Modern collection of ancient cultures, Roamer watch 5 planetary Jupiter

Five planets have complete series of the Swiss watch brand of Roamer, after the introduction of dazzling Venus series, recently launched a Jupiter family, a family of five inside the planet, the most colorful collection of myths and old watches.
Ancient culture is always looking back and exploring, always reveals a sense of mystery and long, so that shape cultural accumulation, adding elements of contemporary fashion, becoming the most style collection of high quality goods. And watch the hands of the most impressive, as the focus of a superior status symbol watch in addition to taste, if the ancient and modern co-exist with temperament, an absolute claim to be a collection of wrist thing.

Jupiter Jupiter in Greek mythology, represents the king of the gods, select an element such as a watch inspired no doubt has a remarkable significance in the design of the wonderful workmanship under the watch became the Roman Jupiter bright glare.

You can see Jupiter, strap materials used include all solid stainless steel case, PVD plated case, make you look extraordinary grade. Functionally, the Roamer form in the high-end watch brands on the technology demonstrated. Swiss automatic movement from the purely mechanical movement, durable, capable of normal operation under different circumstances. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal anti-reflective mirror, showing the simple elegance texture is absolutely perfect as a symbol of man. Bring such a watch, you might imagine, he is the king of the gods Zeus, this self-confidence, is what most men should have quality. The only way to block the world strategizing independence.

Features: All solid stainless steel case with / PVD plated case with, wear-resistant sapphire crystal anti-reflective mirror, hours, minutes, seconds display, calendar, window display 3-bit, 100 meters waterproof

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