What Can Bluetooth Watch Do

Latest Watches News Report: From the remote control car to a remote camera, Sony Ericsson will launch a number of us are always shines Bluetooth accessories. No wonder, as a proponent and advocate of the Bluetooth standard, Ericsson, is not spared themselves the advantages of Bluetooth products used in Sony Ericsson's.

Sony Ericsson recently unveiled a startling Bluetooth - Bluetooth Watch MBW-100, we have a hard time with the Bluetooth link will watch together, how the Bluetooth watch do? We have some curiosity. Famous mobile site recently launched a MOBILEBURN.COM Sony Ericsson MBW-100 of evaluation, we have compiled some of the contents of which, so readers can preview the country, lets have a look.

The Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch has silver and black, MOBILEBURN.COM evaluation of this MBW-100 is silver, strong metallic block watch, according to official data, said Sony Ericsson, MBW-100 of the shell is not allergenic stainless steel, while the watch-glass is made from natural crystal.

As the saying goes: "The poor play cars, play watch-rich", the watch is designed to reflect the level of technology and product quality, the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 although this can not be compared to the hundreds of million yuan to the list, but on a mobile phone manufacturers introduced accessories for very fine workmanship and design of the.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100 on the back, very simple, because we have not seen a physical half-buried in the side of the two metal contacts, the contact is what to do with it?

It turned out that the two contacts are used in the charger, MBW-100 charge to use a dedicated folder in the watch on one side of the clip, the clip can be connected with the standard Sony Ericsson charger, so long as the Sony Ericsson mobile phone users can use, as long as the Do not lose it on the line in this clip.
According to Sony officials said the watch a full power play for 7 days after the Bluetooth control, and 7 days after 7 days can be a timing function to ensure normal operation of the watch, so watch this week to charge a minimum amount. Well, we have been saying the appearance of this watch, specifically what it has Bluetooth, how to use, we are on the next page to explain.

The Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch MBW-100 currently supports only the latest of several Sony Ericsson mobile phone models are as follows: Z710c, K790c, W710c, W810c, Z610i, W850i, Z710i, W710i, K618i, K790i, K790a, K610i, K800i, V630i, W810i . Friends need to look to buy their phones or not to support.

The MBW-100 is very simple, the front is a great piece of watch-glass, which has Sony Ericsson logo. The simulation of the mechanical time display pointer, following a line of blue OLED LCD screen. Form of the watch to the right are two buttons and crown, the crown of which operate throughout the watch will be accounted for in the heavier elements.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100's LCD screen usually displays the date and the remaining major power, and time to complete the instructions mainly rely. Dial design is very simple, just point at the 12,3,6,9 have signs, luminous paint on another watch needle,

MBW-100 when in standby press the crown, the following will appear blue OLED LCD screen mode menu, MBW-100 will also display a variety of functions, the figure shows the Bluetooth connectivity, SMS tips, alarm clock, and cell phone synchronization.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100 can meet the latest of several music phones, watches and mobile phones in pairing, the phone plays MP3 music, you can not come up with mobile phones, as long as the MBW-100 by the apparent operation can be achieved on the Sony Ericsson Music phone plays the music or skip to next song and other operations.

MBW-100 there is a very important feature is the mobile phone can prompt the user to receive text messages. OLED screen displays icons that he has received text messages.

Similarly, when the phone calls received, MBW-100 will also prompt, and calls the user's name will be displayed. And if time is not convenient to answer, then, you can also press the crown to hang up the phone, which for many business situations is still very useful.

In addition to official information from Sony Ericsson, we understand that, MBW-100 there are many interesting features, such as mobile phones out of range to remind, that is when the user leaves the phone after a certain distance, MBW-100 will automatically ring to alert the user "mobile phone forgot it! "This is easy to lose the phone user is also a good function ah.

How, read the above description, this MBW-100 is a good feeling it, the current Sony Ericsson Chinese website has introduced this product, but the country appears to be no listing of friends interested in it please pay more attention to our reports it.