Europe's Largest Helicopter Manufacturer - Eurocopter SA

Fashion Zone Report: Eurocopter SA, is Europe's largest helicopter manufacturer, part of EADS (EADS). The company mainly engaged in civil and military helicopter development and production, as well as helicopter repair and overhaul services.

January 1992, the French company Aerospatiale and MBB of Germany to conduct joint, the establishment of a European helicopter Corporation. French aerospace company which owns 70% of the shares, the German MBB company has a 30% stake, is currently in France and Germany, the company has R & D and production base.

Eurocopter, the French company has three facilities: Located in the south of France near Marseille, plant and headquarters base; in Paris factory near the city of helicopter blades; and Le Bourget airport in Paris, near the center of the rotor test, three a total of approximately 6,000 employees . French company Eurocopter, development and production of main products: Ecureuil / Fennec single and twin helicopter, Dolphin / Panther , Super Puma / Puma, Tiger / Gerfaut, NH90, EC120 and EC135, a total of seven series of products, including the last four series of products for international cooperation.

Eurocopter Germany, there are two places in Germany: headquarters - Munich Ottobrunn, and another site - Donauworth. German company responsible for the helicopter development, production, flight test, and after-sales service, the main products include helicopters BO105 and BO108.

Eurocopter powerful, in the level of civil helicopters in the area of R & D and sales, very basic and Bell Helicopter Company; military helicopter production level of R & D companies are with Boeing Helicopters. The company designed and manufactured the helicopter, covering about 80% of the applications. As of 2005, the global civil helicopter market share reached 50% of total year 2006 sales of more than 250 rotary wing aircraft, accounting for 32% of global sales.

Eurocopter products:

1. Civilian helicopters - AS332 Super Lynx, AS350/AS355/EC130 squirrels, AS365/SA365 dolphins, EC 120 Colibri, EC135, EC145, EC165, EC225, EC635.

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