Introduction and Identification of Tungsten Steel

Watches Review Center Report: Tungsten steel is the total space of ceramic buyers after another for the public pursuit of the high-tech products, it is used within the space shuttle technology, now converted to civilian use.

In fact, tungsten steel, has a favorite place for consumers, such materials and different materials used in the general watch, its hardness is close to natural diamonds, easy to wear, brightness, such as mirror, never fade, and can withstand mechanical shock advantages.
The study can produce tungsten steel tungsten steel ring particle population, tungsten steel, the word racks. They can be polished into a variety of angular patterns, styles and patterns to increase the watch. Tungsten was originally a color - Silver, now a gold plating, black, noble watches for the appearance of Tim.

There are also some people the wrong idea, thinking that "foreign moon circle than China." However, just the powder on the tungsten, places China as the best. In fact, most foreign investors are the first Chinese purchase of powder, for conversion of other products. My company for the development of these high-quality tungsten steel powder, the introduction of advanced equipment and testing facilities, experts and senior technical staff from the research and development put into production by a trained technician, so the product quality is guaranteed. At the same time to meet market needs in the development of tungsten steel products, we are stronger than foreign.
Such a good product, attracted many imitators joined the production, in a free market, competition is ineviwatch, unfortunately it was part of the factory due to lack of technology and equipment. So with the second level to fish in the material or steel. However, if the finer powder is not enough, after a certain time, there will be oxidized to form a marble pattern. Content not match formula, the time course of time, there rust oxidation, make skin sensitive. I further example, the high quality tungsten steel watches retail value of about more than 4000 yuan, while the imitation of about 1,000 yuan, a difference of up to 4 times, smart consumers should understand the reason.

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Know More about IWC Watches

Watches Review Center Report: IWC Schaffhausen is a founder of the American pioneering spirit. From 1868, this Swiss watchmaker watchmaking has been leading the development of extremely sophisticated and constantly create new standards for watch industry. IWC is known as "high-end watches engineers," said the senior complex to watch known. Classic style with clever design, elegant and sophisticated, the operation is extremely simple, this is the famous IWC.

Inscribed on the dial "IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland", but this world-famous Swiss watch factory select the tab away from the center of a rural town in the Rhine River plant. This comes from the U.S. watchmakers Florentine Ariosto Jones, with its pioneering spirit, lofty ambitions and keen business reach, in 1868 in Schaffhausen entrepreneurship, the establishment of the nations watch company, the local became the cradle of watchmaking innovation and precision. In a place not far from the Rhine Falls, this new watch factory in the use of water to modernize production.

Jones, founder of the pioneering spirit, passion, vision, laid the IWC factory cultural roots. Engineers on the IWC, the watch itself is more fascinating than the precise time, they like the idea of bold innovation, precision and innovative efforts to study design, therefore, more than 140 years, IWC for the watch industry has made tremendous contribution. IWC original including the Grande Complication watch series, Da Vinci watch series, and the Portuguese watch series, etc., in the professional field of watchmaking technology, the innovation process Schaffhausen, so watch enthusiasts do not like stop talking.

IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland is not only experts in the traditional precision watchmaking, but also the first to use high-tech materials. IWC is the first titanium metal used in watch industry watch factory, and the resulting technology developed by the internal production of the case.

Since its establishment, IWC training in the tabulation process never slack off, to ensure that the tabulation process from generation to generation. Schaffhausen plant's 400 employees and over 100 employees in the world believe that the traditional culture of precision watchmaking industry experts have access to watch the appreciation. "Probus Scafusia" represents the IWC Schaffhausen extraordinary technology and craftsmanship, the clock will continue to carry forward a long tradition, generation to generation.

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TechnoMarine Cruise Ceramic Watch

Latest Watches News Report:TechnoMarine Cruise company with a long iron up the feelings of joy the launch of its brand new watch, designed for frequent travelers - Cruise Ceramic watch ceramic watch cruise. Only when the new meter to the elegant design of curves and known for self-confidence. Smooth and comforwatchwear of the strap with classic buckle perfectly normally worn on the wrist between.

TechnoMarine watch the new Iron Dragon case of 316L stainless steel and black ceramic by the combination of build. Diameter of 45 mm. Case set with unidirectional rotating bezel, and use stainless steel and PVD coating modification. Has a strong 200 meters waterproof.

Super very clear, easy reading, the black dial is another feature of this watch, the central wave Microhyla, luminous hour markers and embedded pointers. Treatment with anti-reflection sapphire glass to protect them.

A series of color design options for you with different taste.

Cardiopulmonary only watch part of a Swiss-made carrying the automatic movement - Model ETA2824-2. Watch it activates the main features, including hours, minutes, seconds and calendar display.

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Panerai Introduced Radiomir 10 Days GMT Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Radiomir10 Days GMT-47mm watch with all the notable features. The most classic is the Panerai Radiomir watches series, which is 75 years ago specifically designed for military use, production. In addition to the original watch with all the technical characteristics of external, Radiomir10DaysGMT-47mm is also equipped with two time, date, and 10 days power reserve, and equipped entirely by in Neuchâtel own Panerai watch factory design movement. 

Its unique pillow case made of stainless steel, water resistant to 100mm. To ensure excellent waterproof performance, it still uses screw-type adjustable crown, the crown cross-sectional follow the cone of military watches designed to facilitate the rotation. Case diameter as conventional watch are 47mm. Although the shape of a huge, but they can perfectly fit the wrist. The watch is one of the most prominent features detachable line lugs. Panerai Patented lugs quickly removed from the case, thereby enabling easier replacement strap easy. 

The watch dial watch more than the old time information, but still use the traditional concept of graphic design and clever sandwiches sandwich structure, the structural layer in between the two fill a large number of luminous material, so dial to achieve excellent read performance identified. In addition to distributing eye-catching luminous hour and minute hands, the dial also has a second time zone pointer, the arrow tip shape design is eye-catching. Power reserve at 6 o'clock position the pointer on the small dial internal rotation, in addition to two-tone day / night disc, also has a small second hand at the back and forth. Through the sapphire crystal case back can enjoy this new Radiomir watch the P.2003 / 5 movement, the movement is entirely designed and manufactured by Panerai. Diameter of 13 ¾ fractionation movement, 25 stones, from the 296 components. With three barrel to ensure watch run for 10 days. Adjust the time in the pull out the crown when the second hand is automatically zero, so that accurate time synchronization with the control proofreading.


Movado 2010 New Model - Beauty and Eternal Art Combination

Latest Watches News Report: Movado - Swiss watch brand, is also one of the world's top watch factory, with its iconic Museum ® dial and Museum collection type is known for very modern design. Since 1881 La Chaux-de-Fonds inception, Movado watch for its artistic and innovative design received more than 100 patents and 200 international awards. Unique beauty, timeless design, Movado timepieces worldwide reputation.

Movado marks the altar watch in the history of a variety of classic masterpiece, one of the most noteworthy is the Movado Museum ® Museum collection watch. This watch from the Bauhaus artists Nathan • George • Huowei Te (Nathan George Horwitt) in 1947, design, dial not see any numbers, only in the 12 o'clock position with a dot, a symbol of the midday the sun, no number in the watch dial as the most concise history of pure design.

In 1960, Huo Weite selected for the design of the dial in New York Museum of Modern Art permanent design collections, became the first win of the dial, also derived from the "Museum Collection watch" reputation. Today, Movado watches is well known, this legendary dial, called a model of modernist design. As a registered trademarks and award-winning design, the famous single dot dial has evolved into a series of chic style watch, and a Movado watch features.

Movado since last April launched a new family favorite in many people ... in this year's Basel watch show, Movado and for these series of new models added: Last year, Series 800 ™ s Datron ™ Automatic Chronograph This year the family's heritage as the Heritage of the main section, with two limited edition watch and a new style three-pin re-debut ... the prestigious Red Red Label ™ Swiss mechanical watch series added a pair of unique Calendomatic ™ belt section ... SE ® Extreme Sports Ultra Edition added a new paragraph style with black carbon fiber ... famous artists as Kenny • Sha Buddha and Movado Artist Series Adds six eye-catching limited edition watch ... In addition, Movado also proud a full disclosure of the modern aesthetic, simple small bracelet watch Cia ™.

Adhering to the "perpetual endless" concept, Movado and continue to create a unique fusion of technology and excellent design sense of the Swiss high-quality watch. New 2010 watch tailor its innovative heritage and focus on the future development of the spirit of the watches unique.


Movado bracelet watch new Cia ™ design combines pure beauty and fashion, always showing avant-garde atmosphere. Sleek 23.5 mm case fully demonstrates the elegant charm of women. Ring into two rings crafted streamlined bracelets watch, with holding little black Museum ® dial the museum, but also underscores the bracelet a sense of sophisticated simplicity yet rich architectural design. Recessed crown, so that the contours of curve is more smooth Cia. Detachable chain bracelet hidden in the back, according to need. Cia pure high-polished stainless steel, together with rhodium dot and the Crown Prince pointer along the case on both sides of the arc under the Mosaic (or mosaic) 14 diamonds (0.14 tcw). In addition, gold dots and gold-plated style pointers, and unique polished and brushed stainless steel surface treatment styles to choose from.

Movement: Precision Swiss quartz movement.
Dial: Black Museum ® iconic Museum dial.
Case: polished stainless steel case integrated.
Waterproof: a depth of 3 ATM.
Bracelet: bracelet-type watch chain ring design / stainless steel.
Size: Ladies (23.5 mm)

MovadoSports Ultimate

Last year, Movado introduced a powerful SE ® Extreme, the series will be the elegant sports watch SE ® push to a new height of excellence in design. In 2010, Movado will be innovative use of black carbon fiber material to the SE ® Extreme remarkable sandwich structure, which watch for innovative new materials to add a layer to design hidden mystery. This prestigious new SE ® Extreme has a rough chamfer sharp, black carbon fiber crown protector, black carbon-fiber domed crown, and custom engraved on the back cover, and with precision Swiss automatic movement and display of the watch the back cover. 44 mm solid stainless steel case and black alternating sandwich structure of carbon fiber. Four dots as a simple plane polished steel bezel drawing the SE adds a landmark feature, and the richly textured black carbon fiber dial Horwitt Museum ® Huowei Te stark contrast to the museum. Rhodium-plated dial decorated with flat dot and bar pointer. The new Z-folding stainless steel adjuswatch buckle may be solid black rubber strap fixed to the wrist.

Movement: Precision Swiss automatic movement ETA.
Dial: Black carbon fiber dial Museum Museum ®.
Case: stainless steel and black carbon fiber sandwich structure of the polished / brushed case,
Waterproof: a depth of 3 ATM.
Strap: Black rubber strap, with new stainless steel Z-adjuswatch folding clasp.
Size: Men's watch (44 mm)

Swiss watch Red Museum CALENDOMATIC

Movado 2008 Watch Fair in Basel on the launch of the Red Label ™ Swiss Red Museum Calendomatic ™ belt form, its design inspiration from the 1946 full calendar Calendomatic Automatic watch, this watch combines the Museum ® Museum dial simple design with a unique rotation of the date display, affordable movement, a wonderful pair. Strip style added in 2009, and is now proud to introduce two new 42 mm Calendomatic belt section, together with the color of the rotation date display ring. The first: black crocodile leather strap, polished solid stainless steel case and black dial, date of eye-catching red Arabic numerals and rhodium concave dot circle and embraced the Crown Prince pointer. Second paragraph: dark brown crocodile leather strap, rose gold plated stainless steel case with crown, black dial decorated with warm colors of rose gold dots, Arabic numerals date pointer and rotating disk. Dial engraved with the Red Label series of iconic mechanical fine red lettering. Both are eye-catching watch Swiss automatic movement with a sophisticated, by showing the back cover of the sapphire crystal you can enjoy with the signature red "M" word of the automatic dish-shaped. Water depth are 3 ATM.

Movement: ETA Swiss precision self-winding mechanical movement.
Dial: Black Museum ® Museum dial.
Case: polished solid stainless steel case.
Waterproof: a depth of 3 ATM.
Strap: black or brown crocodile leather strap, together with the classic stainless steel clasp.
Size: Men's watch (42 mm)

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Citizen Upcoming Limited Edition Eco-Drive DOME Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Only we can rely on light energy technology innovation and avant-garde design to achieve adds a unique luster Citizen brand. June of this year released a limited edition watch the world Eco-Drive DOME.

Light energy as the Citizen's core technology, which originated from the birth of the Citizen of the Future. Environmentally friendly products has become the voice of the world, and as early as 35 years ago, Citizen looking to commercialize the technology. For decades, Citizen in to watch their kinetic energy of a variety of advanced technology into the design reflects the beauty of the watch and make unremitting efforts. 2009 Basel Watch Fair, the concept of Citizen watches in its three display extraordinary innovation and reflects the many years of hard work, to demonstrate the possibilities of light energy. By 2010, a futuristic concept of light energy to light energy models is upgraded to a newer height, passing out light, time, and the eternal connection between.

Eco-Drive DOME from concept to production, is a citizen to witness yet another dream into reality. It is understood that limited edition of 500 Eco-Drive DOME 100 will be unveiled in the domestic market to meet the pursuit of individual Chinese consumers, fashion watch product demand.

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Hublot Launched a New Lady Watch "Big Bang Out of Africa"

Watch Traveling Report: Veronica Varekova and her support of the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) of the work sheet created the Hublot "Big Bang Out of Africa" Women watch, part of the sales will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation. In the past 50 years the Foundation has been conducting various activities for the protection of African communities, wildlife, endangered species and natural features. Foundations of ecosystems and habitat protection and management, and its science, law, government partners work together to develop a variety of natural resources, dedicated to research, education and protection programs. Veronica Varekova Hublot watch involved in the campaign into the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) of the logo, to raise public concern about its activities.

Cooperation with Veronica Varekova, Hublot watch also wish to promote to the perfect interpretation of the spirit of Hublot watch image of women such as her Hublot watch have the same needs and values, innovation and courage to break their own, as well as the protection of Hublot watch environmental awareness and attention. Veronica Varekova is precisely Hublot watch has been able to find the perfect blend of luxury and nature, the ideal ambassador, her elegant and creative, dynamic by nature, believe in the beauty.

"Big Bang Out of Africa" this elegant women watch, 38 mm diameter, with a black case, decorated with eye-catching red rubber (information, quotes) strap and watch side inserts, and mounted at the rectangular bezel cut spinel. African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) the identity of striking at 6 o'clock. 

Hublot watch "Big Bang Out of Africa" Women watch
Technical parameters 

Case: Big Bang Black Ceramic
Diameter: 38mm
Bezel: 18K white gold rectangular mosaic 48 spinel
Glass: sapphire, internal / external anti-reflective treatment 
Lugs: Black synthetic resin 
watch side: red synthetic resin 
Bottom: pure titanium 
Crown: Steel, Red Rubber Insert 
Waterproof: 100 meters or 10 atmospheric pressure 
Dial: Matt decals micro sand blasting, the red mark at 6 o'clock position AWF 
Pointer: nickel with a black fluorescent timer pointer 
Movement: Quartz movement, movement Hublot watch HUB2900 
Strap: Red rubber lining 
Clasp: Black PVD steel buckle 
Quantity: 500 limited edition, numbered 01/500 - 500/500

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Tissot Launch New Women Watch, Best Gift for Mother

Fashion Watch News Report: May is full of flavor Thanksgiving is the month dedicated mother. Therefore, Tissot strongly recommend the second paragraph in this latest female fashion watch, including TISSOT Lady Heart happy Automatic Ladies Watch, and Chronograph TISSOT Dressport women, not only clever Mummy can arrange a time, while maintaining better fashion beautiful image.

TISSOT Dressport Women's chronograph steel materials used to build case, bright metallic silver with rainbow light shining white mother of pearl shell face plate, with different intensity of the sunlight, the symbol of women putting the luster and the unique gentle charm; and carefully paired with a black leather strap, but also highlights the distinctive fashion watches modern contrast. 12-hour scale to mark the silver bead detail, attention to detail for the women who love the watch, showing the noble gorgeous texture but not exaggerated, not only for matching dress, dress, and slightly larger than the round female form watch neat and generous diameter, with jeans style, or work packages are also some low-key luxury unique style.

The direction of twelve o'clock in the face plate to set a "happy window" TISSOT Lady Heart happy series automatic ladies watch, so that people can always look into the beauty of the operation of automatic movement, Tissot delicate heart of the tabulation process is no doubt in this list . The smooth rounded inside the case, TISSOT Lady Heart happy Automatic Ladies Watch with mother of pearl tones and soft face plate, and the Roman numerals with a lively art font rendering thereon, and with six bright-clear Diamond, the design style of elegant simplicity, white digital scale design models with the same color leather strap is very suiwatch with the elegance of the intellectual woman, both inside and outside to bring out women's intellectual style.

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Chopard Happy Sport Limited Edition Watch for its 150th Anniversary

New Luxury Watches Report: Chopard celebrate 150 anniversary, review the brand one of the classics - the famous Happy Sport watch collection. Geneva-based watch manufacturer, for this special limited edition selection of the most favorite color - blue, a perfect blend of bright light and the ultimate mystery of the night sky.
Chopard Happy Sport 150 Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

Happy Sport 150 anniversary limited edition, with the activities of sparkling diamonds, happily dancing into the night. Watch with blue color, blue sand stone painted dial, clear and child characteristics were numerous signs of Chopard, this watch exudes a charm and the night sky with power, is impressive. All stainless steel bezel with diamond or sapphire or full color models. 5 star bright, diamond-shaped cut as a meteor-like freedom to rotate the dial to make the mystery of the space to bring joy. Coupled with midnight blue crocodile leather watch strap or satin strap, extreme fashion, mysterious HappySport watch a variety of clothing styles perfect costume, whether it is decorated jeans, embellished suits or evening dresses.

Happy Sport Series stainless steel watch, blue dial painting sand stone, with 5 stars diamond-shaped activity. Polished bezel, quartz movement, water resistant to 30 meters, midnight blue crocodile leather strap and buckle fine needle.

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Moonphase Watches- Stars and Moon Shine on the wrist

Watches Review Center Report: "People have sorrow, moon also wanes", where the circle is the lack of means "moonphase." Watch the moon phase function is printed on the moon through the dial and blue sky of the moon phase and moon phase window panel, showing the moon change process.

On the moon phase function, "watch fans" there are two distinct opposing points of view, practical school that this is a function of the least practical significance; and appreciation of camp believes that the moon phase is the most romantic time of the most poetic expression. So, which camp do you belong?

Legend of the mysterious moonphase of the universe

Stars and the time since the dawn of history human beings, whom they indulged in the two phenomena of the universe. Full calendar moon phase watch, just study the profound ties between the astronomical and timing of a large concrete achievements, when the mechanical clock appeared in the early 14th century, when, as a direct reflection of the astronomical calendar, moon phases are also measured over time shown. By the 16th century, the emergence of the watch shows that moon phases can observe it at any time. Since then, the watch and the combination of moon phases and began a course of 500 years.

Legend of the Chinese elements moonphase

In about AD 130, Zhang Heng of the Eastern Han made a "water celestial globe", you can watch as the moon phases before the invention of the display. To the moon wanes to measure and record the time of sacrifice, the basis of farming and the festival, China's "lunar" or "Lunar" is resulting, and moon phase watchs adjusted according to Chinese lunar calendar time.

Moonphase legendary deep homesickness

Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's "raise my eyes to the moon, looking down and think of home," Du Fu's "white dew from the night, on a home that", of Song Dynasty's "Green River south spring, when the moon as I have," such as poems, are eternal farewell. Look at the new moon, Crescent month, waxing, full moon, waning moon, moon on the dial again and again, is clearly a nostalgic totem.

Legend of the special adjustment phase of the moon

Moon phase operation takes about 29.5 days one week, so watch design phase of the moon gear 59 are used to show from 0 to 29.5 months old ways, about every 33 months will have a day of errors, it must be re-adjusted after three years school for a while. Lunar moon phase adjustment to be checked, preferably in the Lunar fifth, when the moon is in the middle, the least impact on accuracy.

Wrist moon hole mode display
Some watch the moon phase window is only a round hole pattern with the moon phase of the moon disc in the hole in the passing of time, will reflect the status of the moon phase at different times. There is also a display mode different phases of the moon is directly displayed on the dial on the situation, with a pointer to indicate the current moon phases.
Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watch the 6 o'clock position of the small disc with a lunar month cycle, the pointer maps directly to one of the moon phase graphics.
Chopard LUC Lunar One watches, 6 pm for the second hand and the moon phase disc, since the moon phase disc operating at the scale of the seconds ring, named for the "ring phase of the moon."

Daniel Romanov's Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, a small hole shows moon waxed and waned, plain and simple.

Wrist moon window fan

Watch the most common moon phases shown by the moon phase dial on the fan-shaped windows and plate movement with moon phase on the embodied. Printed on the full moon phase plate and blue sky. When it daily rotation, the moon arc by fan-shaped window on the different perspectives of the shelter, and to show the moon changes.
Blancpain watch, 1983, Blancpain successfully created both the world's smallest moon, month, date and week display of the automatic movement. In 2003, Blancpain launched the 20th anniversary of the moon phase watch list.
Amy's Lune Retrograde, dial dramatic design, returned to the calendar with retrograde day of the moon phase changes, showing the endless mysteries of time.
Glashütte PanoMaticLunar, eccentric dial design, the bottom right of the top of the large calendar and moon phase display layout is simple and ingenious, people have a "not seen in ancient times on people today, who this month according to the ancients," the endless reverie.
Girard-Perregaux's Cats Eye Retro (female wristwatch), in the black mother of pearl dial, moon phases window to the night sky like a dark blue background coupled with the moon and stars pattern, little diamonds in the dial especially against the background moving.
Jun Wong's Mariner Réveil, black and white design of the dial at one go, full of modern and masculine, and only a trace of the moon phase disc quietly revealed chivalrous tenderness.

Wrist full moon phase of the moon hemispheres
For a long time, watch the moon phases shows that most of the Northern Hemisphere see the moon change. But in recent years, many brand launched to reflect the phase of the moon watch the southern hemisphere.
In 2003, IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch introduced as complementary to each other on the southern hemisphere month phase image shows the Northern Hemisphere, so the IWC adopted a display window with two circular disk, the dial displays the top half of the moon seen in the Northern Hemisphere , while the lower half shows the Southern Hemisphere over the moon phases.
Parmigiani watch female models, using the dial on the bright stars of diamond-like decoration, deep expanse of the universe to send Italian sky. Diamond in the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively, constellations, each diamond are brilliant cuts, the use of the blue sky against the background of the dial wonders, and with the northern and southern hemispheres of the moon phase display is the finishing touch.
Jaeger-LeCoultre's Master Grand Réveil watch skillfully using two-way pointer mode on the same hemispheres shown.

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Longines Launched Rose Gold New Series PrimaLuna Watch

Watches Review Center Report: May 2010 series of Longines added a new heart, Longines has created a monthly series of stainless steel rose gold heart watch, brilliant fusion of steel and rose gold of the overflowing warmth of light, emitting a subtle two metal beautiful, makes it a brilliant shine with another soft Brilliance. Harmonious and elegant,Longinesheart series stainless steel rose gold on a 23 mm, 26.5 mm are available, containing quartz or automatic winding mechanical movement. Silver enamel dial, mother of pearl dial or white dial, blue steel with a pointer or rose gold case is also accompanied with the warm colors corresponding pointer. Rose gold chain belt with steel or black crocodile strap. In these models, the case of smooth curves or dial Shangzhui to a diamond beautiful is more beautiful. Ultimate elegance and modernity, Longines month series of stainless steel rose gold heart watch will no doubt be impressed by mature, elegant woman, their lives will become best friends. Elixir of the time, expressed her wishes to the beloved, beautiful ornate month series of stainless steel rose gold heart watch is the best choice.

 Longines PrimaLuna Series stainless steel rose gold watch

Model: L8.  
Price: 20,200 yuan
Diameter: 26.5mm
Case: Stainless steel and rose gold round case
Movement: quartz movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date display
Bracelet: Stainless steel and rose gold chain belt
Waterproof: 30 meters

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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde

Latest Watches News Report: Maurice Lacroix is the third design win for its extraordinary innovations in the world, one of the most famous red dot design competition design contest. In the 2010 Red Dot Design Awards: product design class, limited-edition Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde watch design by virtue of their outstanding performance and expert review committee the authority granted by the red dot design award.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde

Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde limited 250 release, it is a science and technology into the process, traditional craft and perfect for the modern aesthetic. It is in the proper handling of the manufacturing sector gave the highest production standards at the same time measuring the time of injected fresh vitality. The highlight of this masterpiece lies in its simplicity like that of pure geometric characteristics of a complex mechanical structure undoubtedly adds a stylish element.

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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Le Chronograph ML 106 Movement


Classical Heritage, Roamer Released Stingrays Watch

Latest Watches News Report:Workplace from the beginning in 1888 in Switzerland, the Swiss Roamer watch to the reputation of its accurate and reliable transmission of a century legend. Swiss Roamer watch as a new series, stingray automatic watches the same time, its precise measurements and full of contemporary soft lines, demonstrating the extraordinary bearing.

Stingray Automatic watches use the sophisticated parts to determine its long-term reliability, and there is equipped with Swiss automatic mechanical movement, in strict accordance with the Swiss tradition of elaborate process to facilitate the precise arrangements for your business activities in a minute.

PVD vacuum ion plating round case perfect detail, wrist arc of the case more closely, smooth steel bezel with gold lines, showing a noble and vibrant personal charm, the atmosphere in the strict stand out . Sapphire crystal mirror easy to wear, no matter what environment are calmly.

Black dial seal the top of the watch a hundred years the Roamer brand of "ROAMER", is the corresponding dial below STINGRAY, prominently identified with the new century under the famous Stingray series. Hours of sword-shaped needle and perfect for time-scale, lightly across the dial when the time also knew it flowing. 3-bit weeks and calendar window displays, while also inadvertently suggest the flow over the years.

Solid under the watch the same series, all steel sheet body, Xijinqianhua, showing the inherent European classical charm.
Under the same series white dial watch, noble and elegant, unhurried show tolerance.

Century classic, the new show. Stingray shaped by a series of unique and elegant of style, so you put it down I, but is the manifestation of identity and taste. Precise characteristics of the Swiss Roamer watch also performed exhaustive in the Stingray series, against the clock to help you grasp the business opportunities, so highly respected consumer. From a global perspective, this watch most of the watch in Rome, swatch sales charts on the market within the forefront of what is intended.

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Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph Launched in Beijing

Watches Review Center Report: October 22, 2010, the Swiss watch TAG Heuer Vanguard MANSION in Beijing held a Carrera Calibre1887 public press conference. Carrera 1887 chronograph is the first-ever use of TAG Heuer's first home-made swing movement of the watch gear, start time is less than a fraction of seconds.

Switzerland produced, the new high-quality attained the Good movement

In the town of TAG Heuer in La Chaux-de Fonds Nuxia Te exclusive new plant, Calibre 1887 has a fully sealed dust-free conditions for semi-automatic production lines. Each movement is individually tested by sophisticated software to track, through strict quality control testing of 116 layers. The 1887 Carrera chronograph movement, the key parts (motherboard, automatic plate and plywood) and the case, TAG Heuer is located in the high-Tak Ke Nuoer plant to complete.

Vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour Calibre 1887 set with 39 rubies, 29.3mm x 7.13mm movement from the 320 component parts, has power up to 50 hours. Powerful easy to maintain sturdy engine, carrying the full passion of a new bold designs, patents, brand 1887 balance wheel, matching the perfect column-wheel.

Futuristic interpretation of iconic chronograph

Inspired by the "Pan-American road race in Mexico," the Carrera series, the speed of the car in the warm blood in the Carrera's Pentium. Raikkonen and Hamilton and other racing champion, is a loyal calera wearer.

In the 150 anniversary of the brand was founded, to avant-garde fashion Carrera chronograph design, through its suction eye of the sapphire crystal surface, a bold show star component - Calibre 1887 mechanical chronograph movement, blue lead column round, slightly shiny surface of the top Swiss gossamer winding, TAG Heuer automatic plate.

The design brief calm, just as in 1964's first version of the same legible, ho Jacamar 1887 Chronograph Leila exquisite technology and design has long been beyond the fence.

Innovative ideas, elegant representation

TAG Heuer in 2010 once again with the IPAD its combination of innovative ideas, will be launched in December grand IPAD application.

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Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Chronograph Watch


Blancpain Lotus Series Market Limited Edition Watch for Asia

Watches Review Center Report: This section white dial bezel inlaid with ruby red silk belt, wear a more comforwatch and noble spirit Badge. Designed specifically for the Asian market and distribution, worldwide limited edition 138!

To break the traditions? Undeniably true. In line with modern trends it? Absolutely right. Designed for women it? Tailor-made. Ms. Blancpain watch collection which has a very bold and avant-garde series watch edge design with twisted rope trim mother of pearl dial, natural and gorgeous. Blancpain aware of this form of the singular set of features and the natural characteristics of the elusive lotus interrelated. Irregular mother of pearl dial of the original design with eye-catching Arabic numerals, to make it more scintillating, guilloche graphics is icing on the cake. Two lines of exquisite inlaid classic double diamond bezel makes more vitality.

Excellent Blancpain Cal.1150 movement in the "Lotus" means a tender in the jewelry section of time, automatic winding, the central hour, minute and second hands, date display at 6 o'clock, sapphire crystal and transparent back end of the watch cover, and could see the movement composed of 188 parts, Geneva stripes polished, punched, chamfering, polishing, engraving, everything, in fact Blancpain of all movements, these processes are adhering to the tab Industry craft tradition to rigorous technical completion. The uniqueness of these watches in the women's watches have been the praise they deserve, it also proved that the unique personality can also be distinguished reputation, and femininity with the perfect match.

Beijing speak Nicole appeared to open the Omega Ladymatic years

New Watch Models Report: Swiss top watch brand Omega on 10/29 at the Beijing officially announced to the world Ladymatic new Omega watch series, Omega Global Ambassador Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) are also invited as spokesperson to Beijing to attend the meeting, Nicole wore a beige silk long dress, echoing the new watches Ladymatic Suoyu graceful beauty to convey the 50's. New Ladymatic Omega watch collection with a new fashion style, combining the world's most outstanding mechanical watch movement, dedicated to the independence of the 21st century, profound and discerning good taste of the new era of women.

Omega president of product development Jean-Claude Monachon Mr. Mo Nashang said: "After 1950, women had a significant evolution of lifestyle, there are many outstanding in various fields and influential woman, and re-interpretation of Omega This stems from a 1955 Ladymatic, not only a symbol of excellence in watchmaking Omega cutting-edge technology, but also represent the brand of a clock multiplying the elegant spirit. "

Omega president Erkui (Stephen Urquhart) added: "first introduced in 1955 Ladymatic Omega, the watch's name highlights the series of unique advantages. Ladymatic is specially designed for ladies automatic winding watches. Ladymatic name representation , also said that over the years, women have been a highly valued customer base Omega. We also hope to establish 21 new Ladymatic mechanical watch the new model of female. "
At the press conference, Nicole Kidman said she was very fond of Ladymatic, because Ladymatic is a special woman for women that mechanical watch, wear, very light, very stylish appearance, no matter what the occasion can be worn . Nicole smiled and added that she has always supported women's movement, and now finally found a female can be most representative of the classic watch.

Ladymatic - the most fashionable mechanical
Omega Global Ambassador Nicole Kidman are also invited to Beijing for the spokesman for the participants as Nicole wore a beige silk long dress, echoing the new watches Ladymatic Suoyu convey elegance 50s gorgeous.

Omega Ladymatic name from the brand's glorious history, this series of watches from 1955, is the first Lady Omega self-winding watches, Omega was the most compact and equipped with automatic movement, exquisite ornate design, to demonstrate that women's full of charming elegance. Continuation of the classic Ladymatic perfect watch technology, the new Omega Ladymatic 2010 watch series is designed for modern women, in addition to the fashion styling and excellent movement. Ladymatic the appearance of the watch case has a wavy line, such as ribbon-like design, case surrounding the case color and white ceramics, showing the color of the level of beauty, outward from the center of the dial the texture is more scattered and fashion The watch design the perfect echo.

Ladymatic series, 18K pink gold, diamond bezel, white mother of pearl dial

It is worth mentioning that, Ladymatic are equipped with non-normal ladies often use the quartz movement watch, but the Omega 8520/8521 coaxial escapement movement, each costing movement are equipped with Omega's unique Si14 silicon springs to strengthen to withstand external shocks and environmental interference. Each Ladymatic watch with Swiss official Observatory are certified and have a four-year warranty. Ladymatic watch for heavy machinery has always been masculine taste of the watch, now in the most stylish and elegant gesture, captured the new era of women watch fan favorite!

Ladymatic is designed for ladies automatic winding watch, equipped with coaxial escapement 8520/8521 movement Omega, Chi Omega's unique Si14 silicon springs.

Ladymatic 34mm polished 18K rose gold case with, 18K gold, stainless steel, three materials, and a neat diamond luxury style or non-diamond design, with echoes of the metal strap and the case or the pearl white or black alligator leather strap. Variety of design, so each woman can find a watch fans found their own unique taste Ladymatic! The new Omega Ladymatic Series 2010 half-century tradition of advanced watchmaking technology, as well as from the 50's beautiful and elegant style, and now, more characteristic of classical elegance, modern fashion elements into the contemporary to make all women of high taste, from the distribution wearing a beautiful watch started its own proprietary self-confidence bloom beautiful "watch" feeling! Ladymatic full range of a total of 28 models.

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