Corum TItanium Bridge Tourbillon PVD Limited Edition

Watch Traveling Report: Brand marks the anniversary of the Corum choose to commemorate the launch of limited edition watch, to display their very extraordinary creative performance and superb watchmaking technology. In 2010, in addition to the 55 anniversary of the establishment of the brand, but also the Corum Mountains form its backbone - the bridge watch series launched 30th anniversary.

In 2009, the Corum introduced a new titanium bridge watches, and then to become the new bridge watch on behalf of its series of works made with the brand's second gold movement, playing the U.S. attack also wrote the historic brand page. Full of creative spirit of modern and contemporary philosophy of titanium slab movement Ti-Bridge, in addition to the altar watch represents a new era, but also modern and fashionable watch design and advanced technology to make the most traditional and revolutionary initiative of perfect interpretation.

The astronomical clock in the 2010 series New Appreciation bridge watch, the display for the first time exposure of the "bridge tourbillon-PVD titanium black PVD extremely limited edition", which equipped with a brand new R & D CO022 by the movement, in titanium bridge device to add the titanium tourbillon bridge tourbillon watch, While this movement is the most special thing about subversion of the traditional tourbillon, select the upper deck equipped with a structure without showing a suspended like flying tourbillon device, escapement structure swing 21,600 times per hour, as if floating above the long-type movement, tourbillon power required from the central two large barrel, which provides up to 72 hours of power, and The most simple way of refining energy storage; with two to ARCAP special alloy V-boom created by the movement firmly fixed in the central case, presenting a unique titanium tourbillon bridge suspended transparent visual beauty, while also watch the whole exudes a sense of lightness of weightlessness.

At the same time, the integration of complex technology and design aesthetics watch movement is plywood and deck are cut from special alloy ARCAP out, ARCAP is made of copper, nickel and zinc alloy of the new system, it is not only an anti- erosion and non-magnetic iron alloy, but also from oxidation effects, easy processing of complex surfaces. This epoch-making new material makes the traditional Microhyla such as matte, satin polished and bright surface treatment of the case in stark contrast to the detail level of feeling.

Titanium Tourbillon bridge and the legendary Golden Bridge watch with the same "DNA", but it varies with different styles because of the technical differences. And to excellence in design which will be the key to success of the brand into the design of the tourbillon frame, as this watch is the most unique and fascinating features of the, it is the perfect interpretation of "All Black" the ultimate design aesthetics, the introduction of PVD pole limited edition black world, but also watch this pricing strategy in 2010, providing an excellent and reasonable market competitive enough to prove that the Corum watch to provide unique design, and a high degree of skill and value for money products perseverance and determination.

Appreciation will be another focus of attention in a "miniature painting set, Jinqiao Diamond Ladies Watch - Exotic Birds"; 2009, Golden Bridge introduced Diamond Ladies Watch set to delicate gorgeous appearance and lateral movement placed the Golden Bridge, jump prolapse of the original list presented by Golden Bridge masculine men and domineering, the famous Golden Bridge for the Corum interpretation of a different kind of movement is soft and beautiful women; in the design of the new section of the watch, with the after nearly three years later, the Corum and re-released Taiwan exclusive qualified for the Asian art of miniature painting issue of the face plate, adding his appreciation and collection of high value. Master of miniature painting at the delicate brush flowering, colorful style and fragrance with bright colors showing a colorful tropical bird feathers inherent gesture. Creative design Jinqiao unique movement and jewelry inlaid with a miniature painting skills, achievements out of the top craft only perfect masterpiece.

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