Bvlgari Launched Via Dei Condotti Watch

Watches Review Center Report: In 2010, Bulgari continued to pay tribute to history, to Rome, Italy, headquarters address "Via dei Condotti 10" in the name of a limited launch of the annual commemorative watch ~ Via Dei Condotti Condor embankment road watch, the price of great affinity, with a curved case, mechanical movement, automatic chain and pivot watchs back, and side labeling Established in 1884, Bulgari and other features, plus a limited number of only one The Issue of Taiwan quota limit. Collection is bound to set off a wave watch fans!

Famous contemporary jewelery jeweler Bulgari in Italy, originated in Greece Epirus region. Hundred years ago, the founder of his family - Sotirio Bulgari process in place to make a century back to life, creating a rare silver carved jewelry. In 1879, Emperor Bulgari family emigrated to Italy, first in Naples, after living for several months, we will lead the family moved to Luo Maan decided. Di Leo initial claim on the French Academy in Pincio door manufacturer selling his silver. After a Greek businessman will be located in Via Sistina street corner store window to lend his cable show God's goods in Europe, so its products in Europe claim God's unique interior design style, and set her on the achievements of his future Road. In 1884, Emperor cable on the same street in Europe opened its first shop.

In 1894, Emperor cable stores in Europe will migrate to the Via Condotti 28 number. Later, in 1905 the shop moved to Via dei Condotti 10 number, and the British novelist Charles Dickens to borrow the title of a novel, the shop named 'Old Curiosity Shop', to attract tourists from the UK. During this period, consider each claim Emperor Leo the different needs of customers on jewelry, silver jewelry and began to increase the number and style to meet the guests a variety of options. In 1934, the cable three months after the death of Emperor Leo, Via Condotti store renovated to expand the business. New store in the April 9, 1934 re-opening, to wide acclaim, and in the future as a historic Bvlgari flagship store. After World War II, Via dei Condotti 10 often star-studded, shuttle countless celebrities, and many fans eyes unbeaten idol, have a good patrons ANSA! Including the well-known movie star Kirk Douglas, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and so film star, have visited more than Geli Kang Tai Po Boulevard store.

Bulgari "Condor dike road," watch, Bvlgari exclusive B77 Caliber with automatic mechanical movement, with time, moment, minutes and date display performance, and decorated with Geneva wave pattern and polished pearl dots. 40mm black carbon fiber and stainless steel materials of the case, timeless style and classic 18k white gold with a crown and a soft calfskin strap; In addition, another dizzy with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case back with the perspective, showing a perfect arc design . Deal with matte black and the face plate, embossed with the pointer, and the other engraved BVLGARI landmark record shop in Via Dei Condotti 10 Roma, engraved case back side of the founder of the brand Bulgari BVLGARI year "1884" in 18k white gold commemorative signs, particularly memorable. Geli Kang Tai Po Road, watch more reasonable price of NT only 68,000 yuan, now available at the province's limited sales Bulgari boutiques.

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Ulysse Nardin Launched Freak Diavolo Rolf 75 limited Edition Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Ulysse Nardin, watch Grove, president and chief brand owner Snyder (Rolf Schnyder), entered this year, 75 years old, To mark the occasion, the brand launched a new specially [fantasy limited edition watch the Dark Lord] (Freak Diavolo Rolf 75), to commemorate his outstanding achievements.

Snyder recalled the past 75 years, I feel like reading an adventure novel, the first time Schneider admitted that he used to have a good time. He recalled that: "All along, past experience is quite impressive, but I have not yet near completion. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and many boys, in this beautiful country was playing, skiing and learning; but I Most people do not have a desire, is to look outside of Switzerland. "

Schneider 22-year-old Hou, employed by a Swiss trading company, he was sent to Bangkok in Thailand is responsible for Swiss watch sales. Since then, the brave conduct of his Asian tour for up to 53 years in the watchmaking world, exploring the long journey. In 1968, he founded the Far East in Thailand, the first Swiss plant, production of precision watch parts exports to Switzerland. Later, he opened a case at the Manila workshop, also in Kuala Lumpur dial to set up a production plant for the production of the Swiss watch industry, precision watch parts.

"I longed to find a strange experience, I found that the Swiss had never set foot in the place, even for Switzerland and traveled down these other publishers." Detailed Schneider said: "I learn the language, roaming the country selling the Swiss watch, so I started from an entrepreneur to develop their career. The Europeans is difficult to estimate the land of Asia, so I can do now can not do things like build a raft in the Myanmar border, along the famous Gui River downstream; in Phuket beach camping (because there was no hotel); during the war, visited Laos and Vietnam; visit to China during the Cultural Revolution, there are more places where I roam the vast distant , visited Thailand, Laos, Bali, Cambodia, China, South Vietnam, Japan, also spent three months sailing in the South Pacific, arriving in Fiji Islands, Tonga, Tahiti and Bora Bora. "

Schneider is one of the characteristics mix business and pleasure: He had to fight on behalf of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, Rugby, European tour arrangements in remote areas of Thailand and Cambodia, Angkor Wat temples, establishing companies, collecting antiques, live freely in the single life . Ski experienced a sudden turn, he played water skiing, and participate in the competition, won the 1967 Water Ski Marathon Hong Kong Island. "I got even more than expected, at that time, with a unique perspective to explore business opportunities and has the ability to take risks, and laid the basis for the future." He added.

Freak Diavolo Rolf 75 tourbillon power reserve of more than 8 days, the vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), rotational inertia of 8 mg * cm2, as adjusted by four screws, with the unique design of silicon material Ulysse Nardin springs, rectangular silicon escapement fork material, no lubrication, rotation per minute tourbillon lap, turning around an hour to run track, manual winding, led by turning the watchs on the refining end of Gai mechanism. Gai rotation around the watch at the end of 12 hours is equivalent to save power, turn the outer ring forward or backward, adjust the time

Schneider St. Moritz every year to participate in style overlooking the famous Cresta sled race (Cresta Skeleton Run), in time, he learned that the watch in Ulysse Nardin is seeking buyers. In 1983, the era is through the quartz, so that the Swiss watch industry into a downturn. At that time, Ulysse Nardin is only a shell remaining. Schneider described it as a hanging skeleton famous brand. Thus, Schneider proceeded to transform the brand, emphasizing the unique, complex tabulation process and innovation as the core of the Ulysse Nardin watch. Watch such as "Galileo chart," and "run the meter watch Copernicus", "Kepler's astronomical watchs," "St. Mark action figure three repeater," and "Fantasy Freak", "Genghis Khan "and many then introduced, there is a common theme ─ ─ innovation. Re-launch from the Schneider brand so far, both in the use of new materials and technologies, as well as innovative watchmaking methods, Ulysse Nardin watch has maintained a leading position.

Snyder on the recognition of the contribution of the watch industry, in 2003, the International Watch Museum, presented to him "outstanding spirit of enterprise" award, in recognition of their business achievements and commitment. Then in 2009, Schneider won the Asian region in Singapore Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his watch to the contribution of technology and innovation to promote the development of watch. Now, frequent travelers Schneider of Switzerland and Malaysia, when he is not Le Luoke processing business, will stay home in Kuala Lumpur, or to visit subsidiaries and distributors around the world. Schneider's wife is a Malaysian Sarawak Chai, who with three children lived in a house filled with tropical.

75 Schneider to celebrate the birthday, and to salute the achievements of Ulysse Nardin, the watch over the years, the brand decided to launch a platinum material, "the Dark Lord fantasy limited edition watch," Snyder case engraved with the signature in particular words, as souvenir. This unique "Fantasy Freak" Tourbillon, limited edition of 75 worldwide. Choose this model because "Fantasy Freak" is a symbol of creativity, marking the rebirth of the Ulysse Nardin watch. Snyder described as "fantasy Freak" shocked and inspired the emergence of watchmaking. Watchmaking technology and revolutionary new combination of beauty, "Fantasy Freak" is a tourbillon Caruso, no hour, minute, face plate and crown design, unprecedented use of silicon (a new lightweight material) produced double escapement vertical device, with no lubrication advantages.

Fantasy limited edition watch Dark Lord Freak Diavolo Rolf 75, platinum case, the world's limited edition 75

"About 30 years ago, I bought the watch in Ulysse Nardin, has been pre-planned risks, I believe that the unique mechanical watch combines a great creative opportunity to rise again, and proved I was right." Schneider said: "I fell in love with Ulysse Nardin, which distinguished the old brand and the direction of our new innovations. To celebrate my 75th birthday, I chose the" Fantasy Freak ", because it is Ulysse Nardin, the altar watch and the watch was a historic breakthrough, but apparently is the most important section of the watch. "blew out the birthday cake when Schneider 75 candles, when asked about his birthday wish, he said:" I hope that time could turn the clock back, so I can re-do it again! "

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IWC Launched Aquatimer Memorial Marine Cousteau Special Edition Watch

Latest Watches News Report: In the 20th century, no one can be like the legend that effectively promote and influence of the world's oceans. Marcus asked to Jacques-Yves Cousteau years anniversary, as the Cousteau Society over the years, partners and sponsors, the Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen watch grand To offer this "master" the fifth special edition watch: Aquatimer Jacques-Yves Cousteau Ocean Chronograph Timepiece.
He wore a red wool cap landmark, and his inspection activities will be deep underwater world for the first time show in front of the world. He shot a television series not only attracted people for generations, but also triggered the rise of scuba diving needs and concerns of nature. Alias "Captain," asked Jacques Yves Marcus died in 1997, he is not only a pioneer in underwater research, but also the world's marine conservation advocate. IWC Schaffhausenin 1967 launched the first professional diving watch marine timepiece to actively promote this increasingly popular sport.

In addition, since 2003, IWC Schaffhausen and the Cousteau Society has maintained a close working relationship. Jacques Yves Cousteau Society is founded Adamkus primary care non-profit organization since its inception has been tirelessly to carry out the protection of the world's oceans. In cooperation with the Association during, IWC funded in 6 years ago the Red Sea coral reefs, study tours, and for No. legendary Calypso research vessel has funded the restoration, also issued over four a special limited edition watch in recognition of the great pioneers of marine research.

Marine Chronograph Timepiece "Jacques Yves Adamkus asked Edition", Model: IW376706, stainless steel case with gray dial and rubber strap, diameter 44 mm, with external rotating outer ring, mechanical chronograph movement, week and date display, small seconds with stop valve performance, with a watch chain Quick Change System, 79320 automatic winding movement, Power reserve 44 hours, water resistant to 120 meters.

June 11, 2010 is the outstanding research expert and filmmaker 100th anniversary, IWC to take this opportunity to launch Di Wukuan tribute: Marine Chronograph Timepiece "Jacques Yves Library Story Edition. " The 44 mm diameter stainless steel case with 12-bar water resistance, gray dial printed on the signature Cousteau, white and blue scale calculator in sharp contrast, worn on the wrist is extraordinarily eye-catching. The external rotating bezel is very solid, even when wearing gloves can easily rotate, but for safety reasons only counterclockwise rotation. Four millimeters wide ring sapphire coated glass watch mirror six Super-LumiNova ® super-luminous material, in any visibility conditions can be identified to ensure the ideal time and light intensity, even when diving at night also clearly visible. Engrave on the case at the end Gai widely loved the portrait of the French, the outer ring engraved with "A Tribute to JY Cousteau 1910-2010" (dedicated to Jacques-Yves Adamkus asked ,1910-2010) of words. Marine Chronograph Timepiece "Jacques Yves Adamkus asked Edition" with a black rubber strap, to ensure the firmness of wear.

IWC and the Cousteau Society

IWC co-operation with the Cousteau Society demonstrate their common vision. Pioneering spirit, the pursuit of perfection, and ecological responsibility, which are driving both sides to carry out the development of technological innovation strength of underwater exploration, but also bringing the two sides in the protection of the world's oceans and climate issues such as publicly expressed strong support for the position. As a carbon neutral company, IWC since 2003 will work for the Cousteau Society to provide support. With the support of the Swiss watch manufacturer's generous donation, non-profit institutions to carry out the Cousteau Society to the Red Sea for several weeks in the research study, detailed records of the local status of coral reefs. Their work includes hundreds of photos and numerous videos and a large database, these are based on archival material collected primary Cousteau.

Inheritance Cousteau spirit, to carry out new exploration

Marine Chronograph Timepiece Caseback engrave Portrait Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

However, IWC IWC Schaffhausen Cousteau commemorate the birth of the plan and not just a special edition watch it. In this celebration, the company will sponsor the "National Geographic" Journal research trip. They will drive the second ship, Jacques Yves Adamkus care research vessel Alcyone number, and returns to visit along the route that year. The purpose of this study is to be found submerged Cousteau year with the latest data for comparison. Starting from Marseille, crew, and then through the Gulf of Porto north of Scandola Corsican marine nature reserves. After the researchers arrived Costa Brava of Medes Islands. Since 1990, the area around the islands has been a marine protected area and is strictly protected. Research project is the last leg of Islands Cabrera, the archipelago due to the great scientific and ecological importance has been classified as marine protected areas and national parks.

In addition to researchers, film crew and photographers outside, in the Ark sailed with Anna on the number of years there have accompanied Patrice Quesnel. Cousteau has designed and built ship in the early 1980s made drum ship, a sailing ship with a combination of engine power the ship. No. Anna Senanayake launched in 1985 her maiden voyage. In the past decade, representatives of the Cousteau Society Quesnel has been unique in the world as a drum aboard the ship captain, and he also served as project manager, responsible for the famous calypso ship repair work . "National Geographic" magazine study tours will be launched in summer 2010, the study tour will enable "master" the Cousteau legacy back to life the rich.

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Germany SINN Launched a New Flight Watch 900 PI LOT S

Latest Watches News Report: From the full range of professional German watch brand "SINN", when flying at high altitude can take into powerful acceleration of gravity, as you can stand the severe cold in the Arctic; when you dive in the ocean of extreme stress, can also to accurately calculate the absolute water and diving time. SINN 900 PILOT S combines the two elements of performance and movement, either climb or descend to explore the limits are 200 meters deep blue sea, so you step in the masculine, the fashion show excellent detail, a full range of physical challenges limits, enjoy the music live attitude.

Sinn 900 Pilot S whole watch by black PVD vacuum ion plating, and then the original patent Tegiment Thai-class stainless steel hardened, hardness 1500HV, stainless steel, the hardness of the general 7 times, and then by special treatment of hardness 2000HV.

900 PILOT S of S on behalf of German "Schwarz", which means black means black, while its color to convey on behalf of the powerful flavor. Watch full range of flight performance design that contains both have GMT time performance, allowing you when traveling in all corners of the world, can be sure of the time difference. At the same time performance with a stopwatch and 60-minute flight scale rotating inner ring, leaving the actuarial professional pilots to fly the distance and flight speed values, the journey to master the skies safer.

900 PILOT S of the magnetic capacity of up to 80,000 amps / m, is the highest commercial standards of the watch, so watch in the cockpit environment of the complex electronic instruments, less susceptible to magnetic, mechanical time keeping accuracy. 44mm diameter large watch and their flying form, the same size with 200-meter water resistance, and the use of copper sulfate powder tube and Ar moisture movement system, not only engaged in the use of scuba diving, and so the movement is more use of time for long-term.

Sinn 900 PILOT S, by vacuum ion plating PVD black case, and then the original patent Tegiment Thai-class stainless steel hardened, hardness 1500HV, and then by special treatment of hardness 2000HV, watch diameter 44 mm, hours, minutes, Small seconds, 2 to indicate the time zone clock, date, chronograph, 60 minute flight the inner ring, at 10 o'clock position, Valjoux 7750 GMT Automatic movement, 26 stones, the oscillation frequency of 28800, anti-magnetic properties of 80,000 amps / m high-strength steel without nickel allergy end of Gai, double-sided anti-reflection sapphire crystal handle, the lock-in case back, double apron leading patent D3 green button on the system and allow three to five times longer useful life, waterproof 200 meters.

Large luminous hour markers and hands, day or night more than 25 cm can be clearly resolved in time. Double-sided anti-reflection treated sapphire crystal lens, not only difficult to scratch, and have the best perspective of the degree, with the flight watch with the printed design metric and imperial units of 5-foot-free translation of the end of Gai-nickel steel (which can reduce skin allergies), leaving the most complex element to configure the design clear and legible, comprehensive performance, show different from the general, showing a greater control of the clock process.

900 PILOT S through the black PVD vacuum ion plating, together with the Thai Patent Sinn hardened stainless steel, the hardness David's 1,500 HV, 7 times the general stainless steel (316L stainless steel hardness only 220HV), and this is only the watch shall be strengthened in particular, the hardness of up to 2,000 HV, called the maximum hardness of the stainless steel watch, the case will not easily scratch, but also the characteristics of the hard, but not the same emphasis on ceramic materials have high hardness fragile issues so no need to wear 900 PILOT S at any time carefully, so you can easily wear every day, watch a favorite! Solid internal and strong external design embraced a full range of professional achievement flight watch 900 PILOT

In addition to SINN 900 PILOT S of new products, also introduced SINN 856 S German Federal Criminal Police special team dedicated watch, limited edition 150 worldwide.

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Corum Launched Ti-Bridge Tourbillon Watch to Celebrate 55th Anniversary

Latest Watches News Report: Brand marks the anniversary of the Corum choose to commemorate the launch of limited edition watch, to display their very extraordinary creative performance and superb watchmaking technology. In 2010, in addition to the 55 anniversary of the establishment of the brand, but also the Corum Mountains form its backbone - the bridge watch series launched 30th anniversary. In 2009, the Corum introduced a new titanium bridge watches, and then to become the new bridge watch on behalf of its series of works made with the brand's second gold movement, playing the U.S. attack also wrote the historic brand page. Full of creative spirit of modern and contemporary philosophy of titanium slab movement Ti-Bridge, in addition to the altar watch represents a new era, but also modern and fashionable watch design and advanced technology to make the most traditional and revolutionary initiative of perfect interpretation.

Titanium Ti-Bridge, barrel-type shape titanium case, the watch diameter of 42.5 x41.5mm, midnight show, flying tourbillon device, limited edition of 99, CO 022 bar-type hand mixing of the flying tourbillon movement, the tourbillon escapement build silicon materials system, the plywood and deck in a special copper-nickel alloy ARCAP manufacturing, the brushing treatment, carved and engraved round Microhyla deal Corum brand identification watch, 72-hour power reserve , black crocodile leather strap / high temperature vulcanized rubber strap, water resistant 50 meters.

The astronomical clock in the 2010 bridge watchs in the new series will appreciate, will be on display for the first time exposure of the "bridge tourbillon-PVD titanium black PVD extremely limited edition", which carry the brand new R & D by the movement of CO 022, bridge structure in the titanium tourbillon device added Corum titanium Tourbillon bridge, While this movement is the most special thing about subversion of the traditional tourbillon, select the upper deck equipped with a structure without showing a form of flying tourbillon suspended device swinging escapement structure of 21,600 times per hour, as if floating above the long-type movement, tourbillon power required from the central two large barrel, which provides up to 72 hours of power, and in the most simple way of refining energy storage; with two to ARCAP special alloy V-boom created by the movement firmly fixed in the central case, presenting a unique titanium tourbillon bridge suspended transparent visual beauty also watch the whole exudes a sense of lightness of weightlessness.

At the same time, the integration of complex technology and design aesthetics watch movement is plywood and deck are cut from special alloy ARCAP out, ARCAP is made of copper, nickel and zinc alloy of the new system, it is not only an anti- erosion and non-magnetic iron alloy, but also from oxidation effects, easy processing of complex surfaces. This epoch-making new material makes the traditional Microhyla such as matte, satin polished and bright surface treatment of the case in stark contrast to the detail level of feeling.

Titanium Tourbillon bridge and the legendary Golden Bridge watch with the same "DNA", but it varies with different styles because of the technical differences. And to excellence in design which will be the key to brand success into the design of the tourbillon frame, as this watch is the most unique and fascinating features of the ㄧ, it is the perfect interpretation of "All Black" the ultimate design aesthetics, the introduction of PVD pole limited edition black world, but also watch this pricing strategy in 2010, providing an excellent and reasonable market competitive enough to prove that the Corum watch to provide unique design, and a high degree of skill and value for money products perseverance and determination.

Golden Bridge Lady - Exotic Bird Jinqiao diamond miniature painting the female form - Exotic birds, 18K rose gold case, the watch diameter 41 x 34 mm, Case set with 72 diamonds, total weight 1.6 carat, miniature painted face plate, Hours, minutes, CO 113 Longbridge unique style manual winding movement, 40 hours power reserve, black crocodile leather strap.


Zenith El Primero Rattrapante Chronographs watch

Latest Watches News Report: Zenith watch 2010 is yet to retain the concept of traditional watchmaking innovative breakthrough year, and the first in the series launched Chronograph El Primero Rattrapante chronographs watch, is to represent the old traditions and new technology the perfect combination of the increase this year, still chronographs El Primero 36000 switch equipped with high-frequency seismic movement, with complex chronographs feature high technology to enhance the function of time, but even if the functional complex, Zenith, and still maintained a simple design for the idea of working fine, no matter times change, technology advances, the same is the perfect Zenith century watchmaking.

Need to make an El Primero movement: 5,500 procedure | dial grinding process requires 50 | 77 bridge decks require additional grinding process | parts needed for each procedure 5-50 | classic watches need to use 18 different metals. In addition to accurately show the El Primero movement time, the chronograph can accurately measure the duration of an activity, it is usually used for sports events, and scientific research or industrial operation. The ultimate precision instrument, the so-called utility function is not easy to produce complex, only a very few manufacturers to master the movement of this technology, they can be called a true manufacturer of precision clocks. 

Zenith was the first company to produce integrated self-winding column-wheel chronograph movement of the watch brand, this legendary El Primero movement is also equipped with another impressive technical achievement: its vibration frequency of 10 per second times. Since 1969, the movement is the realization of this series produced the most accurate timing performance, it is the only one directly connected with the adjusting body movement, so you can really measure 1 / 10 seconds. 

When the economic and strategic interests at stake, in the vital moment, accuracy and reliability are the two most important determining factor. Able to withstand the most extreme conditions, swatch performance and precise timing of the Zenith chronograph movement has always been the same shoulder aviation, marine, expedition and exploration of the great mission. 
Zenith El Primero Rattrapante chronograph watch 

2010, Zenith design a new style chronographs new standard stopwatch, in addition to no doubt in the accuracy and stability, but also through the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification movement chronographs, this function chronographs measurement can be used in the same time record the occurrence of the end of the two different times of the phenomenon, when the push button start Shangfang timing, timing pointer pointer needles overlap with the recovery forward, leading the middle of the first button press to recover the needle will be able to stop the record pointer the first time, leading the second button is pressed, the chronograph stops at the same time will re-start after needle pointer pointer to catch up time, and called chronographs.
The face plate configuration, the large date display at 6 o'clock, read more easily, small seconds at nine o'clock position, while the 30-minute lap is located at the 3 o'clock position, showing Zenith return to tradition can be re-starting the design of the watch looks simple but functional but no less, except in case of grinding the more delicate details and complicated, large face plate opening so that the time to read more easily, and then re-opening the back cover increased to more clearly see the movement of the configuration and operation of complex functions simple design, are shown again in a century watchmaking excellence Zenith Technology 

Zenith Grande ChronoMaster Open Venice Limited Edition


Rado Launched Ceramic Series Introduced, Classic Two Tone Strap

Latest Watches News ReportIn fashion, the theme of how to change despite changes in the global fashion, black and white and gold, silver line is always the responsibility and swatch fashion torrent classic throne, it is never lost their appeal! Especially when high-tech ceramic translucent black with classic stunning gold, silver and interactive integration of the full share of deep and solid colors that can not be absolutely look the other material support or oppose the. Specializes in high-tech ceramic Rado timepiece technology, increasing last year's series of mechanical watches in the ratio in order to meet consumer groups like automatic watch. Watch the latest series of color precision ceramic mechanical mixture that is modern retro design elements to the language of the watch again, the radar is shaping a new generation of luxury timepieces look.

Black, white, gold, silver is a popular global fashion the same law, Rado color elements of the design team will be the perfect combination of these high-tech ceramic material and technological process technology, to create a fashion trend-only mechanical watch. This can follow the trend of the ceramic popular last couple of years have changed the brand of the watch as part of the mining technology of ceramic material element is obvious, the radar so that more consumers to the watch and admire the beauty of the time when the accounting process, to better understand these shares by the mind off the radar of high-tech ceramic watch fashion fad.

The debut of a new series of two-color Rado Precision ceramic black gold mechanical watch has also introduced two models with black and silver color combination: a dial 3,9 o'clock in the placement of two Top Wesselton, VVS, G-class real diamond drill watch, another dial is taken when the standard design of radial lines. Two models are all black watch dial, automatic winding mechanical using ETA movement, 25 stones inlaid, and at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions, respectively, with the radar watch the exclusive symbol of mechanical anchor logo and swing Date display window.

Rado Precision ceramic series of new mechanical watches black gold color touch of golden section to the large area of black lines to more vigorous by nature, so that distributed more mysterious black glory. Dial with gold luster when the standard 3,9-clear position on the four diamonds, or the same color radial time scale, combination of elegance and flashes of dazzling, it look askance. Black and silver models are in honor with a clear sense of color of the light and is markedly effective in mild, especially for elegant, tasteful but low-key people, fewer bells and whistles designed to show off, whether money or time scale diamond design, through the silver even more Return to Innocence, to slow down the pace of life, people savor the regain in returning to the elegant.

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Hamilton and actor Harrison Ford to launch new watch

Latest Watches News ReportHAMILTON Khaki Team Earth series by Hamilton and Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, designed to work together to respond to support Conservation International (CI, Conservation International) established convened by Union for Conservation of Team Earth. Team Earth through a global network dedicated to the power to catalyze individual and collective action to protect the environment, provide a sound platform to call attention to today's most pressing environmental problems. Khaki Team Earth Alliance response to the motto "It is time for action!", Will be part of the watch Team Earth proceeds donated to the preservation of its global sponsorship activities, particularly for climate change, water, food, health and waste five major environmental problems such as .

Team Earth mission is to inspire the world created around the future of the planet respond to each individual a little more protection and less risk. Harrison Ford as the CI Board of Directors for 18 years, and Khaki Team Earth series is Hamilton in response to the environmental groups and U.S. actors of the second watch section. The first co-published in 2008, Hamilton Khaki Conservation watch a series launched by the majority of the response that is, the smooth application of the funds raised are also the main conservation in several regions of CI, which contains 36,000 hectares of coastal land in South Africa, Namibia, covering 260 million hectares of Sperrgebiet National Park, and the focus of the equator in Brazil and marine protected areas. Harrison Ford said: 'I am very proud to CI Conservation International to promote the environmental movement, to do their part. Hamilton co-operation with our creative design has been successfully watch the first evidence of Hamilton support and assistance of the CI, no doubt so that we can successfully complete the task, to achieve conservation outcomes. 'Hamilton look forward to the efforts by helping Team Earth, can do more to encourage all human change, began to care about the environment they are in the earth.

Team Earth Conservation Union encouraged to reduce energy use inspired Hamilton Khaki Team Earth Series watch minimalist design concept. Khaki was easy to read digital scale on a black dial background is particularly prominent, green or brown with natural earth colors such as representatives of the belt, or on behalf of the durability of stainless steel refining zone. Equipped with Swiss ETA2824 internal self-winding movement and its anti-magnetic feature has a long and closely echoed the theme of Sustainability. The case back engraved with "It's time to DO" and Harrison Ford's autograph, always timely to remind all of the wearer.

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Bvlgari Launched New Watch Diagono Calibro

Latest Watches News Report: Strong and solid exercise intensity, symmetrical balanced amplifier style, fine mechanical technology, Diagono Calibro 303 special edition chronograph reflects the blue of the aesthetic taste of modern life and the essence of high-quality watchmaking.

Diagono The name comes from ancient Greece the word 'agòn', meaning that a contest or competition, its design inspired by ancient Greek sculptor Myron Myron derived work "Discus Thrower", watch design presents a simple dynamic and strength, inherited the ancient Greek contemporary aesthetic trends. Diagono series with 20 years of development time changing tastes show honor, called for the classic style watches. Uphold the original spirit, and continued research into the style and materials of new creative essence.

Bvlgari Diagono Calibro 303 hand-built BVL 303 with automatic winding movement; this movement formed by a 303 precision parts, consuming a total of 3,520 hours of research and development completed. Chain of the structure through the column wheel and vertical clutch gear components close operation is the top watch connoisseurs in mind the most perfect mechanical operation. Series of vertical coupling of the gear design system can start, stop and reset when the pointer jumps to prevent the state is to support the timing function of the precision system. Divided into 12 hours, 30 minutes and 60 seconds, three timers, so that more accurate timing function correctly. Six o'clock date display window also.

Transparent sapphire case back can get a glimpse of the operation of all the precision machinery, and by a Geneva wave, pearl dot pattern satiné soleil polishing and decorative treatment. Case is composed of 75 different parts, the use of fine lines and polished steel surface and the angle processing, 18K white gold Bulgari logo engraved on the bezel. Sturdy watch designed with special protection, Central crown, covered with blue convergence lugs crocodile leather strap. Pointer on the dial hand-crafted Bvlgari simple outline style amplifier. Crafted a multi-level dial design allows various functions at a glance. Dial three-tier structure mining, presented in different ways: a metal substrate to satiné soleil decorative patterns, bright blue vertical stripes on the upper structure to deal with, assisted by the circular window trimming time, with luminous hand-faceted digital scale and hand details of the outer clock. Unique combination of contemporary taste and high quality Swiss watchmaking, Diagono Calibro 303 Special Edition is a blue sports fashion watch, Bvlgari is the ultimate pursuit of the perfect representative works.

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Bvlgari Valentine’s Day Couple Watch


IWC Schaffhausen Big Ingenieur Edition Zinédine Zidane

Latest Watches News Report: IWC Schaffhausen with star Zinédine Zidane will launch new products. The Swiss watchmaker will be "Big Ingenieur Edition Zinédine Zidane Zidane large engineer special edition automatic watch," further to highlight the unique style of the outstanding players. Zidane Zidane himself personally involved in the design of this watch, the world limited edition of 500 pieces.

Zinédine Zidane is obvious to all, the French star was born in Marseille, with Algeria Kabyl Berber descent. Played for the team in Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid team, he won three FIFA World Player of the title, and in 1999 received Athlete of the Year title. He has repeatedly won the Golden Globe in the World Cup, won the Spanish championship, the European champion and world champion and the Intercontinental Cup match: whether it is within the stadium or arena, he has witnessed the perfect career, the team spirit and noble style.

IWC Schaffhausen IWC Zinédine Zidane in the first watch follows the color of the French national team pennant, while the new "Big Ingenieur Edition Zinédine special edition automatic watch," watch the focus reflects the star's personal taste, so choose a dark brown dial. Dial in the Arabic numeral "10" display with eye-catching bright red, through the sapphire glass case back, you can clearly see that engraved on the chain placed on the retired players Tuo name. This badge is also engraved with the number "10" - This is Zidane Zidane for many years played for the French national team jersey number during the period, while he is wearing that jersey number, leading "Équipe Tricolore" (three-color flag team) won numerous victories and won the 1998 World Cup.


Chopard Launched New Mille Miglia Chronograph 2010 Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Chopard watch as a symbol of proud sports watch, Mille Miglia series of watches has become the world's most famous symbol of antique car contest. Mille Miglia watches every year, introduction of new, antique cars to contest the annual tribute of the same name, these watches are also undisputed high watchmaking classic. 2010 new Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2010 Chronograph watch is no exception. Watch signs to Dunlop racing tire tread characteristics of natural rubber strap, 44 mm diameter, the fine steel case, and can not see the surging power comes from the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certified chronometer automatic winding machine core.

No fear of the classic tried and true time, innovation is always needed. The Mille Miglia watch this watch is one of the classic, the timeless vitality of innovation comes from the interpretation of Chopard's endless. Definitely worthy of the new 2010 version of the classic series, Xuan He reputation. Shocking full design combined with excellent technical characteristics, so watch this section will debut soon as he was destined to become another classic. First, eye-catching is the Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2010 44 mm case bold and generous, from stainless steel or 18k rose gold, the slender figure on the dial unique not only inherited the Mille Miglia watch the number of features consistent , also in line with the overall design of retro taste rich. Decorative rhodium plated pattern of organic birds gray dial, reminiscent antique car dashboard; the black and red circles more minute scale of this legendary event echoed the color of the landmark. The more than 20 years sponsored by the Chopard event schedule until the Roman Brescia, Italy, attracting the world's best antique cars to participate. Watch water resistant to 100 meters with a speed measuring instrument bezel, screw-in crown decorated with the famous Mille Miglia arrow symbol timing on large buttons easy to operate, the design of the dial more readable than before. Bottom of the watch covered with translucent sapphire crystal black PVD limited edition graphic, inspired by the Mille Miglia race the entry number. Whether positive or on the back of the sapphire crystal glass have carried out anti-glare treatment, further enhancing the watch readable. 

Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2010 watch the same from a technical point of view impeccable. Through the transparent case-back, you can enjoy the mechanical self-winding movement 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) vibration charming. Movement by the Swiss Observatory (COSC) certification, power reserve of about 46 hours, driving hours, minutes, date and small seconds function, and timed with the central seconds, with 30 minutes and 12 hours drive time. Second device also has a stop watch, so that timing accurate to seconds. 

Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2010 Chronograph 1960's Dunlop racing tires with natural black rubber strap pattern, with folding clasp. 

Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2010 Chronograph watch, stainless steel limited edition of 2,010 pieces worldwide paragraph, 18K rose gold limited edition of 250 models worldwide.

Chopard 150-Year Anniversary Jewelry


Bvlgari launched Daniel Roth New Series

Latest Watches News Report: This remarkable work carried out on the wonderful art of hollowing the ultimate expression of excellence. The ultimate expression of a perfect hollow watch this over considering the major elements of complex processes, to ensure durability and driving under the premise of matching movement to maximize the harmony structure of the movement to ensure perfect operation.

Gold brown parts are cleverly accommodate the double oval rose gold case, the main plates, bridges and through the delicate hollow ratchet gear, a small part of each have been carefully hand-rolling and perfect Carve. Within a thin sheet of light punctuate trimmed with satin polished round diamond jewelry point, as the hour and minute scale, the perfect integration into the whole of the hollow fine process. Dial and the movement to achieve perfect integration. The number of the most streamlined, hand-chased with the most exquisite precious metal is perfectly set in dial ring and hour markers positive momentum on the back of reserve display.


The main thickness of only 3.48 mm plywood, the achievements of this world's thinnest tourbillon watch boutique. The transparent hollow classic Bvlgari watch case is equipped with double-sided sapphire crystal glass. Watch mirror through anti-reflective treatment process, ensure that the case clearly within the fine structure of the perfect present, with 82 sophisticated and polished form part of the straight line lever bridge tourbillon device vividly at present.

Set in rose gold double oval-shaped case of this extreme complexity of the recovery timer with a chronograph function pin, this feature is shown by the two central seconds hand: the classic chronograph pointer pointer and chronographs.


When you press the button chronograph, two pointer perfect synchronization operation. Stop button to stop both can be achieved, and re-positioning. When the central seconds hand starts, start a separate function chronographs. When the crown on the other a coaxial button is pressed, after needle pointer suspended chronograph pointer is still running. Press the button chronographs, so after needle pointer back to the top of chronograph pointers, two pointers to overlapping run until the third time press the button again to stop chasing coaxial needle pointer.

This unique device can be in motor racing and other games for a short time, as shown in the temporary suspension of the pointer still time before the arrival of each participant in the chase to stop double-needle pointers, to help time.

With the high-end Swiss watch-making industry Manufacture du Sentier leader Daniel Roth has joined with Grald Gent Bulgari, it will greatly enhance and grow the noble image of the Bulgari brand, and give us more surprises extraordinary work.


Chopard LUC Tourbillon TechTwist Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Chopard watch lover's dream realized: LUC's first watch equipped with a silicon ratchet device. The design of this unique and avant-garde watchmaking factory developed entirely by Chopin. With its unique movement and has two double-stacked (coaxial) barrels, this watch the perfect display technology and its high-quality original design features.

Ratchet device and leverage (single version, and tied with a protective stone pawl) silicon are used to achieve the smooth operation of oil-free. The motherboard tray, the watch was the bridge and some parts of the movement in black PVD coating, the watch look more attractive. In contrast to the dark part and the polished metal element, giving a clear distinction highlights. In addition to the two sets of double-stacked (coaxial) barrels, black PVD coated silicon sheet and ratchet devices of the bridge, this Tourbillon watch is formed by a super-lightweight aluminum, weighing only 0.4 grams, that is lighter than the steel frame of 33% of the watch.

"Twist" means the movement of its off-center rotating clockwise 30 °, while the crown is so placed in the 4 position (rather than the 3 position), offset design, so that the wrist has a very comforwatch feeling.

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Bell & Ross Instrument BR01-92/94 Carbon Fiber Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Bell & Ross respect to new ideas and hard work of making high performance watch, its latest Instrument BR 01-92 and BR01-94 watch two carbon fiber can be described as unprecedented the new.

BR 01-92 Carbon Fiber watch

BR 01-92 and BR01-94's case, dial and bracelet entirely in carbon fiber manufacturing; which one piece of the dial into the layers of carbon fiber Diego for the watch industry's first see; extremely lightweight carbon fiber materials made of hard wearing comfort when you watch, while the case of the strong degree is also better. The BR 01 Instrument Carbon Fibre watch case design born out from the contemporary art production technology of the aviation industry, for example, the surface of the bezel and the case of aircraft wing rib support structure constructed almost exactly the same, but that case of more strong, improve performance, but also create a strong distinctive character.

BR01-94 Carbon Fiber watch

BR01 Instrument Carbon Fibre watch series sweep with automatic winding and automatic-winding chronograph two models, with luminous hour markers and pointers design, all clearly show the correct day and night.

A. Lange & Sohne Launched Grand Lange 1 Luminous

Latest Watches News Report: A. Lange & Sohne Grand Lange 1 Luminous  nearly 42 mm in diameter with a gold case, black dial with luminous pointer Shangzhui time standard, so watch glittering in the evening also to conceal light.Lange 1 from the grand debut five years ago now, A. Lange & Sohne watch has become a unique symbol of extraordinary design. Watch dial to asymmetrical design with patented outsize date, as people at a glance, and there is equipped with perfect movement, with 3 days power reserve performance, unparalleled accuracy. Lange1 with its extraordinary strength, the rationale for the local brand which became a best-selling watches, watch history also won one of the most winning of the watch

Grand Lange 1 "Luminous"
Case: 18K White Gold
Diameter: 41.9 mm
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, stop the performance with small seconds, large date display, power reserve display
Movement: A. Lange & Sohne L901.2 manual winding movement made
Kinetic energy: 72-hour power reserve
Dial: solid silver and black dial
Pointer: rhodium-plated gold and luminous coating veneering pointer
Strap: hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap, with a solid gold or platinum Jinlang Ge pin buckle

A. Lange & Sohne watch factory in 2003 to a public preference for large watches watch enthusiasts presenting Grand Lange 1,41.9 mm case contains the original unique in content and flavor, the same captivating. The newly designed Grand Lange 1 "Luminous" white gold watch case with elegant, with solid silver to create a black dial and create a more stark contrast, Parade. Coated with luminous material on the dial pointer Superluminova rhodium-plated gold decoration and embraced each other, the wearer even in dark environment can also easily read the time. The pieces of the day or night no matter were preserved in the high precision of the Lange watch, watch fans not only witnessed the strength of the brand, but also once again demonstrates the remarkable watchmaking Saxony extraordinary.

From a technical perspective, the L901.2 carrying the watch movement will not ask any of Lange and "Made in Germany" brand-name fans have high expectations of the watch down. With a number of classic design features an eye-opener, including untreated German silver to create the 3 / 4 plywood, screw gold sleeve, more than 72 hours power reserve to ensure that the double barrel, patented gooseneck spinner manpower carving delicate balance cock and a big calendar display, called impeccable. Grand Lange 1 "Luminous" costume handmade platinum watch black crocodile leather strap, with a solid white Jinlang Ge pin buckle, showing perfect dark and bright contrast, impressive.

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Hamilton and Hollywood "Killers" Attack Together

Latest Watches News Report: Hamilton and Hollywood movies have always been close and cooperative relations, Hamilton 2010, Hamilton and the first thing as before the summer drama "Killers ", together with hands to attack, play by the actor Ashton Library Ashton Kutcher odd ornaments, cool to wear Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Secret Watch the series, yet handsome gentleman to show characteristics of American humor.

HAMILTON 1950 Hollywood movies began to board the stage. Hollywood star James Dean is the only section of the watch HAMILTON endorsement of the Ventura watch. The king of rock and roll Elvis Presley is also the film in 1961 starring Blue Hawaii in the Ventura watches HAMILTON wear performance. Until today, HAMILTON is still a lot of famous American movie stars in the performance or personal favorite brand to wear the watch. Over the years, HAMILTON watches in over 300 films appeared. Meg Ryan U.S. Darling children in the film You've Got Mail and City of Angels, the, Keanu Reeves in the movie Chain Reaction, John Travolta in the movie The General's Daughter, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith performance of" Star Men in Black film, have chosen to wear a Hamilton watch. Other popular and critically acclaimed Hollywood films like Lethal Weapon 4, Fight Club, Independence Day, " The Talented Mr. Ripley, I am Legend, GET Smart, etc. have HAMILTON watch the drama of the lens. In addition, HAMILTON year also organized in cooperation with Hollywood film industry, " BEHIND THE CAMERA AWARDS, in the display HAMILTON close relationship with Hollywood.

Enemies of an assassin in the Killers, the actor Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher wearing Hamilton Jazzmaster series Jazzmaster Open Secret, prepared stainless steel case, the watch diameter of about 44mm, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 7750 automatic chronograph movement, Germany hand black belt, black dial, daily water 100m.


Corum Launched a New Series Admiral's Cup Chronograph

Latest Watches News Report: Corum Admiral's Cup Chronograph titanium case with a diameter of 48mm, the crown is made of titanium metal, engraved with the Corum key. Bezel and crown protector are used rubber materials. Anti-glare sapphire glass table mirror, waterproof 300 meters. Limit 25.

Swiss Corum caliber CO753 configuration self-winding movement, 27 drilling, vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour, 48 hours power reserve, the Observatory certification.


Blancpain FIA GT1 World Championship as the Official Timepiece

Brand Watches Information Report: SRO Motorsports Group, FIA GT1 World Championship organizers and the Po platinum watch announced in mid-April the two sides reached consensus on the top will be a classic Swiss watch brand new FIA GT1 World Championship official time exclusive partner. By then global audience will be able to see all the events broadcast live on the figure Blancpain, including television. Blancpain also in the new world championship circuit exposure. The agreementBlancpainwatch creation 275 years of history since the first world-class events with the formal signing of cooperation. To celebrate the agreement is reached, the world's most springs from a long effort to build a watch maker will be a limited version of the timepiece, a perfect interpretation of the passion of the machinery.

2010 Super Trofeo returned stopwatch
Material: Titanium
Movement: F185 Automatic movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, stopwatch performance returned to
Mirror: sapphire crystal, transparent bottom Gai
Waterproof: 100 meters
Watch diameter: 43.5mm
Limit: 600

FIA GT1 World Championship will span four continents, touring dozens of countries, including Aston Martin, Corvette, Ford , Lamborghini , Maserati , Nissan and other well-known car brands participating. World Tour 2010 was April 17 in the very sense of the future of Dubai launched Yas Marina Circuit track, near the final crater lake in Argentina, San Luis circuit magnificent scenery draw the track period.

Blancpain upcoming GTI Events in cooperation with the FIA World Championship, into an unprecedented breakthrough. Reiter Engineering is located in Le Brassus in the car works, will be five months from the Netherlands and European champion Peter Kox GT3 race champion Christopher Haas were driving two Lamborghini Murciélago LP670 R-SV. This time, Blancpain will participate in the ten fields across Europe, Emirates, Africa and South America, motor racing event.

Blancpain CEO Marc A. Hayek, president and will drive the Gallardo LP 560 entries, 18 Cheng Chi racing in Europe.

The new 2010 Super Trofeo introduced by returning to stopwatch titanium case, the lugs are used to create carbon fiber racing class, in addition to technical exchanges with LAMBORGHINI also make watches even more light and crashworthiness. Of course, with the L-Evolution's innovative design of removable lugs, also used them. Face plate with Super LumiNova luminous paint on the sword-type time scale, learn from LAMBORGHINI car taillights at night when reading can be clearly read. The face plate on the numerals "9" and "12" is a Copy from the car's instrument panel design, plus the top center also uses carbon fiber plate, three-dimensional level is more prominent, and the nine o'clock position of the timing disk is using the blue Kennedy's brand Po Logo, the combination of the two brands is self-evident.

2010 Super Trofeo returned stopwatch
Material: Titanium
Movement: F185 Automatic movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, stopwatch performance returned to
Mirror: sapphire crystal, transparent bottom Gai
Waterproof: 100 meters
Watch diameter: 43.5mm
Limit: 600

Go to the end of Gai through the transparent case back, Automatic plate above the flag flying from the inside out reveals the events in the spirit. The movement is Blancpain F185 loaded self-winding movement, the 308 component parts, with 40 hours power reserve, sometimes, minutes, small seconds, a date display at six o'clock position, central seconds hand for the chronograph hand, 30 minutes drive time in the 3 o'clock position, 12 hours drive time is at 9 o'clock position. For those who demand instant of time, Cal.F185 have returned time performance. In addition, the watch and the Gallardo with the same Alcantara leather sport seats, and with a folding buckle, and finally mounted on a watch specially designed box, the more valuable.

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