Chopard's Animal World Series: Bamboo Panda Watches

Latest Watches News Report: Full of originality and ingenuity will be sublimated to the ultimate craftsmanship Chopard 150 anniversary of the Animal World Series, the group turned from the beautiful and mysterious nature of the rare birds and animals, in Cannes, in New York, in Morocco has been booming.President and Creative Director of the United Chopard Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, full of imagination innocence paragraph 150 outlines the shape of the theme of animal work, dazzling world of animals series using the most advanced manual techniques, craftsmen no match skills and an endless supply of creative designers, achievement worthy of this collection of 150 models and unique works.

"Bamboo Panda" watch 

Arrangement of the parts in the subject, Chopard has created a paradise well, the branches covered with fern's lone climb trees you can see lizards are safely shelter; green lichen on the dog playing naughty; tree between the branches McNair also cunning monkey swinging, here is the fantasy kingdom of animals Chopard is also a paradise for the animals!

In addition to the shuttle in the forest, animal jewelry, the Chopard invited a small ling said the heart of Tianhe Wang Liu Zijun wear jewelry, whether wild Catwoman with elegant elegant styling Yihuo fairy, will be personality accentuates the forest animals, Of course, the king of the forest "Tarzan" is the protagonist of this jungle indispensable, and it was a childish and happy together.

18K rose gold Material / quartz movement / hour, minute, seconds display / mother of pearl face plate /

watch Box 35 Diamond: 3.50 Carat / crown a diamond: 0.15 carats three diamond slide: 0.3 kt /
Face plate 148 diamonds: 0.49 carats, a black diamond: 0.0 kt / Limited 25

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