Jaeger-LeCoultre Launched Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a new tradition of family, the traditional large-scale integration of complex functions. The first feature is the astronomical information, the second function is the timekeeping system, the third function is an additional pointer, usually a chronograph, it could be other functions, such as the Tourbillon.

Even the top brands, nor is it can often make models of such level of complexity, Moreover, Jaeger-LeCoultre works in each of the functions has exceeded the performance of its people.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication 

What is not a traditional tourbillon, or the new Caruso? Since 1989, this issue has been following the outbreak, many experts argue bored. Modern watch, there is no rotation around the wheel can no longer be determined or it is the Caruso Tourbillon the only criterion because it has long been Blancpain subversive activities. Determine the origin of the current standard of surviving depends on whether the agency has a framework for directly by the barrel-driven power source. That is, if it is stuck Tourbillon framework will immediately stop running; But Caruso could make do go, though the error has been great.

Jaeger-LeCoultre tourbillon precedence over tradition and modernity. First, it is pure tourbillon, relying on the fourth gear drive transmission system frame, and has a fixed cross-bridge, with the balance wheel concentric rotation. In his autobiography, but also relative to the entire disk revolution - the real needs of the sun. This is already beyond the traditional, so we determined it is relatively tourbillon. It is not only used for decorative stars calendar, also used to calculate the sidereal day, rather than the general timing. Sidereal day is less than the sun at about 4 minutes. Dial on the ecliptic constellation, there is a map of the outer rotating small sun, constellation identification tag and the month around the constellation, used to display the standard time, which is mean solar time.

Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication by the dial to the next tier of complex mechanical devices to achieve the movement of celestial bodies. Flying Tourbillon cantilever frame design, the bottom of the support, rather than between the top and bottom of the plywood support. The entire organization to build the light titanium, silicon escapement visible. Compared with the traditional use of steel, reducing the material inertia, so that the whole movement to improve the operational efficiency of 15%. In fact, the plot has been reproduced in the tourbillon system, why for some, but had to be painstakingly accurate re-development of silicon part it? The answer is simple, because it has shown the function of astronomical time, this feature can not be overlooked, so we must be very precise on!

2007 Jaeger-LeCoultre produced the "Crystal Gong" that brands in terms of tapping the level of a substantial increase in timekeeping, but also as an influential work. The general tone of the vibration spring to increase the use of case volume. But the elite watchmaker Jaeger uses a different "speakers." Vibrating reed-one audio device is fixed in the sapphire crystal below the velocity of the sapphire can be used for tabulation of all the fastest medium (except for titanium). Therefore, the vibration of the metal percussion was quickly out through the sapphire crystal divergence and improve the efficiency of sound.

Second, we can see the back of the clock struck two stop hammer. To this end watchmakers invented a special device, called "trébuchet" to improve the percussion sound quality. Different from the traditional striker, who designed a connected system in the mobile arm of the axis. When working, the clock speed up the percussion hammer tone spring, released almost simultaneously moving the arm to help speed up the clock hammer percussion. This method uses almost 80% of the energy percussion, and traditional striker system only using 10% to 30% of energy.

Melodious voice conveys more than just timekeeping the rhythm of time, as well as the technical foundation than all, the art exudes charm.

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