Pasha de Cartier 42 mm Totem Pattern Watch

Latest Watches News Report: From the time display, rotation, disappeared and resurfaced. Cartier watchmaking brand to the unique time display has a unique interpretation of way to full of mystery and extraordinary interpretation of modern technology the way of the skeleton watch the display to time a more interesting art.

From 1912 to build first Cartier mystery clock, Cartier show that the time has a unique way of interpretation process. Mystery clock by light refraction and visual dead ends to the base hidden under the mysterious mineral crystal clock movement is like a pointer from referring to the mysterious influence of gravity suspended in the air. The mystery of the unique offerings reflect the tabulation process valuable Cartier watch to break the barriers of traditional boundaries in order to analyze their own insights and to create a new node when the meter display. Cartier to create the perfect for the ultimate treasure hard spare time account, whether in the watch and reading the bridge into one of the skeleton panel or a disk of the three dial watch shows Santos Triple 100 watch this year on three sides SIHH innovation niobium titanium released material to build the concept of adjustment watch without ID ONE, Tortue perpetual calendar skeleton tortoise-type complex menus and suspended in the air Rotonde Skeleton Flying Tourbillon watch Cartier are all craft in the Advanced tab to skeleton watch shows the different ways to show the spirit of the original house as the Advanced tab of the tab with the exquisite artistry.

Skeleton movement first appeared in the eighteenth century, when they appear in the pocket watch on. watch is a skeleton as the metal components from the mechanical devices, such as the main plywood, meter bridge, ratchet, spring boxes, and other components to remove the art. The bridge and the main plywood watch decoration, carving and engraving is usually the way the carve some representative leaves or floral patterns, there always are some scenes such as hunting or concerts.

Craftsmanship extraordinary watch, the movement in the skeleton of the watch when the bridge arrangement to the shape of Roman numerals to indicate the time. This unprecedented movement skills to a set of skeleton and Roman numerals on a scale so that the readability of impeccable timekeeping watch, and watch to bring innovative design, while the bridge watch movement to nickel silver alloy to strengthen the resistance. Cartier innovative design for this patent.

Compared with traditional skeleton watch the presentation, finished in a watch movement to present a more sophisticated technology to build between the art of movement, the watch homemade blank part of the disk will not affect the function in the case of skeleton through the interaction of light and space under the influence of a sense of showing a penetrating sense of vision, so that the level of movement can be at a glance.

Pasha de Cartier 42 mm Puma grain skeleton totem watch, case K 18K rhodium-plated white gold case, diameter 42 mm, bezel set with round diamonds, 18K rhodium-plated white dial K gold diamond carved into the bridge watch movement leopard head design, sapphire crystal, waterproof 30 meters, 100 feet, 3 bar, dark gray silk strap, pin buckle clasp, 18K rhodium-plated white gold diamond clasp, movement 9613 MC manual-winding mechanical machines core, the total weight of 4.1 karats of diamonds. Reference price of about NT $ 3,350,000.

Skeleton Cartier watch to return to the Advanced tab initially moved the original as the ultimate precision, but also for self-movement Cartier precision technology expertise and the Pegasus presents. Committed to the pursuit of the ultimate watchmaking aesthetic realm of creation and enhancement of endless Advanced tab to highlight the extraordinary value of the real movement, every tabulation process chosen by professional instructors manual polishing treatment. Jufan chamfered bridges and splints polished matte side of the watch modification, framing the front drawing processes, such as processing and gear ... and so on. These small parts are only received professional training to work by skilled master tab are properly configured at the inside.

skeleton Cartier watch no other superfluous ornaments, light penetration through the simple view that is able to taste the present art of watch movement. After the watch after grinding chamfer on each side of the bridge after repeated tests in the orientation of the mirror assembly configured with each other around the same time there will not be grinding convergence bad loss concerns. These components run under the flickering light fog and mirror polished after grinding off the original decoration to show contrast, the penetration level of a sense of movement. A flashing edge in terms worth of time behind a tab for each component are watchmakers after more than 15 hours after carefully pondering from the works of art treasures can be described as truly!

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