Longines launched a new "French polar explorers," Memorial wristwatch

In the latter half of the 1940s, the most remote corners of the earth led to interest many people, public opinion was fascinated. Like other countries, France has set up a national organization dedicated organization polar expeditions. Ethnologist and explorer Paul Emile Victor in the late 1930s had already spent a lot of time in the Greenland expedition, he was appointed the establishment and management of this new group. From 1947 to 1976, scientists in the race, under the leadership, Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor organization of 150 voyages to Greenland and Adelie land coast.

To cope with the harsh conditions of polar regions, the expedition must be equipped with a considerable number of devices. For example, in May 1948, their departure from Europe with a seven amphibious track vehicles, and two Dakota aircraft, tractors, trailers laboratory, a mobile weather station vehicle, tents, sleds, and 30 trucks of supplies. For this adventure trip, scientists are also equipped with four Longines chronograph design, 3 is set to normal time, a time was set to star. The 15 expedition members also wear a Longines watch made of stainless steel. Time measuring instruments are mainly used for the expeditions to determine the astronomical position (also be used to accurately calculate the geodesic). Scientists writing for these hours by the performance report, tell the world Longines timepiece device in the world to explore the farthest geographical played a vital role. As a scientific expedition in the mid-20th century part of the activities, Longines line to the farthest corners of the world - North and South poles.

Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor  members wear Longines is a central second hand stainless steel watch. It is the central indicator, hour scale, numbers, and pointers are coated with luminous paint, this design is very rare in the 1940s, but apparently the demand is very consistent with easy to read. Another interesting design is the movement of the Longines 12.68N While this has a special shock mounts, and other conventional devices such Longines in very different.

Now, Longines decided to re-release this with Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor the scientists watch, commemorative tribute to explore the furthest corners of our planet - the great polar expeditions. Longines Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor  was revived watch accurately to participate in exploration geologists, measurement scientists, meteorologists, physicists and home, biologists, geographers, glacier scientists and film photographers used the device, the same as its original, with self-winding mechanical movement, position 3, the date display window, silver dial, on decorated with luminous hour markers and Arabic numerals; a dark brown crocodile leather strap or black leather strap options.

Longines Expeditions Polaires Fran aises · C Missions Paul-Emile Victor the name of the watch is engraved in stainless steel back shell on the back, which recalls the legendary expedition of these two a north and south ends of the end of shaking the sea - Arctic and Greenland, and Antarctica and Adelie land coast.

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