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Latest Watches News Report: Boucheron has a 152-year history, the French most respected top jewelry companies; MB & F is a young, avant-garde creative laboratory in Switzerland, the Horological Machines (watch the machine) series watch is the first time in 5 years ago, hit the Earth. What makes Boucheron and sparks MB & F? The answer is Jwlry Machine watch, it is the MB & F Horological Machine No 3 (HM3) watch stunning fine jewelry version.

Catalyst: Horological Machine No 3 watches 

HM3 watches in gold with the original titanium metal, launched in 2009 stunned the watch industry. Plate can be clearly seen from the surface power-driven engine (movement), MB & F's signature style automatic disk symbolic ─ Tomahawk, and the rapid swing of the balance wheel. Detract from the stands at three-dimensional carvings on the double cone case, the side for the time display, provided by two large ceramic ball bearing power. High-tech watch with avant-garde performing arts, serves as a masterpiece of micro-mechanical technology. MB & F's engineers and watchmakers have to machine processing and hand polished, to assemble the 305 parts HM3 engine, and the job is only 1 micron tolerance.

Jwlry Machine watch: the magic into Boucheron 

Although the watch is designed HM3 never thought of using the diamond, but Maximilian Büsser is brewing for many years co-operation with the idea of Boucheron. "I can Boucheron was impressed with the infinite, and their creative passion." He said, "Boucheron resolutely avant-garde choice of expression, are each works of art of jewelry show giants." Boucheron artisans will be unique in the world watches the JwlryMachine HM3 version, the idea of luxury jewelry for the three-dimensional mosaic owl, a 18k white gold with amethyst to (Amethyst), diamond, and sapphire blue and purple, another Zeyi 18k Rose Gold with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamond and pink sapphire. Owl's bright eyes, is installed in the double-cone convex on the huge round stones; dazzling wings protectively wrapped HM3 precious engine, wings to secret pavé-set studded brilliant-cut stones; carved chest full of feathers Zeyi block Amethystor Rose Quartz carved. Most attractive is the bottom of the owl's chest: the heart seems to beat. Is vaguely see the MB & F style gold system Tomahawk translucent jewel automatic plate in the bottom of the swing, resulting in the illusion.

Boucheron jewelry artisans will be the body of the owl mosaic, designed gold structure and divided into five parts casting, to micron precision to fit the HM3 close watch. On the structure, the design and HM 3 watch an exercise in natural fit. Also, this design is typical of Boucheron design, bold interpretation of the most exotic, the most extreme natural life, to achieve the inclusion of the company "Treasure of the foreign body counter" special effect. Recalling the initial discussion, Boucheron CEO Jean-Christophe Bédos, said: "The appreciative of MB & F presented Boucheron masterpiece of concrete, so the cooperation of the two companies, must be able to generate creative ideas, flash bright finished, and even showed humor, bold style.

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