12 Popular Trend Handbags in Taiwan

Fashion Zone Report: Have a big bag, visit Japan, South Korea is a popular bag, close to the island of Taiwan from the U.S., where what is popular style of bag, where the fashion pack back up what people are, together we share with you so beautiful blossoms Bloom in the fall.

Young is free to casual style, decorative belts, import material, feel super good, light and beautiful appearance, is that you want to have a portable dreambag.

Simple and neat design, Leaving Impressions that the people quite dynamic, multi-pocket design to meet the needs of women carrying Goods, Shiny green, and reveal the Radiance of Youth.

Stylish crocodile embossed leather feelwith Amore, a great demonstration to show simple fashion, bags can be deducted from the smaller, open the hasp and can become larger, to wear buckle crocodile embossed handbag, whom you are fond of the thing? !

Patent leather, U-type design, decorative belt, bringing together elements of pop style, one of the Korea Institute of the Department of shoulder bags for school, shopping, Hiking, multi-purpose bag.

Outhow got to play a little flower garden, colorful flowers, full of sunshine and warm, waterproof design, practical and caring.

Bright Crescent Colorsuper-pocket bag, shopping, super useful appointmentsare, Crescent close to the design, so that the crazy girls love it.

Tee + + denimpants shoes, fashion girls dress features a glossy patent leather back shinysilkbag Playmates, and reveal the more fashionable side of casual.

Today, advocates of environmental protection, environmental protection must a package, you can hand to the Messenger, too, a wild, simple stylewithdegrees No.1, another type I fashion.

My favorite type of people cross pattern three packages, with Rainbow stripes tees, denim overalls, shoulder bag, Messengerbag, all you Trendy and stylish, Feeling Great.

Until now, retro is still popular in the main, can be hand, you can shoulder, Messenger you can, you can also use the bags more than the Shoulders back, the most worthy of people's favorite, Anytime, Anywhere transformation modeling.

Every year, national holidays, will be prepared to do what kind of bag, this oversized bag cute cat stars, lovely appearance of awesomeness, and large load capacity can also be a lot of belongings Oh.

Cute tees with jeans + red apple double canvas bag, put him line, even more charming and pretty, like red apples like Oh cute! 

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