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Latest Watches News Report: Tudor is a subsidiary of top Rolex watches, Rolex, as a subsidiary product, the relatively low price and excellent quality has won the favor of consumers.

The name comes from Tudor England. It was the golden age of Britain, probably comparable to the reputation of China's Golden Years. Chinese name was brilliantly translated as "Tudor", it is undoubtedly the king of style with Articles surrender. Thus, each of a series of Tudor and the royal family are named. Today is still consistent, and excellent quality, Manhattan style, respected watchmaking tradition from generation to generation, highly honor superior watchmaking technology. Tudor not just watch, it is very condescending to give the wearer a perfect masterpiece.

The name comes from the UK, Tudor series are each named with the royal family. Series by the Prince, the Princess Series, the King family and the latest boom hour series formed the "imperial family." Tudor watch each, were sold with factory warranty certificate, card details on sale dates, and cover the firm effective seal. To strengthen international reputation, particularly through the Tudor five continents around the world to establish high-level jewelers unparalleled distribution network.

Tudor, meaning Tudor England. 1485, "War of the Roses" the end of Henry Tudor won the throne, is the beginning of the Tudor dynasty. In 1603, the last Tudor monarch Queen Elizabeth's death, the end of the Tudor dynasty. This is a hundred years of the Tudor era, but the golden age of British history. Tudor heyday left to future generations in addition to "Mary Rose number" shipwrecks that lay the world famous altar watch "Tudor" the. Since the name comes from the famous Tudor, so the Tudor series of watchs for each name with the royal family. Series by the Prince, the Princess Series, the King family and the latest hour series composed of a thriving "imperial family."

Tudor king of pushing the past few years giving a series of major new breed of feeling. This series has two kinds of automatic movement and quartz movement movement. Automatic movement of the King series, with stainless steel and 18ct King Kong style, with a self-winding mechanical pendulum ram, together with the blue crown crystal glass face closely to ensure that the pressure in the 50m water depth is still waterproof. At the same time, in order to meet some like mechanical movement of the friends, the King family there are two different caliber 36mm and 33mm automatic watch calendar, it is also casual wear preposterous. Latest out of the king, "hour" series of the same basic design with the King family, but it is engraved on the outer ring in the form of traditional Chinese lunar calendar or the second hour specific to the Chinese Zodiac pattern, it is a scientific and practical.

Prince and Princess Series is a series of Tudor family of evergreen. Some experienced collectors know that, even in the sixties and the seventies the production of "Prince" and "Princess" and its quality, top name brands can also be a higher low, we can obviously see the importance of these two series. The two series of watchs to stick with mechanical automatic movement, and specifically welcome people to maintain a popular form and style, giving a timeless feeling. In this series, watch as the Prince series brings a new look. Prince watch the first generation are not as good in all aspects of the new, but the supple chain belt, the surface of the bold design and color application, all seem impressed.

Geneva, Switzerland, made the original Tudor style of the King's watch series, consistent with its own grace and elegant style of the nobles, to bring you the precise time indication. Even leisure activities for more from the quartz watch him, you can also enjoy world-respected Tudor watches superb tabulation process.

TUDOR SPORT COLLECTION has long been fashionable, and durable top-class contemporary Swiss watchmaking, creating a tradition Tudor watches, Tudor watches worthy to become a model for modern active lifestyle. Tudor The name comes from Tudor England, Tudor series are each named with the royal family. Series by the Prince, the Princess Series, the King family and the latest hour series composed of a thriving "imperial family." Tudor watch each, were sold with factory warranty certificate, card details on sale dates, and cover the firm effective seal. According to sales professionals who watches introduced, before the purchase of watches are successful people, and now as the public consumption level of brand awareness, watches are also getting into the homes of ordinary people. Swiss watch Rolex Tudor watches are a subsidiary of the top, under the product as a Rolex, and its relatively low price and excellent quality has won the favor of consumers. And Tudor features in terms of their brand is doing more successful. It Hydronaut, Submariner, MiniSub such as diving and watch design LadySub very professional, chain, all joints with very smooth, there is a feeling at one go, worn on the hand will not have discomfort. Outer ring rotating type minutes is a must. Unusually, in order to avoid inadvertently, the outer ring and the case into the integrated design, can easily turn down according to the design was very user-friendly.

Tudor king of pushing the past few years giving a series of major new breed of feeling. This series has two kinds of automatic movement and quartz movement. Automatic movement of the King series, with stainless steel and 18ct King Kong style, with a self-winding mechanical pendulum ram, together with the blue crown crystal glass face closely to ensure that the pressure in the 50m water depth is still waterproof. At the same time, in order to meet some like mechanical movement of the friends, the King family there are two different caliber 36mm and 33mm automatic watch calendar, it is also casual wear preposterous. Latest out of the king, "hour" series of the same basic design with the King family, but it is engraved on the outer ring in the form of traditional Chinese lunar calendar or the second hour specific to the Chinese Zodiac pattern, it is a scientific and practical.

Geneva, Switzerland, Tudor custom made to the nobles grace and elegant style has always been introduced many series, and can appreciate the world-respected Tudor watches superb tabulation process. Tudor king automatic watch series, series of quartz watches Tudor king, process excellence, elegant style, Tudor prince, princess-type performance, reliable, durable and lasting, the prince has a multifunction chronograph functions accurate timing and strong shell. Tudor watches Hydronaut series, to the elegant taste and precision machinery, whether accompanied by glossy fashion strap, or a professional diver's extension of the strap used are extraordinary. Tudor hour series, more fashion pioneer, with a very Chinese style zodiac atmosphere.

Tudor Prince Marine Diving Hydronaut which show impeccable style luxury. Both sports and fashion for so long, specially designed for professional and amateur divers to carefully designed. To highlight both form and function, sections of the Ocean Prince of diving watchs are equipped with mechanical automatic movement and single rotating bezel, to ensure accurate measurement of time and unmatched reliability.

Tudor King "Time" series, from the original manufacturer in Geneva, Switzerland, in the inherited his noble grace and elegant style has always been based on the twelve hour set of traditional Chinese culture, the essence of time and the Western concept of 24 hours at a time, sections are mapping out the classic statement of Ruishi Di rudder bearing technology and extraordinary.

In addition, the "Time" series automatic water watch to ensure that up to 50 meters deep, and equipped with stainless steel or 18ct. James Bond style and Zodiac style, always with you to match.

Tudor King "Time" series of unique design, mapping out the great ideas Ruishi Di rudder watch - three years down the recovery of the Chinese twelve hour time-concept, and the 24-hour blending with the West at odds, parallel brilliance . And this idea, by Swiss rudder watch classic watchmaking skills are a near perfect interpretation.

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What Can Bluetooth Watch Do

Latest Watches News Report: From the remote control car to a remote camera, Sony Ericsson will launch a number of us are always shines Bluetooth accessories. No wonder, as a proponent and advocate of the Bluetooth standard, Ericsson, is not spared themselves the advantages of Bluetooth products used in Sony Ericsson's.

Sony Ericsson recently unveiled a startling Bluetooth - Bluetooth Watch MBW-100, we have a hard time with the Bluetooth link will watch together, how the Bluetooth watch do? We have some curiosity. Famous mobile site recently launched a MOBILEBURN.COM Sony Ericsson MBW-100 of evaluation, we have compiled some of the contents of which, so readers can preview the country, lets have a look.

The Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch has silver and black, MOBILEBURN.COM evaluation of this MBW-100 is silver, strong metallic block watch, according to official data, said Sony Ericsson, MBW-100 of the shell is not allergenic stainless steel, while the watch-glass is made from natural crystal.

As the saying goes: "The poor play cars, play watch-rich", the watch is designed to reflect the level of technology and product quality, the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 although this can not be compared to the hundreds of million yuan to the list, but on a mobile phone manufacturers introduced accessories for very fine workmanship and design of the.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100 on the back, very simple, because we have not seen a physical half-buried in the side of the two metal contacts, the contact is what to do with it?

It turned out that the two contacts are used in the charger, MBW-100 charge to use a dedicated folder in the watch on one side of the clip, the clip can be connected with the standard Sony Ericsson charger, so long as the Sony Ericsson mobile phone users can use, as long as the Do not lose it on the line in this clip.
According to Sony officials said the watch a full power play for 7 days after the Bluetooth control, and 7 days after 7 days can be a timing function to ensure normal operation of the watch, so watch this week to charge a minimum amount. Well, we have been saying the appearance of this watch, specifically what it has Bluetooth, how to use, we are on the next page to explain.

The Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch MBW-100 currently supports only the latest of several Sony Ericsson mobile phone models are as follows: Z710c, K790c, W710c, W810c, Z610i, W850i, Z710i, W710i, K618i, K790i, K790a, K610i, K800i, V630i, W810i . Friends need to look to buy their phones or not to support.

The MBW-100 is very simple, the front is a great piece of watch-glass, which has Sony Ericsson logo. The simulation of the mechanical time display pointer, following a line of blue OLED LCD screen. Form of the watch to the right are two buttons and crown, the crown of which operate throughout the watch will be accounted for in the heavier elements.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100's LCD screen usually displays the date and the remaining major power, and time to complete the instructions mainly rely. Dial design is very simple, just point at the 12,3,6,9 have signs, luminous paint on another watch needle,

MBW-100 when in standby press the crown, the following will appear blue OLED LCD screen mode menu, MBW-100 will also display a variety of functions, the figure shows the Bluetooth connectivity, SMS tips, alarm clock, and cell phone synchronization.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100 can meet the latest of several music phones, watches and mobile phones in pairing, the phone plays MP3 music, you can not come up with mobile phones, as long as the MBW-100 by the apparent operation can be achieved on the Sony Ericsson Music phone plays the music or skip to next song and other operations.

MBW-100 there is a very important feature is the mobile phone can prompt the user to receive text messages. OLED screen displays icons that he has received text messages.

Similarly, when the phone calls received, MBW-100 will also prompt, and calls the user's name will be displayed. And if time is not convenient to answer, then, you can also press the crown to hang up the phone, which for many business situations is still very useful.

In addition to official information from Sony Ericsson, we understand that, MBW-100 there are many interesting features, such as mobile phones out of range to remind, that is when the user leaves the phone after a certain distance, MBW-100 will automatically ring to alert the user "mobile phone forgot it! "This is easy to lose the phone user is also a good function ah.

How, read the above description, this MBW-100 is a good feeling it, the current Sony Ericsson Chinese website has introduced this product, but the country appears to be no listing of friends interested in it please pay more attention to our reports it.


Pasha de Cartier 42 mm Totem Pattern Watch

Latest Watches News Report: From the time display, rotation, disappeared and resurfaced. Cartier watchmaking brand to the unique time display has a unique interpretation of way to full of mystery and extraordinary interpretation of modern technology the way of the skeleton watch the display to time a more interesting art.

From 1912 to build first Cartier mystery clock, Cartier show that the time has a unique way of interpretation process. Mystery clock by light refraction and visual dead ends to the base hidden under the mysterious mineral crystal clock movement is like a pointer from referring to the mysterious influence of gravity suspended in the air. The mystery of the unique offerings reflect the tabulation process valuable Cartier watch to break the barriers of traditional boundaries in order to analyze their own insights and to create a new node when the meter display. Cartier to create the perfect for the ultimate treasure hard spare time account, whether in the watch and reading the bridge into one of the skeleton panel or a disk of the three dial watch shows Santos Triple 100 watch this year on three sides SIHH innovation niobium titanium released material to build the concept of adjustment watch without ID ONE, Tortue perpetual calendar skeleton tortoise-type complex menus and suspended in the air Rotonde Skeleton Flying Tourbillon watch Cartier are all craft in the Advanced tab to skeleton watch shows the different ways to show the spirit of the original house as the Advanced tab of the tab with the exquisite artistry.

Skeleton movement first appeared in the eighteenth century, when they appear in the pocket watch on. watch is a skeleton as the metal components from the mechanical devices, such as the main plywood, meter bridge, ratchet, spring boxes, and other components to remove the art. The bridge and the main plywood watch decoration, carving and engraving is usually the way the carve some representative leaves or floral patterns, there always are some scenes such as hunting or concerts.

Craftsmanship extraordinary watch, the movement in the skeleton of the watch when the bridge arrangement to the shape of Roman numerals to indicate the time. This unprecedented movement skills to a set of skeleton and Roman numerals on a scale so that the readability of impeccable timekeeping watch, and watch to bring innovative design, while the bridge watch movement to nickel silver alloy to strengthen the resistance. Cartier innovative design for this patent.

Compared with traditional skeleton watch the presentation, finished in a watch movement to present a more sophisticated technology to build between the art of movement, the watch homemade blank part of the disk will not affect the function in the case of skeleton through the interaction of light and space under the influence of a sense of showing a penetrating sense of vision, so that the level of movement can be at a glance.

Pasha de Cartier 42 mm Puma grain skeleton totem watch, case K 18K rhodium-plated white gold case, diameter 42 mm, bezel set with round diamonds, 18K rhodium-plated white dial K gold diamond carved into the bridge watch movement leopard head design, sapphire crystal, waterproof 30 meters, 100 feet, 3 bar, dark gray silk strap, pin buckle clasp, 18K rhodium-plated white gold diamond clasp, movement 9613 MC manual-winding mechanical machines core, the total weight of 4.1 karats of diamonds. Reference price of about NT $ 3,350,000.

Skeleton Cartier watch to return to the Advanced tab initially moved the original as the ultimate precision, but also for self-movement Cartier precision technology expertise and the Pegasus presents. Committed to the pursuit of the ultimate watchmaking aesthetic realm of creation and enhancement of endless Advanced tab to highlight the extraordinary value of the real movement, every tabulation process chosen by professional instructors manual polishing treatment. Jufan chamfered bridges and splints polished matte side of the watch modification, framing the front drawing processes, such as processing and gear ... and so on. These small parts are only received professional training to work by skilled master tab are properly configured at the inside.

skeleton Cartier watch no other superfluous ornaments, light penetration through the simple view that is able to taste the present art of watch movement. After the watch after grinding chamfer on each side of the bridge after repeated tests in the orientation of the mirror assembly configured with each other around the same time there will not be grinding convergence bad loss concerns. These components run under the flickering light fog and mirror polished after grinding off the original decoration to show contrast, the penetration level of a sense of movement. A flashing edge in terms worth of time behind a tab for each component are watchmakers after more than 15 hours after carefully pondering from the works of art treasures can be described as truly!

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Chopard's Animal World Series: Bamboo Panda Watches

Latest Watches News Report: Full of originality and ingenuity will be sublimated to the ultimate craftsmanship Chopard 150 anniversary of the Animal World Series, the group turned from the beautiful and mysterious nature of the rare birds and animals, in Cannes, in New York, in Morocco has been booming.President and Creative Director of the United Chopard Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, full of imagination innocence paragraph 150 outlines the shape of the theme of animal work, dazzling world of animals series using the most advanced manual techniques, craftsmen no match skills and an endless supply of creative designers, achievement worthy of this collection of 150 models and unique works.

"Bamboo Panda" watch 

Arrangement of the parts in the subject, Chopard has created a paradise well, the branches covered with fern's lone climb trees you can see lizards are safely shelter; green lichen on the dog playing naughty; tree between the branches McNair also cunning monkey swinging, here is the fantasy kingdom of animals Chopard is also a paradise for the animals!

In addition to the shuttle in the forest, animal jewelry, the Chopard invited a small ling said the heart of Tianhe Wang Liu Zijun wear jewelry, whether wild Catwoman with elegant elegant styling Yihuo fairy, will be personality accentuates the forest animals, Of course, the king of the forest "Tarzan" is the protagonist of this jungle indispensable, and it was a childish and happy together.

18K rose gold Material / quartz movement / hour, minute, seconds display / mother of pearl face plate /

watch Box 35 Diamond: 3.50 Carat / crown a diamond: 0.15 carats three diamond slide: 0.3 kt /
Face plate 148 diamonds: 0.49 carats, a black diamond: 0.0 kt / Limited 25

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Junkers German-made Mechanical Watches

Latest Watches News Report: JUNKERS the world's most "courage" of the German-made mechanical watches. From the flight in the year 1915 technology brands, origin Munich, Germany, Mr. Hugo Junkers, founder of the legendary genius of flight in the history of mechanical engineers in Germany, is a national hero at home metaphorical household.

Representative of the greatest masterpieces of the fuselage built with corrugated metal JU-52 transport aircraft teams in the world, shocked the world during World War II. Junkers watch from Germany, from the shape of watches can be clearly felt on the design concept into the JU52 aircraft, clean lines and appearance, calm restrained, there is powerful and practical, and accurate and durable as the main aspirations, and fancy Swiss watch lines appearance very different creature.

Coupled with the fine tradition of German technology, in precision instruments and vehicles, have good performance, so the German watch on the market a unique style, JUNKERS mechanical watches in fact represent a "useful first" German spirit , are very much like the professionals, it is the only choice for taste in men.

Ju 52 fighter series automatic stopwatch:

Stainless steel / self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, day, date display / folded corrugated metal face plate / stopwatch function / night fluorescent display / mirror transparent sapphire crystal case back / water 50 meters / watch diameter 42mm / Global Limited 6218 Reference Price: NT $ 46,800 per

Classic coin pattern stopwatch:

Stainless steel / self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date / stopwatch function / mirror transparent sapphire crystal case back / water 50 meters / watch diameter 42mm / Global Limited 6510 Reference Price: NT $ 46,800 per

Series of ultra-thin minimalist retro watch:

Stainless steel / manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / Arabic numerals disc / night fluorescent display / mirror transparent sapphire crystal case back / water 50 meters / watch diameter 42mm / Global Limited 6638 Reference Price: NT $ 21,800 per

Steel Tank Series fog stopwatch:

Stainless steel / manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, day, date display / stopwatch function / night fluorescent display / mirror transparent sapphire crystal case back / 50 meters waterproof / breathable black leather strap / watch reference diameter of 42mm Price: NT $ 29,800 per

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Omega Speedmaster 38mm Chronograph Lady Watches

Watches Review Center Report: Omega watches in the series most representative of the spirit is to create a super watch (Speedmaster). This section has a series of legendary chronograph expedition rich experience, including the U.S. space agency (NASA) since 1963 for each space mission trip. When Buzz Aldrin ‧ wear Omega Speedmaster Professional watch set foot on the lunar surface, they laid the Omega Speedmaster in history. History Today, the Omega spirit of sustainable development in order to create a more precise timing of the Speedmaster Professional, and also with the autonomy and independence of modern women, Omega Speedmaster characterize the depth of the female form better under the modern women smart and capable the other side is full of elegant . The former features a small surface or quartz has been unable to fully meet the courage to dare to pursue innovation and distinctive, modern woman, the neutral form, surface and mechanical timepieces large contemporary ladies are the best choice to show themselves.

Omega launched last year following the trend-surface of large-size ladies watch, let the surface of large-size patent is no longer just for men, fashion design has become a large surface appearance of women are smart and elegant interpretation of the new style. Omega was first introduced in 2010 specifically has a large surface of 38mm Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Lady Series, the first new series Speedmaster watch to show the same long-standing characteristics of the perfect combination of a strong movement if the rock Sense and stopwatch performance. Equipped with the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification of the Omega 3304 automatic winding mechanical movement, in addition to a complete professional stopwatch features, watch design is also stunning, three time on the dial with Arabic numerals, small seconds cleverly arranged, perfectly showing the pace of time at 6 o'clock date window also has this watch combines elements of movement and elegance, the beauty of the conflict to create a precise fashion a new look.

In addition, as the Speedmaster Professional watch, this new release of the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Lady (38mm), do have two choices, Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Diamond Watch Women (38mm) with Speedmaster the famous stainless steel case and rose gold models. Bezel mounted 54 more dazzling diamonds, the other ladies stainless steel bezel Chronograph Ceramic (38mm) to do selection, are specially treated with a crocodile leather strap. Different from the Speedmaster has been the determination atmosphere, this latest work is more integrated into the dash of elegance, in addition to accurate timing performance, the elegant gift to fashion.

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Corum TItanium Bridge Tourbillon PVD Limited Edition

Watch Traveling Report: Brand marks the anniversary of the Corum choose to commemorate the launch of limited edition watch, to display their very extraordinary creative performance and superb watchmaking technology. In 2010, in addition to the 55 anniversary of the establishment of the brand, but also the Corum Mountains form its backbone - the bridge watch series launched 30th anniversary.

In 2009, the Corum introduced a new titanium bridge watches, and then to become the new bridge watch on behalf of its series of works made with the brand's second gold movement, playing the U.S. attack also wrote the historic brand page. Full of creative spirit of modern and contemporary philosophy of titanium slab movement Ti-Bridge, in addition to the altar watch represents a new era, but also modern and fashionable watch design and advanced technology to make the most traditional and revolutionary initiative of perfect interpretation.

The astronomical clock in the 2010 series New Appreciation bridge watch, the display for the first time exposure of the "bridge tourbillon-PVD titanium black PVD extremely limited edition", which equipped with a brand new R & D CO022 by the movement, in titanium bridge device to add the titanium tourbillon bridge tourbillon watch, While this movement is the most special thing about subversion of the traditional tourbillon, select the upper deck equipped with a structure without showing a suspended like flying tourbillon device, escapement structure swing 21,600 times per hour, as if floating above the long-type movement, tourbillon power required from the central two large barrel, which provides up to 72 hours of power, and The most simple way of refining energy storage; with two to ARCAP special alloy V-boom created by the movement firmly fixed in the central case, presenting a unique titanium tourbillon bridge suspended transparent visual beauty, while also watch the whole exudes a sense of lightness of weightlessness.

At the same time, the integration of complex technology and design aesthetics watch movement is plywood and deck are cut from special alloy ARCAP out, ARCAP is made of copper, nickel and zinc alloy of the new system, it is not only an anti- erosion and non-magnetic iron alloy, but also from oxidation effects, easy processing of complex surfaces. This epoch-making new material makes the traditional Microhyla such as matte, satin polished and bright surface treatment of the case in stark contrast to the detail level of feeling.

Titanium Tourbillon bridge and the legendary Golden Bridge watch with the same "DNA", but it varies with different styles because of the technical differences. And to excellence in design which will be the key to success of the brand into the design of the tourbillon frame, as this watch is the most unique and fascinating features of the, it is the perfect interpretation of "All Black" the ultimate design aesthetics, the introduction of PVD pole limited edition black world, but also watch this pricing strategy in 2010, providing an excellent and reasonable market competitive enough to prove that the Corum watch to provide unique design, and a high degree of skill and value for money products perseverance and determination.

Appreciation will be another focus of attention in a "miniature painting set, Jinqiao Diamond Ladies Watch - Exotic Birds"; 2009, Golden Bridge introduced Diamond Ladies Watch set to delicate gorgeous appearance and lateral movement placed the Golden Bridge, jump prolapse of the original list presented by Golden Bridge masculine men and domineering, the famous Golden Bridge for the Corum interpretation of a different kind of movement is soft and beautiful women; in the design of the new section of the watch, with the after nearly three years later, the Corum and re-released Taiwan exclusive qualified for the Asian art of miniature painting issue of the face plate, adding his appreciation and collection of high value. Master of miniature painting at the delicate brush flowering, colorful style and fragrance with bright colors showing a colorful tropical bird feathers inherent gesture. Creative design Jinqiao unique movement and jewelry inlaid with a miniature painting skills, achievements out of the top craft only perfect masterpiece.

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Jwlry Machine High Class Jewelry

Latest Watches News Report: Boucheron has a 152-year history, the French most respected top jewelry companies; MB & F is a young, avant-garde creative laboratory in Switzerland, the Horological Machines (watch the machine) series watch is the first time in 5 years ago, hit the Earth. What makes Boucheron and sparks MB & F? The answer is Jwlry Machine watch, it is the MB & F Horological Machine No 3 (HM3) watch stunning fine jewelry version.

Catalyst: Horological Machine No 3 watches 

HM3 watches in gold with the original titanium metal, launched in 2009 stunned the watch industry. Plate can be clearly seen from the surface power-driven engine (movement), MB & F's signature style automatic disk symbolic ─ Tomahawk, and the rapid swing of the balance wheel. Detract from the stands at three-dimensional carvings on the double cone case, the side for the time display, provided by two large ceramic ball bearing power. High-tech watch with avant-garde performing arts, serves as a masterpiece of micro-mechanical technology. MB & F's engineers and watchmakers have to machine processing and hand polished, to assemble the 305 parts HM3 engine, and the job is only 1 micron tolerance.

Jwlry Machine watch: the magic into Boucheron 

Although the watch is designed HM3 never thought of using the diamond, but Maximilian Büsser is brewing for many years co-operation with the idea of Boucheron. "I can Boucheron was impressed with the infinite, and their creative passion." He said, "Boucheron resolutely avant-garde choice of expression, are each works of art of jewelry show giants." Boucheron artisans will be unique in the world watches the JwlryMachine HM3 version, the idea of luxury jewelry for the three-dimensional mosaic owl, a 18k white gold with amethyst to (Amethyst), diamond, and sapphire blue and purple, another Zeyi 18k Rose Gold with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamond and pink sapphire. Owl's bright eyes, is installed in the double-cone convex on the huge round stones; dazzling wings protectively wrapped HM3 precious engine, wings to secret pavé-set studded brilliant-cut stones; carved chest full of feathers Zeyi block Amethystor Rose Quartz carved. Most attractive is the bottom of the owl's chest: the heart seems to beat. Is vaguely see the MB & F style gold system Tomahawk translucent jewel automatic plate in the bottom of the swing, resulting in the illusion.

Boucheron jewelry artisans will be the body of the owl mosaic, designed gold structure and divided into five parts casting, to micron precision to fit the HM3 close watch. On the structure, the design and HM 3 watch an exercise in natural fit. Also, this design is typical of Boucheron design, bold interpretation of the most exotic, the most extreme natural life, to achieve the inclusion of the company "Treasure of the foreign body counter" special effect. Recalling the initial discussion, Boucheron CEO Jean-Christophe Bédos, said: "The appreciative of MB & F presented Boucheron masterpiece of concrete, so the cooperation of the two companies, must be able to generate creative ideas, flash bright finished, and even showed humor, bold style.

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Dynamic Watch Sarcar

Latest Watches News Report: In 1948, the original Italian by the Brazilian Sarzano Carlo, and he and his wife Jean Zollinger Paulett Sarzano and created a family watch in Geneva. Each family watch only begin with "too big, dynamic, and small enough to bold" concept created from. Today, the family watch with its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design, who won the best watch Lai successfully market share in the watch a seat. To maintain its high quality and unique, family limited only created a year 4500 watch. In 1948, Carlo Sarzano create Sarcar in Geneva.

He was previously working for many years as the most prestigious Swiss brand and he is a representative for these leading brands in Italy and Spain. Carlo Sarzano, however, take good care of the other ambition. With his accuracy and quality of products together, he hoped that with his own call and decided to create his own brand. He started by looking for the factory can understand his works. He soon found one, the factory established in 1919, "Manufacturing de montres Niton", he bought for his needs and transform. He then began to develop his "collection" pieces from the fragments and make it aware of his long-term customers. He also attacked the world market and, due to the unique quality of call and receive a rapid expansion that led to a favorable reply. The original, he produced major gold plated watch, but very soon after adding a solid gold line. In 1963, the need for more space, Carlo Sarzano transfer his company to 41, route, town center in a charming villa surrounded by ancient trees, it continues to this day by the external Carlo Sarzano 1974 and his wife Paulette Sarzano receive the company's management. She immediately faced with some difficult decisions. During this merger, consolidation and large series production, and Sarcar philosophy is exactly the opposite.

Paulette Sarzano choose to focus prestigious gold watch creation. Carlo Sarzano used to think a if "would be strong enough, small enough to be free." This is still the motto of the current business, so to ensure flexibility and creativity. Models such as Solitaire, Magic Moon, galaxies, and the moon is a significant example of this evolution of the years, the company continues the same philosophy, combined with the latest technology and tips and handy Master Watchmakers. The goal is to give life to new and original concepts tailored to market requirements, to provide mixed performance, innovation and aesthetic elegance. Support for the unity of the team work of various engineering, Sarcar continue to produce small, numbered series. These objects are committed to finding a watch on the crowd to please their own, watch a special and unique reflection of their own personality.

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Low-key Luxury Watch Hublot Earl Gray Gold Watch

Hublot Earl Gray Gold condensed bright, stylish luxury design

Watches Review Center Report: Hublot "Earl Gray Gold" watches, rose gold with inlaid diamonds facelift version, from the original Earl Gray series of low-key luxury, transformed the dazzling timepieces distinguished style, the color with the tantalum metal face plate, steady, condensed as a result of ten-hole-like shell will instantly attracted the attention fixed focus, so bold chiaroscuro design, fashion show Hublot, the innovative spirit of avant-garde, but also to create a sophisticated luxury taste.

Hublot was founded over 30 years this year, in particular the launch of three-dimensional architectural aesthetics of the 30th anniversary of visual form "Tourbillon Manufacture", and with top-of-border cooperation for hot F1 official timepiece "F1 Gold" and "F1 Monza" Grand Prix watch at the same time and with the bold use of color, the deep variety of fashionable women favorite Tutti Frutti watch together from November 29 until December 8 held in Taichung astronomical clock 2010 exhibition.

Hublot since 2005 after the launch of Big Bang watches, fast detonating Fusion avant-garde fashion design in 2010, successfully achieved, "America's Cup" yacht race, F1, FIFA World Cup when the three major races of the total authorized official , the momentum has been among the top brands out line, is a rising star can not be ignored, but this time to introduce the 30th anniversary of the limited form "Tourbillon Manufacture", a symbol of Hublot watch to scale the peak, meaning it is quite different.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Launched Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a new tradition of family, the traditional large-scale integration of complex functions. The first feature is the astronomical information, the second function is the timekeeping system, the third function is an additional pointer, usually a chronograph, it could be other functions, such as the Tourbillon.

Even the top brands, nor is it can often make models of such level of complexity, Moreover, Jaeger-LeCoultre works in each of the functions has exceeded the performance of its people.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication 

What is not a traditional tourbillon, or the new Caruso? Since 1989, this issue has been following the outbreak, many experts argue bored. Modern watch, there is no rotation around the wheel can no longer be determined or it is the Caruso Tourbillon the only criterion because it has long been Blancpain subversive activities. Determine the origin of the current standard of surviving depends on whether the agency has a framework for directly by the barrel-driven power source. That is, if it is stuck Tourbillon framework will immediately stop running; But Caruso could make do go, though the error has been great.

Jaeger-LeCoultre tourbillon precedence over tradition and modernity. First, it is pure tourbillon, relying on the fourth gear drive transmission system frame, and has a fixed cross-bridge, with the balance wheel concentric rotation. In his autobiography, but also relative to the entire disk revolution - the real needs of the sun. This is already beyond the traditional, so we determined it is relatively tourbillon. It is not only used for decorative stars calendar, also used to calculate the sidereal day, rather than the general timing. Sidereal day is less than the sun at about 4 minutes. Dial on the ecliptic constellation, there is a map of the outer rotating small sun, constellation identification tag and the month around the constellation, used to display the standard time, which is mean solar time.

Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication by the dial to the next tier of complex mechanical devices to achieve the movement of celestial bodies. Flying Tourbillon cantilever frame design, the bottom of the support, rather than between the top and bottom of the plywood support. The entire organization to build the light titanium, silicon escapement visible. Compared with the traditional use of steel, reducing the material inertia, so that the whole movement to improve the operational efficiency of 15%. In fact, the plot has been reproduced in the tourbillon system, why for some, but had to be painstakingly accurate re-development of silicon part it? The answer is simple, because it has shown the function of astronomical time, this feature can not be overlooked, so we must be very precise on!

2007 Jaeger-LeCoultre produced the "Crystal Gong" that brands in terms of tapping the level of a substantial increase in timekeeping, but also as an influential work. The general tone of the vibration spring to increase the use of case volume. But the elite watchmaker Jaeger uses a different "speakers." Vibrating reed-one audio device is fixed in the sapphire crystal below the velocity of the sapphire can be used for tabulation of all the fastest medium (except for titanium). Therefore, the vibration of the metal percussion was quickly out through the sapphire crystal divergence and improve the efficiency of sound.

Second, we can see the back of the clock struck two stop hammer. To this end watchmakers invented a special device, called "trébuchet" to improve the percussion sound quality. Different from the traditional striker, who designed a connected system in the mobile arm of the axis. When working, the clock speed up the percussion hammer tone spring, released almost simultaneously moving the arm to help speed up the clock hammer percussion. This method uses almost 80% of the energy percussion, and traditional striker system only using 10% to 30% of energy.

Melodious voice conveys more than just timekeeping the rhythm of time, as well as the technical foundation than all, the art exudes charm.

Patek Philippe Dome Clock: Each Piece is Unique

Watches Review Center Report: Left: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, issued by Cartier in 1965, manufacturing, copper gold material, Cloisonne hunting patterns.
Estimated price: HK 320000-480000

Right: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, manufactured in 1976, copper gold material, Cloisonne party dress patterns.
Estimated price: HK 400000-550000

Comment: Ordinary fans might not think of a watch to complete the picture of a spherical clock carving, Patek Philippe craftsmen use to reach 18-20 m long length of gold. Gold plate will be attached so long after the end of the billet, Patek Philippe, the craftsmen and then combine opaque and translucent enamel materials in the arc of the spray painting on enamel, or firing. Through the thin gold surface on the "pinch" the screen out every detail to life is not easy to present to the same high surface curvature of the production process to complete the enamel, is a challenging task. Making it difficult to dial other plane in the operation, the incomparable.

Currently, the Patek Philippe company to carry out this task only a handful of enamel artisans, even more than competent Patek Philippe super complex movement of the artisans making and even less maintenance. For this reason, Patek Philippe ball all Cloisonne clock is the most precious treasures of representatives, while only the clock because each is unique, the value of natural soared with the passage of time is a natural thing.

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Roamer Competence Original Automatic Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Swiss Roamer watch, created in 1888, a century legendary watch brands. The centenary of the foundation support a market concept is "real value" - comes from our thoughts, our actions and our lives.

Automatic watch is a manifestation of confidence in the idea of making another collection. What is your "real value"? From the heart out of the surging value of self-confidence is the full expression of your will lead you to move forward towards success.

This series of watches designed by Roamer unique, perfect and classic. This low-key calm and a textbook example of elegant design, a design later inspired numerous examples of success - not conservative or exaggerated the original compact, it can be so relaxing, Swiss Roamer watch has a leading position from the design of mechanical watch making in-depth research and study, adhering to the concept of avant-garde aesthetic, combined with contemporary design, with its exquisite and delicate interpretation of aesthetic ideas, and finally achieved, "faith family."

The black watch the same series, was solemn side alone, always able temperament and elegant presentation.

Competence Original Automatic important role to play classic design will always pursue the Swiss watch brands to a higher level of Rome, Rome, patented design of the rebirth of a more dynamic form into a new series. Will also taste excellent, low-key elegance you, create a unique elegance.

Competence series automatic watch dial design soft lines, the simple to the extreme but not rough, elegant character intact. Silver dial above the seal "ROAMER" Rise of the brand character, below the corresponding handwritten "Automatic", while yet chic solemn calm.

Scale shelter of "bridge" made some small movements just right, not only meet the design prototype, but also highlighted the function of character, demonstrating stylish side, really Jiangxinduju. Calendar display with 3-bit disk, do you silence the expression for the passage of time without leaving any trace.

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal mirror, suiwatch for any occasion wear. Full solid stainless steel case and leather belt showing a low-key luxury, are permeated every part of the wrist are elegance.

17 Diamond automatic mechanical movement Swiss craftsmen out of the hands of self-confidence to ensure that, for the gift to your self-confidence accurately capture every opportunity.

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Mystery of Skeleton Watches

Latest Watches News Report: Skeleton watch watchmakers from Mr. ANDRé-CHARLES CARON, 18th century to produce his first skeleton watch, opened to the world watch the internal structure of the mystery. Pierced Form SKELETON WATCH special beauty, its beauty in you can clearly appreciate the full internal precision mechanical movement watch. This year, from the many brands of products you find unique skeleton watch form, is one of the following three are shining.

 Calibre de Cartier 

Cartier Skeleton Floating Tourbillon watch

Cartier watch this year, although the scenery is almost entirely new series Calibre de Cartier, but the skeleton watch floating tourbillon watch is still impressive, memorable. Crystal clear by 45 mm K white gold case, you can see the Rotonde de Cartier special "Cartier" design: skeleton watch form large bridge and splint designed to Roman numerals, XII, III, and three Roman numerals IX around the time scale at 6 o'clock in the floating tourbillon frame around the eye-catching. The patchwork, actual situation and white structure, so skeleton watch barrel of the gossamer and the driver of the movement at a glance. Rotonde de Cartier watch this section carrying the new 9455 MC-type skeleton watch floating tourbillon movement. This is a a function of both the Cartier watch movement (movement engraved with the Geneva quality mark point, On de genève, together with an individually numbered with a certificate of origin).

Tourbillon skeleton watch

Omega Coaxial Skeleton Tourbillon Platinum Limited Edition

This skeleton watch world's only 18 limited edition pieces, each a watchmakers in Switzerland by the Bill during the workshop Omega Tourbillon personally with 540 hours to create from. Tourbillon floor you can find the back of this watch make your master's name. Omega is the only created in tourbillon watch home business. The Tourbillon pointer to conventional methods can not be placed in the center axis, but the etching on the sapphire crystal disc, through the outer edge of the disc drive device to drive its operation. Surprising result of this design - looks like a free-floating pointer to the top of the movement. Tourbillon Titanium frame material one revolution every 60 seconds, can offset the gravity of travel time on the watch. Movement of the sun's rays through the pearl polishing treatment, the Banqiao and mechanical devices are polished by hand. Sapphire floor with redesigned automatic thallium, and etching a "limited edition" word.

mystery of Caruso

Blancpain One minute floating Caruso watch

In recent years, Blancpain Caruso on platinum heart a lot. The machine, driven by the differential effect of the framework, which, like the Tourbillon movement error is used to offset the effects of gravity on the performance impact. Caruso difference is within the framework of the second hand wheel rotation but it will rotate together with the entire framework. Blancpain platinum debut in 2008 floating Caruso one minute, this year, you can see Blancpain two important series of floating Caruso one minute, one of which is the movement masculine L-Evol uti on series. The Global Limited 50 watch. Blancpain transparent sapphire Caruso splint to clearly show the movement in front of you, this way, you will be able to see this special mechanism of flight rotation.


Different Fashion Brand Protect Case Bag for iPad

Brand Watches Information Report: With the iPad the global hot, various brands after the introduction of people are unwilling related accessories, all luxury brands have launched iPad protective cover, to put on a brand-name protective sleeve iPad.

Ferragamo leather protective cover fabric iPad

Ferragamo leather protective cover fabric iPad

Ferragamo iPad canvas fabric protector

The launch of the iPad Ferragamo protective cover using advanced fabrics and canvas two leather crafted, simple and plain design approach with a Ferragamo's logo, showing a gorgeous sense of style. The three sets of the current protection has been specified in the Salvatore Ferragamo franchise stores for sale.

LV iPad old protective sleeve floral pattern

Another pattern of LV Case Black Plaid

LV out of the iPad protective cover, priced at 240 pounds (more than 2500 yuan), the largest unique, that is, to the Home button left empty, exposed.

About 500 dollars iPad, with a LV in the way the casings, so match up, it seems extraordinary to reflect the identity of wealthy noble, pull the wind a lot.

Gucci out of the iPad Case

With a specific pattern of Gucci iPad package, tentatively priced at $ 230 dollar. Even if Apple's latest product is not a, ipad the masses, and N number of Hollywood celebrities have a certain star, or between those who owned Mai. So, $ 230 U.S. knife Gucci iPad package, either as a Christmas gift, or intimate Valentine's Day commemoration, even if only a small luxury reward their own, are a good choose.

Article Source: http://www.asapbox.com


12 Popular Trend Handbags in Taiwan

Fashion Zone Report: Have a big bag, visit Japan, South Korea is a popular bag, close to the island of Taiwan from the U.S., where what is popular style of bag, where the fashion pack back up what people are, together we share with you so beautiful blossoms Bloom in the fall.

Young is free to casual style, decorative belts, import material, feel super good, light and beautiful appearance, is that you want to have a portable dreambag.

Simple and neat design, Leaving Impressions that the people quite dynamic, multi-pocket design to meet the needs of women carrying Goods, Shiny green, and reveal the Radiance of Youth.

Stylish crocodile embossed leather feelwith Amore, a great demonstration to show simple fashion, bags can be deducted from the smaller, open the hasp and can become larger, to wear buckle crocodile embossed handbag, whom you are fond of the thing? !

Patent leather, U-type design, decorative belt, bringing together elements of pop style, one of the Korea Institute of the Department of shoulder bags for school, shopping, Hiking, multi-purpose bag.

Outhow got to play a little flower garden, colorful flowers, full of sunshine and warm, waterproof design, practical and caring.

Bright Crescent Colorsuper-pocket bag, shopping, super useful appointmentsare, Crescent close to the design, so that the crazy girls love it.

Tee + + denimpants shoes, fashion girls dress features a glossy patent leather back shinysilkbag Playmates, and reveal the more fashionable side of casual.

Today, advocates of environmental protection, environmental protection must a package, you can hand to the Messenger, too, a wild, simple stylewithdegrees No.1, another type I fashion.

My favorite type of people cross pattern three packages, with Rainbow stripes tees, denim overalls, shoulder bag, Messengerbag, all you Trendy and stylish, Feeling Great.

Until now, retro is still popular in the main, can be hand, you can shoulder, Messenger you can, you can also use the bags more than the Shoulders back, the most worthy of people's favorite, Anytime, Anywhere transformation modeling.

Every year, national holidays, will be prepared to do what kind of bag, this oversized bag cute cat stars, lovely appearance of awesomeness, and large load capacity can also be a lot of belongings Oh.

Cute tees with jeans + red apple double canvas bag, put him line, even more charming and pretty, like red apples like Oh cute! 

Article Source: http://www.fashion-zone.biz 
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