Patek Philippe Dome Clock: Each Piece is Unique

Watches Review Center Report: Left: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, issued by Cartier in 1965, manufacturing, copper gold material, Cloisonne hunting patterns.
Estimated price: HK 320000-480000

Right: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, manufactured in 1976, copper gold material, Cloisonne party dress patterns.
Estimated price: HK 400000-550000

Comment: Ordinary fans might not think of a watch to complete the picture of a spherical clock carving, Patek Philippe craftsmen use to reach 18-20 m long length of gold. Gold plate will be attached so long after the end of the billet, Patek Philippe, the craftsmen and then combine opaque and translucent enamel materials in the arc of the spray painting on enamel, or firing. Through the thin gold surface on the "pinch" the screen out every detail to life is not easy to present to the same high surface curvature of the production process to complete the enamel, is a challenging task. Making it difficult to dial other plane in the operation, the incomparable.

Currently, the Patek Philippe company to carry out this task only a handful of enamel artisans, even more than competent Patek Philippe super complex movement of the artisans making and even less maintenance. For this reason, Patek Philippe ball all Cloisonne clock is the most precious treasures of representatives, while only the clock because each is unique, the value of natural soared with the passage of time is a natural thing.

Article Source: http://www.watchreviewcenter.com
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