Ball established a railroad time standard

Train and watch manufacturers seem to be two unrelated things, but in 1891 a full day of doom, they are closely intertwined. E-mail that day in Ohio two tragic train collision, and that in the April 19 tragedy, leading to two train drivers were all dead, there are other nine officers killed in the crash. The incident prompted a more modern precision watchmaking industry in the birth of a great name.

In that accident, after the Boer from Ohio Mr. Cliff Railway Corporation as Attorney General, result in accidents to the fact that a simple field thoroughly, after research showed that: As the clock failure resulting in timing errors. In which a train engineer's watch stopped for four minutes, but he did not know, still continue to front Jin, still thinking about another seven minutes to the station, and there can be Drive vacate another train, but in fact he was only three minutes away from death.

In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, the railway authorities in the various duties, Mr. Ball, a major task entrusted to him, is to monitor and record the time the railway.

Watch manufacturers are also immediately began to wear the watch all railway staff to conduct inspections every other week, after review of all inspection work by the watch manufacturer to complete. Mr. Boer strict standards established for this purpose is strictly prohibited by the error when more than 30 seconds total.

Mr. Boer is a standard system to ensure the accurate and uniform time, also established as a railroad time and railroad watches precise timing of the standard, the network will eventually cover 75 percent of U.S. railroad. Mr. Bohr's achievements praised by the international community, not only because of his contribution as an ordinary citizen, but because his role as the history of watchmaking.

Today, Boll List in the United States is one of the most respected watch brands. In the twenty-first century, the Boer watch in his continued leadership in the field, followed the pace of the consumer, but despite the appearance of the product changes, the creation of the spirit of the brand - emphasis on practical - it has never been played discount.

Mr. Bohr in detail in previous standards, such as the watch dial with his need to strictly follow the design principles of Tielu watch standard, every detail, from the pointer's Xingzhuang to digital form, are precisely timed by his request to be developed.

This is still adhere to the spirit of the Bohr family. For every second counts in today's society, the instant decision will change the world, this is the accepted view.

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