Roamer Competence Original Automatic Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Swiss Roamer watch, created in 1888, a century legendary watch brands. The centenary of the foundation support a market concept is "real value" - comes from our thoughts, our actions and our lives.

Automatic watch is a manifestation of confidence in the idea of making another collection. What is your "real value"? From the heart out of the surging value of self-confidence is the full expression of your will lead you to move forward towards success.

This series of watches designed by Roamer unique, perfect and classic. This low-key calm and a textbook example of elegant design, a design later inspired numerous examples of success - not conservative or exaggerated the original compact, it can be so relaxing, Swiss Roamer watch has a leading position from the design of mechanical watch making in-depth research and study, adhering to the concept of avant-garde aesthetic, combined with contemporary design, with its exquisite and delicate interpretation of aesthetic ideas, and finally achieved, "faith family."

The black watch the same series, was solemn side alone, always able temperament and elegant presentation.

Competence Original Automatic important role to play classic design will always pursue the Swiss watch brands to a higher level of Rome, Rome, patented design of the rebirth of a more dynamic form into a new series. Will also taste excellent, low-key elegance you, create a unique elegance.

Competence series automatic watch dial design soft lines, the simple to the extreme but not rough, elegant character intact. Silver dial above the seal "ROAMER" Rise of the brand character, below the corresponding handwritten "Automatic", while yet chic solemn calm.

Scale shelter of "bridge" made some small movements just right, not only meet the design prototype, but also highlighted the function of character, demonstrating stylish side, really Jiangxinduju. Calendar display with 3-bit disk, do you silence the expression for the passage of time without leaving any trace.

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal mirror, suiwatch for any occasion wear. Full solid stainless steel case and leather belt showing a low-key luxury, are permeated every part of the wrist are elegance.

17 Diamond automatic mechanical movement Swiss craftsmen out of the hands of self-confidence to ensure that, for the gift to your self-confidence accurately capture every opportunity.

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