Low-key Luxury Watch Hublot Earl Gray Gold Watch

Hublot Earl Gray Gold condensed bright, stylish luxury design

Watches Review Center Report: Hublot "Earl Gray Gold" watches, rose gold with inlaid diamonds facelift version, from the original Earl Gray series of low-key luxury, transformed the dazzling timepieces distinguished style, the color with the tantalum metal face plate, steady, condensed as a result of ten-hole-like shell will instantly attracted the attention fixed focus, so bold chiaroscuro design, fashion show Hublot, the innovative spirit of avant-garde, but also to create a sophisticated luxury taste.

Hublot was founded over 30 years this year, in particular the launch of three-dimensional architectural aesthetics of the 30th anniversary of visual form "Tourbillon Manufacture", and with top-of-border cooperation for hot F1 official timepiece "F1 Gold" and "F1 Monza" Grand Prix watch at the same time and with the bold use of color, the deep variety of fashionable women favorite Tutti Frutti watch together from November 29 until December 8 held in Taichung astronomical clock 2010 exhibition.

Hublot since 2005 after the launch of Big Bang watches, fast detonating Fusion avant-garde fashion design in 2010, successfully achieved, "America's Cup" yacht race, F1, FIFA World Cup when the three major races of the total authorized official , the momentum has been among the top brands out line, is a rising star can not be ignored, but this time to introduce the 30th anniversary of the limited form "Tourbillon Manufacture", a symbol of Hublot watch to scale the peak, meaning it is quite different.

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