Swatch Group's record of extraordinary achievements

G • Mr. Nicholas Hayek (Mr.Nicolas G. Hayek), born in 1928, is the Swatch Group (based in the city of Biel) is one of the founders and current chairman of Swatch Group. In 1985, Mr. Hayek was on Asuag and SSIH lasted more than four years after the reorganization, and eventually merged the two companies Swatch Group watch. At the same time, he also hand in a group of Swiss investors as Swatch Group, the holding side. In 1986, Mr. Hayek became chairman and CEO of Swatch Group.

Swatch Group owns a number of watch brands, including Swatch (Swatch), Breguet (Breguet), Blancpain (Blancpain), Jaquet Droz (Ya cover der Rohe), Glashutte, Original / Union (Glashütte) , Leon Hatot, Omega (Omega), Longines (Longines), Rado (radar), Tissot (Tissot), Calvin Klein (Calvin • Klein), Certina (Certina), Mido, Hamilton (Hamilton), Pierre Balmain (Pierre • Balmain), Flik Flak (Fei Fei), and Endura. Swatch watch brand in the revival of the road, Mr. Hayek played a decisive role. His early 80s in the 20th century, the development of strategies to develop the Swiss watch industry ultimately to glory again, and again in 1984 to lay the world's leading position.

Mr. Hayek at Swatch Group's record of extraordinary achievements include:

Strategic introduction of Swatch watches.
to provide for the Swiss watch industry watch movements and components, ability to help the Swiss watchmaking industry in the 20th century, 80 years to achieve recovery.
continue to develop and enhance the Breguet, Omega, Rado, Longines, Tissot watch brands such as product and brand image.
to achieve annual sales of more than 40 billion Swiss francs, to Swatch Group, the global watch industry in the medium and long term to keep the first name of location.
to promote and revitalize the Breguet brand. Breguet as president in the period, Mr. Hayek use less than four years to return to luxury Breguet re-ranks of the watch.

Mr. Hayek won a number of Swiss institutions have been repeatedly awarded the honorary award, which includes the Swiss media "Outstanding Management Award (Troubleshooter of year)" (1984), the Max - Schmidheiny Foundation (Max-Schmidheiny Foundation ) "Freedom Award (Freiheitspreis)" (1993), the Blanco - Weiss Fund Gold (Branco-Weiss Foundation) "years of Entrepreneur Award (Entrepreneur of the decade)" (1993), and in Oekreal issue " Innovation Award (Innovation Award) "(1993 years).

In recognition of Mr. Hayek and Swatch brands create Swatch Group achieved remarkable success, and Switzerland and Europe's contribution to industrial development and employment, the University of Bologna, Italy (the University of Bologna, Italy) Department of Cultural Heritage in 1998 in June, Mr. Hayek awarded an honorary doctorate. Previously, Mr. Hayek had also won in 1996, the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland) presented an honorary doctorate of law and economics. In 2004, the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (Federal University EPFL) appointed Mr. Hayek Strategy Committee.

SWATCH watches

70 late 20th century, the Swiss watch industry into an unprecedented crisis. At that time, Swiss watches produced output ratio in the global market declined sharply from 43% to 15%. Swiss watch industry and urgent rehabilitation arduous task. In 1978, the birth of the world's thinnest watch at the time, once again sent to the Swiss watch industry challenges. Swiss watch industry determined the difficulties, created a more light timer. In 1985, Swatch father - Nicholas G · Hayek on Asuag and SSIH had lasted more than four years after the reorganization, and eventually merged the two companies Swatch Group watch. Swatch Group watch craftsmen not only created a new ultra-thin sheet records, even invented a whole new watchmaking. The tabulation process with integrated case and bottom case as the installation of movement of the floor. Watch the top of the movement from the installation, the installation sapphire crystal glass mirror is to be the last phase of the process. To simplify, this is a bold watchmaking, is exceptionally successful subversion. However, whether the use of plastic to produce a more cost-watch it? Swatch Group led the Swiss watch industry embarked on a journey to conquer the next challenge. Made use of plastic should be easy to watch on the chain and set the movement, must be able to install from its plastic case of side movement. In addition, the plastic watchs of men's, women's watches should also be using the same base. After numerous improvements, Swatch Group watch craftsmen use 51 parts instead of the usual form of at least 91 parts watch, may ultimately become a plastic sheet. Swatch watch with Swiss quartz movement, synthetic materials, both waterproof shockproof, precise timing, the price level should such outstanding advantages. Watch especially for mass production, and with rich color options. This young and innovative watch exclusive manufacture in Switzerland, has become a passion, a fun and moving, the perfect symbol of life goals.


The birth of the first Swatch watches in 1983, the world was shocked.
1984, Swatch production exceeded one million.
1985 Kiki Picasso (KiKi Picasso) Design of the first artists to commemorate the Swatch Watch.
1986 Fashion Series Watches Swatch devaluation.
Swatch make persistent efforts, Sheng invited Jisihalei (Keith Haring) design of four artists collection of watchs.
Swatch introduced its first Christmas Collection Form "Bergstrüssli".
1988, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the birth Swatch, Swatch watch family Xin Tian six anniversary collection watch Puff Special.
Swatch production exceeded 50 million!
Swatch 1989 twin phone (Twinphone) connected in the world community.
Swatch was born in 1990, multi-function watch to allow time comes to stay.
Scuba200 take you diving into the water watch.
Swatch collection of clubs established in 1996 the club changed its name to Swatch world.
1991, Swatch Automatic mechanical watch list so revitalized.
Listed on the first Swatch watch pager type.
Alfred Alfred Hofkunst for the Swatch design artists collection watch "Swatchewatchs"
Swatch 1992, production exceeded 100 million!
Swatch Chronograph swept the world.
During calendar years 1993, Swatch devaluation music sheet MusiCall.
Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne Westwood) as the Swatch design artists collection watch "Orb".
1994, Swatch metal sheet metal sheet to create a modern new era.
Swatch devaluation in 1995, solar watch.
Swatch Metal Series family of new multi-purpose timer function with the sub-watch.
Swatch Metal Diving deep underwater world adventure.
Swatch Ski celebrate the global access watch.
Swatch 1996 Atlanta Summer Games as official timer.
Swatch production exceeded 200 million!
1997 plastic sheet on the history of the thinnest thickness of only 3.9 mm in the Swach thin sheet.
1998 Swatch Scuba 200 Scuba metal usher "15th birthday", diving depth next level.
Swatch Internet time watch to create a next-generation networks.
Swatch 1999 production exceeded 250 million!
Swatch Sydney 2000 Summer Games as official timer.
Swatch Vendome boutique in Paris, France, to open at Place Vendôme.
Swatch square watch to remind the public "not to act too rigid." Although the shape of watches can be changed, but it's full uphold the spirit of Swatch.
2001, "ultra-thin multi-watch" as the world's thinnest plastic multi-function watch, the thickness of only 6.6 mm.
Swatch production exceeded 300 million in 2002!
Swatch launched large watch, its size than the standard Swatch Congress 30%.
Swatch Metal Series family of new and transparent form.
Swatch have launched flipping endless watchs and Naba watch.
Swatch "27 states" (The 27th Canton) show unity determination.
Swatch Shi Pika Boulevard store to open at the Italian Boulevard.
2003 Foundation to support small dreamer, Swatch and musician Phil Collins (Phil Collins) with the introduction of Phil Collins collection series watch.
Swatch 2004 Athens Olympic Games as official timer.
Swatch have launched contacts watch and happy diving watch
The corporate brand in the World Brand Lab 2006 compiled by the "World Top 500 Brands" list ranked 112th.

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