Dynamic Watch Sarcar

Latest Watches News Report: In 1948, the original Italian by the Brazilian Sarzano Carlo, and he and his wife Jean Zollinger Paulett Sarzano and created a family watch in Geneva. Each family watch only begin with "too big, dynamic, and small enough to bold" concept created from. Today, the family watch with its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design, who won the best watch Lai successfully market share in the watch a seat. To maintain its high quality and unique, family limited only created a year 4500 watch. In 1948, Carlo Sarzano create Sarcar in Geneva.

He was previously working for many years as the most prestigious Swiss brand and he is a representative for these leading brands in Italy and Spain. Carlo Sarzano, however, take good care of the other ambition. With his accuracy and quality of products together, he hoped that with his own call and decided to create his own brand. He started by looking for the factory can understand his works. He soon found one, the factory established in 1919, "Manufacturing de montres Niton", he bought for his needs and transform. He then began to develop his "collection" pieces from the fragments and make it aware of his long-term customers. He also attacked the world market and, due to the unique quality of call and receive a rapid expansion that led to a favorable reply. The original, he produced major gold plated watch, but very soon after adding a solid gold line. In 1963, the need for more space, Carlo Sarzano transfer his company to 41, route, town center in a charming villa surrounded by ancient trees, it continues to this day by the external Carlo Sarzano 1974 and his wife Paulette Sarzano receive the company's management. She immediately faced with some difficult decisions. During this merger, consolidation and large series production, and Sarcar philosophy is exactly the opposite.

Paulette Sarzano choose to focus prestigious gold watch creation. Carlo Sarzano used to think a if "would be strong enough, small enough to be free." This is still the motto of the current business, so to ensure flexibility and creativity. Models such as Solitaire, Magic Moon, galaxies, and the moon is a significant example of this evolution of the years, the company continues the same philosophy, combined with the latest technology and tips and handy Master Watchmakers. The goal is to give life to new and original concepts tailored to market requirements, to provide mixed performance, innovation and aesthetic elegance. Support for the unity of the team work of various engineering, Sarcar continue to produce small, numbered series. These objects are committed to finding a watch on the crowd to please their own, watch a special and unique reflection of their own personality.

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