Different Fashion Brand Protect Case Bag for iPad

Brand Watches Information Report: With the iPad the global hot, various brands after the introduction of people are unwilling related accessories, all luxury brands have launched iPad protective cover, to put on a brand-name protective sleeve iPad.

Ferragamo leather protective cover fabric iPad

Ferragamo leather protective cover fabric iPad

Ferragamo iPad canvas fabric protector

The launch of the iPad Ferragamo protective cover using advanced fabrics and canvas two leather crafted, simple and plain design approach with a Ferragamo's logo, showing a gorgeous sense of style. The three sets of the current protection has been specified in the Salvatore Ferragamo franchise stores for sale.

LV iPad old protective sleeve floral pattern

Another pattern of LV Case Black Plaid

LV out of the iPad protective cover, priced at 240 pounds (more than 2500 yuan), the largest unique, that is, to the Home button left empty, exposed.

About 500 dollars iPad, with a LV in the way the casings, so match up, it seems extraordinary to reflect the identity of wealthy noble, pull the wind a lot.

Gucci out of the iPad Case

With a specific pattern of Gucci iPad package, tentatively priced at $ 230 dollar. Even if Apple's latest product is not a, ipad the masses, and N number of Hollywood celebrities have a certain star, or between those who owned Mai. So, $ 230 U.S. knife Gucci iPad package, either as a Christmas gift, or intimate Valentine's Day commemoration, even if only a small luxury reward their own, are a good choose.

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