Casio introduced new PROTREK Mountain Series PRW-5000

Courage involvement in natural career explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, always deep in the wider world feel the pulse beat of nature, enjoy outdoor adventure experience to bring our passion and fun. A powerful high-end outdoor watch can help you do.

Watch the brand new Casio's PROTREK Mountain Series PRW-5000, through the use of advanced triple-sensor technology, accurate measurement of the changes of nature, also equipped with a unique cutting-edge technology 6 Bureau of Radio, solar-driven features such as strong, the high-tech applied to practice, to help you conquer a mountain, swim the deep sea professional outdoor equipment wrist.

Triple-sensor technology

PRW-5000, innovative triple sensor technology, lets you easily into the natural world tour. It measures the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you're climbing mountains or diving in the deep ocean, can clearly know the direction, and sea level pressure to obtain detailed and accurate data and information and pictures, allowing you to use and Discrimination. This wrist equipment, outdoor adventure to offer you the most reliable support.

Dual-mode display, high visibility dial design

Pointer and LCD digital dual display mode, clear clear, to demonstrate the determination of triple-sensor direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude data. The center of the watch shall be used to display a variety of small dial measurement data, when the needle and the minute hand displays the current time, the small dial also displays the current function into the data, accurate to fulfill the important function of a watch, the wearer can dial directly through a small clear to read data.

Dial of the time scale used two different colors, the time index on the use of more simple white, in sharp contrast to further improve the visibility, easy to read.

Center of a small dial used the compass direction of the design concept, large size of the hour and minute hands and simple design, avoid duplication and cross-LCD, and more visually clear.

In the LCD display on the digital display is a measure of direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and a high degree of data, shows a high degree of change and atmospheric pressure trends have also been displayed on the LCD. Visibility strong combination of pointer and LCD digital display, making all kinds of measurement data can even display. To provide for your travel more accurate information of all kinds, to ensure fun in nature travel and explore the unknown exciting.

Compass-type dial, showing different features

PRW-5000 in the dial design is unique, very special. Using the compass-like dial, enhanced sense of cool fresh outdoor feeling. Another section of the button to set the watch with a large size, even in cold weather conditions, the wear gloves, you can simply light operation. Three large buttons, COMP digital compass, indicating the direction in 12 of 16 position, and within the 365 degree angle; BARO button barometer thermometer, atmospheric pressure data can be automatically updated every two hours; ALTI highly button , you can display your current height data every two minutes or five seconds on the automatic update.

Different buttons to display different functions, all starting from the practical to meet the explorers and climbers needs.

6 Bureau of Radio, solar-driven system

Casio original six Board and solar-powered radio reception system, automatically receive time down on the time and the absorption of sunlight sufficient environmental protection, which for people who love outdoor adventure, absolutely practical, whether you am traveling in the natural are positioned, they can get accurate time, Yong-forward line.

In addition to highlighting a strong sense of outdoor watches, PRW-5000 bezel diamond cutting as glittering as the aluminum frame, full of vigorous strength, stainless steel bezel, engraved in exquisite patterns fully shown details of the aesthetic interpretation of the outdoor the beauty of the movement.

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