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Luxury Watches Blog Report: Estee Lauder was founded in 1946 in the United States, the number of skin care products, cleaning category classification of mostly skin, oil / mixed / dry / sensitive and so very clear; maintenance of the effectiveness of classification, for cross-overlapped, whitening / repair / moisturizing / anti-aging. Superior quality and delicate, very light fragrance, distribution and safe and high elegance. In recent years, have wantonly make improvements to keep the original gentle gentle color, add one charming color and beautiful shiny new packaging, increasingly attractive.

Born in 1910 and raised in New York, Estee Lauder, inherently and beauty struck, it is the envy of not only the noble dream of a beautiful female appearance, delicate facial features classical, but also very creative business mind, and its outstanding leadership and decisive style of doing things neat, but a lot of men called the dust.

In the very young, she was when the uncle of a dermatologist, I hope can grow up to become a good dermatologist. This is ideal, so that Estee Lauder exception for the health of skin concerns, but also the beauty of their future career had a key influence.

Estee Lauder company's first lab in New York from the outskirts of a small storage room adapted from. Her first office is home restaurant. Following a trial, the product of over a hundred times refined, and finally by her uncle when the preparation of a dermatologist, and clean oil, lotion, mud mask and the famous All-Purose Creme four products, while small , but good quality and effectiveness of the beauty columnist, dealers and consumers are full of praise. In this way, Estee Lauder has taken a successful first step. Next, Estee Lauder product sales began to run around all day. For the Saks Fifth Avenue in New York opened the first counter, she asked to see the general manager went to the shop, until one day, the store's general manager, said: There you go again, then come on. She stressed that only 10 minutes introduced products, and general manager of the store with products to try. After 10 minutes, the general manager by the product's performance and the spirit moved her Qierbushe end Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, Estee Lauder's started to open the counters.

Because of the quality and effectiveness of their products do not doubt deep recognition, Estée regular person with a product to sell everywhere. Whether the hair salon or department store counter, she enthusiastically took customers to try their products, because she believes that as long as the product the customer already has access to half the battle. In addition, Estee Lauder to create a more distributed to the customers try the product first of its kind, the results surprisingly good product sales, and this marketing strategy also for other companies to follow suit.

With her keen market sense and creative business sense, the Estee Lauder company 50 years in the 20th century, has reached an annual turnover of 80 million U.S. bad elements, which was a very alarming figure. Performance of the company very well and growing steadily, but he never relaxed for Estee Lauder products and service quality requirements. She attaches great importance to the attitude of the staff, believe that the attitude of friendly enthusiasm the key to successful sales. Therefore, she often flew himself around the cosmetics counter or store inspection services, sales techniques, employee, Professor, personally, she was often on the staff and said gently: "Let me show you how to guests on products! Her serious and pragmatic way of doing things she just implemented style "bold imagination, effective implementation of the" motto.

To address the allergic skin problems of women's beauty, Estee Lauder Companies in 1968 to develop allergy test by the medical cosmetic brand, known as Clinique - Clinique. In 1990, in order to meet the global trend of environmental protection, set up the Origin Co., Ltd., the company developed the production Lu, emphasizing the natural plant formula, not the animal experiments, all the packaging can be recycled. Here, the United States was given a more natural, healthy meaning.

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