Movado Starring The Star Watch

Watches Review Center Report: Graffiti is the most typical kind of extension from childhood into the adult world of art, fanaticism with the graffiti of the "shoes" who will be the creative freedom that can be released as adults age fairy tale. This is full of playful means to trace the innocence of the game until today still continue to be borrowed. Kenny Sha Buddha, the history can not erase the graffiti name, is now being written into the history of Movado. He used a bold and unique but contains the unique power of the graffiti painted on the dial of their own interesting maps of the world.

Childlike watch, you can say is to avoid growth, it can be said to resist the efforts of growing up, perhaps, this is in fact a kind of simple and beautiful memory of childhood, and memories? In the eyes of a child, a common scene or something, through imagination and association, it will become something beautiful and strange. Want to "childish" used in the product design must be good at observation, imagination and thinking, so that the fun of childhood, to return them. And this return with the return, not only in emotional, "childlike," the return, but also a personality on the "childlike" in return.

Watch more playful use of summary style, simplify, or even an abstract style, the use of exaggeration, distortion, metaphor, symbol and other techniques, through personification, bionic, cartoons and other images to enhance the personality and cute watches. Designers generally agreed that the design can not be childish extravagance large area in order to avoid counter-productive. In watches, the innocence is more reflected in the design and details of the above, even if just a small office decorated, you can inadvertently reflect the childlike.

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Spring and Summer 2011 - Hand Bags

Fashion Watch Trend Report: "Hand" concept began to rage from the spring and summer 2011, was a deep and thorough use of the bag on, the clutch has swept us crazy until the autumn and winter 2011 show field was successfully completed, it is still popular, and continued warming.

In autumn and winter 2011 show floor, we can see, Dries Van Noten, Proenza Schouler, Jil Sander, Celine, MiuMiu, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Hermes, Balenciaga, etc., are applied to the clutch this element of its designers can be said to be fallen in love. Those fashion bloggers, models, fashion editors, celebrities are even more rushed, without any intent to take their own clutch shuttle in the Fashion Week.

The difference is that after the 2011 autumn and winter fashion week, there were two distinct clutch trend.

One is the "hand" in the end. Celine's show in the field, we took the white side of Freja prince, with a black laptop bag, and in the Dries Van Noten, Miu Miu, and so the show, we also get to see such a law. That is, even with the collapse of these chains are designed hand bag, designers also prefer models who hand out to show. Hand with the function gradually been obscured, they are convenient for people back from the collapse of the practical effect of magnificent turn as a decorative role, relegated to supporting roles, only to set off a whole bag of gorgeous. It seems so, whether with or without hand-held or hands with, like fashion out to the streets, "hand" on the right. So, had to let their hard point, refueling exercises practicing hand is the last word. That autumn and winter 2011 fashion weeks, there were two distinct Wristlet trends.


Another trend sucked the color transferred to the transparent bag, including the bag or make a fuss about the main people to play their respective arbitrary. Maison Martin Margiela's hand bag has a thin rectangular transparent texture and minimalist lines, Christopher Kane transparent bag, dripping with colorful liquid inside, put the body of the Buddha in the flow of life, and in Charlotte Olympia square transparent box, you can see that the designer carefully prepared for us in a variety of beautiful bags, enjoy a package of several used in the same time, you do not have visible because of a transparent bag and put my items must be standardized, fear of exposure of private property. This is a very thoughtful design, is not it?

Multicolor Wristlet

Clutch Wallet, as an important element of a fashion culture, from dinner parties to come to everyday life, from wallet size up to now expand into several times, from a single style to a transparent texture package package. It is no longer just exist to reflect the feminine, it can be both neutral and appear casual. We can not refuse to clutch, at least in the 2011. It is like last year's popular nude color, replaced the protagonist after he began to fashion a new round of bombing.

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Vera Wang's Advice For Brides

Fashion Zone Report: Look at Chelsea Clinton, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez the name of the preaching of women who design wedding dress - Vera Wang! So the senior designer for a wedding proposal wedding is indeed a must-listen.

Vera Wang 2011 Spring Series

Recently, Vera Wang presented some of her wedding for the recommendations, which can not be measured in monetary terms can be described as a.

Vera Wang
1 for your dress to feel comfortable, it is very important. Only highlights the confidence to feel comfortable elegance. Therefore, do not choose to have a "challenging" or difficult to wear a dress;

2 To clear what you want the wedding. Dress the size of the cut, profile, decorative, and other elements to not only the need to weigh the wedding venue, but also consider the time of the wedding, the temperature and so on. Wedding is not just a personal decision by the bride's. More gauze summer, winter, more beaded, needed due to other factors, no complete law.

3 design from the perspective of the whole match. Wedding, hair, bouquet size and must be considered the choice of shoes, of course, should be considered even makeup. Many brides choose wedding in the upper and lower foot work, but ignore the headdress, crowns and other accessories, will become cumbersome.

4 need to control the bouquet design, bouquet wedding is too big or too heavy will affect the results. This can take a look at Princess Diana and Mariah Carey's wedding bouquet.

5 skirt length is the key. Skirt designed to ensure that the shoes will not be exposed, and the positive just seems to float on the ground. Long skirt is cumbersome, and may affect the bride to walk. Of course, the wedding dress is best not to mention the phenomenon occurs.

6 make-up is another thing to consider. I am not obsessed with red lips with white dress, but if you are not in daily life painted blue, purple or bright crystal color eye shadow, why not try it in the wedding day? After look at the painting, do not let yourself become different and usually big, hair too. Sometimes hair stylist will be too focused on design, the hair is too cumbersome, the color is too complicated. Hair and brooch is also essential.

7 I do not sound like those walking shoes, fashion models, or whether it is suitable for wedding shoes, still prefer tapered toes. High and low heel height can be selected according to your husband.

8 shooting wedding photos, you can use color photos, black and white photographs are essential, of course, the classic black and white represents a lasting marriage.

9, no matter the size of wedding, be careful when wearing. Colored drinks to avoid any drinks, or cosmetics on the stained dress.

10 Enjoy the wedding moment. People walk through the wedding channel, always a bit urgent, I do not understand that this is too much tension, or other reasons. But you have to remember, guests at the ceremony to see almost all of your back, so through the aisle, try to slow down, let your guests enjoy a good wedding dress and makeup.

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New Luxury Watches Report: Create a comprehensive product Men's elegant style, using the same color or adjacent to match the color of a single product is the easiest way to success.

1. Brown crocodile leather men handbag LANA MARKS 2. Ostrich skin belts LANA MARKS 3. Pilot sunglasses Ray-Ban (LensCrafters LensCrafters) 4. Black wallet Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci 5. Striped scarf Salvatore Ferragamo 6.HUBLOT classics-fusion wrist 7. rosewood razor TRUEFITT & HILL (Troy Buffett) 8. cufflinks Montblanc 9. brownish red Bottega Veneta handbags

Carved ink pens, retro glasses of amber grain, color stitching shoes, nostalgia compass, this is an old school gentleman, a romantic journey begins.

1. Black wallet Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci 2. Metal Edge Decorative business card holder Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci 3. Ink pen Montblanc 4. Brown belt watch Montblanc 5. Leather bag Bally 6. Brown stitching shoes Prada 7. Retro glasses Versace.

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Preview The Future Audi Models

Fashion Zone Report: Despite the distance of Europe to the next major international auto show - there are half a year the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Audi is coming through the network previewed several models to be introduced, tempt the appetite of fans. These models include the A3 Series models and is the next generation of buzz R8 GT convertible.

The next generation will come out in 2012 will include a variety of body forms of A3, the preview diagram shows the three-door hatchback and four-door sedan version is expected to A3 series will also include a five-door hatchback and convertible versions . The new A3 four-door sedan has a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show as appearance, but this model was undoubtedly the most popular areas of China and the U.S. market.

Some media said, A3 four-door sedan version of the long 2630 mm wheelbase, longer than the three-door hatchback version of 35 mm. In addition to a series of next-generation A3 petrol and diesel options, but also expected to join the hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric version even for customers to choose.

R8 GT convertible version of the R8 GT Spyder will be unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show. And R8 GT hardtop version of models, the convertible version will also have a matt titanium grille, carbon fiber spoiler, rear wing and air diffuser, full LED headlamps will also be used as a standard configuration.

5.2-liter V10 engine a maximum power of 560 hp and maximum torque of 540 cattle • m ,0-100km / h acceleration time of 3.8 seconds, top speed 311km / h. By management, the convertible version is expected to price much higher than the hardtop version of a length.


Tissot Sculpture Line Skeleton Classic Manual Winding Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Watch the birth process from the first day, those who love the watch on the movement, and its precise operation of curiosity has never ceased. And this strong curiosity is what has created the altar watch one of the highest degree of difficulty of the watch process "movement Loudiao." It is necessary to limit the movement of the largest hollow part to show the beauty of transparent, it must operate to ensure the stability of movement, stress points also take into account the overall configuration is balanced Carved, Carved process although it is no wonder the movement several hundred years of history, but because of certain technical strength of non-building or not, we now have the ability to watch a professional published hollow can be said that one of the few watch brands. In the 2011 Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the Tissot once again demonstrated the strength of strong professional watchmaking, made a name "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow", in addition to those who love the watch to the global declaration of appreciation hollowing process is not a small number of luxury brands patents, but also a symbol of the centuries-old process of movement Loudiao respect and heritage.

For those who love the watch for many of the mechanical movement can easily appreciate the beauty of rhythm, the deep insight into the meaning of time technology, especially in 2011, Tissot published "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow", showing attention to process brand value of the traditional spirit.

"Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic" is a blend of traditional and modern classic and practical watch. The hollow pocket watch antique 1950s as a source of inspiration, in addition to the movement completely hollow in order to show the most complete of mechanical beauty, more added retro Art Deco elements in them, such as the deck has become the backbone of the movement, in addition to gold plated with a layer of rust and add taste enjoyment, the top is more beautiful decorative engraved lines, can be said to never get tired; movement itself, as many as 17 used as a bearing or covered ruby ​​stone, gem size is also After deliberately enlarged, and the golden bridge plate has a finishing touch with the magical effects; to build on the refining of steel gears (Large cars, small volume vehicles) has also been hollow handle, in addition to add to the fun of hand when mixing, more can observed directly on the wound refining state, can be said to lots of fun; escapement soul ─ ─ balance is particularly increased the size, its like a heartbeat-like rhythm of mysterious, I believe both those who love the watch in general or professional Watch players will go for it and endless.

However, as the previous reading of skeleton watch has a bad problem for both the use of daily life, "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow" in the use of part of the hollow part of the dial design, by at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position of the perspective of space, can enjoy the rhythm and balance wheel spring release state, with the color of the column with the same case with the Roman word mark pointer, a sense of texture and technique can be said without saying may be evident. Also worth mentioning is that, "Tissot Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow" only Material published in 18K rose gold (black dial) and 18K gold material (white dial) of two styles, precious metals prices in today's increasingly high-teng, "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow" is not only a collection and appreciation of the value also has a very high inflation hedge and the Resistance, coupled with the Tissot brand position and "Swiss Made" blessing of origin, that will definitely become a collection of 2011, those who love the watch top of the list of choice!


Ballon Bleu de Cartier Monkey Patterned Watch

New Luxury Watches Report: Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch Monkey decorative patterns

Rhodium plated white gold case set with 126 diamonds, total weight of 1.95 karats of diamonds, platinum and recessed crown, inlaid a cabochon sapphire, gold filled enamel dial Monkey pattern, fur paved 225 cognac diamonds yellow , total weight of 0.84 karats of diamonds, enamel filled by the eight shades in a leaf decoration, assembly 049 automatic winding movement, limited edition 50 pieces

Keywords: colored stones, complex ideas, enamel, ultra-thin comfort, skill-based jewelry watch, look first, GMT, entry-level 2.0
Music Effect: Divine Comedy "uneasy"
Product Style: rich in style, variety, extravagant, extremely complex
Main Series: BallonBleu thin sheet, Calibre de Cartier, Advanced tab series, Delices female form, ArtKraft jewelry watch
New number: more than 50 models
Editors watch: BallonBleu thin sheet

Comment: The reason to use Divine Comedy "disturbed" to describe the conference, Cartier, Cartier was introduced this year because the product is so stimulating, it is difficult to imagine so many complex functions, so many artistic elements, so many types of styles will be in the same year, works with a concentrated expression of the brand.

Different categories, the self-produced movement Cartier Series - Calibre de Cartier, a junior-pin dress automatic watch this group of metal strap, although not necessarily to cater to the Chinese market, but certainly welcomed by the people. Altar watch known for many years Ballon Bleu series of weight-loss success, the case of the edge of the coins thinner than even, a sense of dignity, recognition and comfort of all good. Delices candy for the female form inspired by the best of cards to sub-master in the art and design style, Delices will become another popular women's watch style. High Watchmaking in the series of four works, not only reflect the complex technology and processes, but also to creative ideas to attract the attention of all visitors.

ArtKraft series of six high-level jewelry watch, the unprecedented luxury of hand-skills material replaced as the main products, which may become a trend - just get rid of restrictions on raw materials, jewelry design can be more free form, the output can be full release, a new round of consumer demand to get the greatest degree of satisfaction.

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