand Vendome Group after the merger, now known as Richemont, Baume & Mercier to its one. The Road magical journey, so that more vigorous development of Baume & Mercier, even more vigorous, well to highlight the creative power of its unique and unparalleled source of power, success in the international watch industry Baume & Mercier classic brand position.

Baume & Mercier's headquarters in the beginning of the last century based in Geneva, Switzerland, and its watchmaking factories have been located in Switzerland, Jura Mountains, the Swiss watch industry can be said here, and countless top tab expert. Baume & Mercier plant each product, are subject to stringent quality test and elaborate, entirely consistent with the stringent requirements of advanced watch.

All along, the Baume & Mercier in addition to the senior watch elegant fashion to the masses, but also to "Baume & Mercier & Me" that is, "Baume & Mercier and I," the slogan is well known. In 2005, Baume & Mercier in which to re-inject new impetus to caring responsibility, caring for the community attitude towards life as a noble goal, intensive Baume & Mercier and Meg Ryan Meg Ryan and Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland co-operation, invited the two bit easygoing, happy heart charity, and in accordance with Baume & Mercier personal image and brand philosophy of public figures and Baume & Mercier as the image of the global campaign on behalf of charity, and further to "Baume & Mercier & Me" carry forward the spirit of the two closely interact, as contribute to public welfare undertakings.

Baume & Mercier and famous show business stars Jacky Cheung, sympathetic, and appreciate one another. In China, beginning with the brand spokesperson Jacky Cheung co-operation. One is a full-bodied style of the famous watch brand implicitly, a low-key and humble and remarkable achievements on behalf of artists, same style, so that progress of this fate is even more beautiful harmony. When Jacky Cheung Peidaimingshi table in front of the public, who can refuse such a complementary charm.

t Today, Baume & Mercier has a large worldwide sales network, its subsidiaries and agents in over 75 countries. Three Baume & Mercier are now the major selling countries for the United States, Italy and Japan. Baume & Mercier point of sale more than 3000 worldwide, are world-famous watch and jewelry stores, to ensure the highest quality sales and service.


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