Introduction and Identification of Tungsten Steel

Watches Review Center Report: Tungsten steel is the total space of ceramic buyers after another for the public pursuit of the high-tech products, it is used within the space shuttle technology, now converted to civilian use.

In fact, tungsten steel, has a favorite place for consumers, such materials and different materials used in the general watch, its hardness is close to natural diamonds, easy to wear, brightness, such as mirror, never fade, and can withstand mechanical shock advantages.
The study can produce tungsten steel tungsten steel ring particle population, tungsten steel, the word racks. They can be polished into a variety of angular patterns, styles and patterns to increase the watch. Tungsten was originally a color - Silver, now a gold plating, black, noble watches for the appearance of Tim.

There are also some people the wrong idea, thinking that "foreign moon circle than China." However, just the powder on the tungsten, places China as the best. In fact, most foreign investors are the first Chinese purchase of powder, for conversion of other products. My company for the development of these high-quality tungsten steel powder, the introduction of advanced equipment and testing facilities, experts and senior technical staff from the research and development put into production by a trained technician, so the product quality is guaranteed. At the same time to meet market needs in the development of tungsten steel products, we are stronger than foreign.
Such a good product, attracted many imitators joined the production, in a free market, competition is ineviwatch, unfortunately it was part of the factory due to lack of technology and equipment. So with the second level to fish in the material or steel. However, if the finer powder is not enough, after a certain time, there will be oxidized to form a marble pattern. Content not match formula, the time course of time, there rust oxidation, make skin sensitive. I further example, the high quality tungsten steel watches retail value of about more than 4000 yuan, while the imitation of about 1,000 yuan, a difference of up to 4 times, smart consumers should understand the reason.

Article Source: http://www.watchreviewcenter.com
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