Why the Watches in Auction Value of the Price

Latest Watches News Report: In the October 6 Sotheby's has just ended auction of the autumn auction special watch on the case of a platinum Patek Philippe 5078P watch the closing price of 2.42 million Hong Kong dollars, setting a simple and functional style transactions a record. The Wall Street Journal to the "assessment: Why can watch the value of this number?" In the title for this watch was analyzed. Looked at so many award-expensive watches at auction, many people are curious. What factors determine whether a watch can be high turnover in the auction, and some much higher than the market value of the time of release? Author of this this year Antiquorum auction house in high turnover in the watch auction to study, to extract the five better able to contribute to watch high turnover factors are summarized below in order of watch enthusiasts in the selection of watches, or in the auction market competition, to provide some reference .

Patek Philippe 1415 World Time watch, in the March 10, 2010 to $ 84,000 transaction

Friends often participate in the auction clocks have the impression, basically each of two brands of watches and clocks, watches auctions have missed the figure, that is, Patek Philippe and Rolex. Not only that, these two brands is the most consistent in the auction and can continue to create records on behalf of the auction. This is the first article mentioned the brand watches auction. Rolex With its consistent good reputation, strong performance in the auction of its "In addition to the other outside the hard currency of gold," the characteristics of Patek Philippe is able to constantly refresh the high turnover auction records protection. Each Patek Philippe watch only the time of sale would establish a detailed file information, even if in the future to get the auction market or secondary market sale, these archives are also effective and can enhance the value of the product itself. In 2009, Patek Philippe launched its own new mark before Patek Philippe, Patek Philippe watch movement are carved with the Geneva seal, which itself is decorated for fine grinding and high degree of movement of affirmation and recognition.

You know, to have qualified so far manufacturers can use the mark, but sixty-seven. In the March 11, 2010 Antiquorum held the first auction this year, as a finale appearance of the Patek Philippe Platinum 3970 (Lot 220) to $ 141,600 as the market price of the auction "Standard King." Second is the shell Patek Philippe Platinum 5970 (Lot218, transaction price $ 138,000).

Double platinum chase needle Lange watches, in March 10, 2010 to $ 84,000 transaction

Turnover in this field in the top ten auction watch auction, the Patek Philippe will occupy one of the seven seats. This situation not only in Antiquorum auction appeared in the watch area also has some influence auction by Sotheby's and Christie's auction house as well. The annual spring and autumn auctions, Patek Philippe, each auction often occupy seats in the turnover of the top ten Bacheng above, followed later, that is, Breguet, A.Lange&Sohne, Vacheron Constantin and so on.

Platinum Breguet 5447 Perpetual Calendar watch Minute Repeater

It has been such a classification of watches: Watch the world's only two - three watchs and a simple menu, ask. Although inevitably some bias in terms of complete basis, but is also reflected from the side, watch the three Q functions in many complex functions in the position. People from the initial reading time at night to solve the difficulties can be invented out of sound "chime" feature, but now the watch by many experienced fetish fans something between a mechanical device, Minute Repeater are complex functions of the altar really board.

Q function of the standard three-part movement in the 340 configuration, while the ordinary watch or even watch a little more complicated parts of its movement and thus also several hundred. More importantly, such a complex mechanical structure among all hidden in the case, revealing only the case in the side outside the 10 o'clock position of the "shark fin" shape of the three asked the slider. Asked if the three functions is to attract a number of complex mechanical structure in the mechanical sense of obsessed fans of the ultimate pursuit of the watch if the watch itself includes Minute Repeater such as "tip of the iceberg" - exposed on the sea ice is a small part of the vast majority are hidden under the surface - a status-quo of the feelings, then there is plus people loved it play a crucial role in the spiritual pursuit.

Patek Philippe 5104 watch hollow Minute Repeater

Throughout the screening of the 2010 transaction records of the major auction, the highest closing price watch camp, there will always be "with the ring," the three asked the watch. From the Breguet 5447 Platinum Minute Repeater calendar (Lot308, 2010-3-12 New York auction, the price at $ 126,000) to the Patek Philippe 5104 (Lot363, 2010-6-11 May New York auction, bid $ 57.6), then Patek Philippe 3974 (Lot430, 2010-6-28 Hong Kong auction price 3.96 million Hong Kong dollars) - the side of the watch case that little bump, seems to always watch high turnover of protection.

Cloisonne dial Omega watches, 25 June 2010 to 66,000 Hong Kong dollars turnover

Most metals are easily corroded, and even gold and other precious metals is extremely resistant to corrosion even the "stainless steel", if you frequently subject to invasion of moist air, or do not have long abandoned the use keeping improper, but also in the surface oxide layer to metallic luster dim down. A variety of metal materials to build the watch dial, because basically in a closed state, it is hard to shed moisture to enter, it is likely to cause oxidative corrosion disk.

Enamel is a rust never worry about fading the material, it is this feature from a few hundred years ago to be applied to the manufacture of watches and clocks. Enamel, porcelain texture and bone or approximation, is blank till in extreme high temperatures made, hard, bright and swatch, basically will never fade or aging. Enamel watch auctions become a hot spot of concern is the logical thing. After all, some hundreds of years and still watch the colorful enamel work is its own unique "solitary", coupled with enamel firing process includes a lot of uncertainty, so in theory only the enamel of each watch works have not replicable.

Patek Philippe enamel dome clock, March 22, 2010 to 174,000 Swiss francs turnover

March 22, 2010, Antiquorum auction held in Geneva, the one called "Le Tour du Monde de M agellan", model 797E (Lot 231) of the enamel dome clock, to 174,000 Swiss francs price by a competing bidders in Asia. The auction price as the focus of the field, but also set a Patek Philippe enamel dome clock a world record. June 25, 2010 Antiquorum auction in Hong Kong, a complex function with a 7 tsar Louis Audemars enamel pocket watch (Lot409), to 696,000 Hong Kong dollars of the price of the transaction including commission, and its closing auction prices of the top ten ranked seventh. Enamel technology, which makes the watch has as its subject matter related to a pattern of bright color, brilliant.

Louis Moinet Vertalis rose gold tourbillon watch

, "Valuable commodity" is our bidding in the auction when the universal pursuit of a state, when an auction or a series to be known after the name, it (or them) will be able to be all the loot, and then hit a high price. Of course, a necessary factor is a valuable commodity to a small number, then the limit to reach this ideal state is a magic weapon. March 22, 2010, held in Geneva, Antiquorum's "Important Collectors Watches and Clocks" auction, "Standard King" honor by an independent watch brand Jacob & Co.'s A "crystal plates Tourbillon" Summary too.

Separate and independent watch brand watch works appear at auction from time to time, occasionally with some unique to the complex topic of technology and enthusiastically participated in the creation of high prices, but as the same as that in the entire auction of 42 million Swiss Lang won the first prize example of the high price is indeed very small. Analysis of its causes, we found that this addition to platinum diamond watch case, hollow to the popular movement and this year Crystal Tourbillon plywood, there is only limited 18.

Jacob & Co. Tourbillon watch crystal plates

Coincidentally, in the same field appears in the auction the other Jacob & Co. Napoleon Quadra four titanium tourbillon watches, to the transaction value of 312,000 Swiss francs, ranked Jacob & Co. "Plywood Crystal Tourbillon", and Patek Philippe Li moon phase calendar 1518 rose gold watch (Lot438, price 420 000 Swiss francs), the ranks third. Limited number of his is only 18. In addition, only a limited edition of the "only existing copies of" identity, but also to make the auction market in another niche of an independent brand Louis Moinet Tourbillon watches rose gold Vertalis successfully bid for the high price of 10.8 million Swiss francs. Similar examples also occur in Antiquorum on May 10, 2010 auction, a niche brand of the same Ellicott Tourbillon watch (Lot 111) to 168,000 Swiss francs of the price of the transaction, which limited the number of the same choice 18.

Blancpain Villeret series watch

Auctions another prominent phenomenon is that celebrities have used or associated with celebrities tend to watch the price has grown exponentially. You may remember last year when a "Mahatma" Gandhi used Zenith pocket watch alarm rang at Antiquorum's auction of 209 million dollars looks price is astounding. In fact, for most participants watch the auction watch fans, they most want to get in the auction, is nothing more than a rare common styles of watches. Many styles of watches auctions are antique watchs, even with a little modern works, but also because time's sake, a lot of models already off the production line, survive in the world of watches have been produced thus become out of print.

Watch the major auction houses is seizing the current wave of people's enthusiasm for antique watchs, and enthusiastically participated in the models for the pursuit of the psychological, can always watch the auction in each auction prepared quite several components found in "topics" watch section. "Celebrities wear watches," the subject, can always popular in the community with a "celebrity" fans have attracted much attention to the watch. These celebrities, some of them have passed away, and some are still considerable weight now or continue Rounds. In short, associated with them to build some watches, the total could break the shackles of cost or market value, the price pulled up to a new level.

Antiquorum on 11 March 2010 at an auction in New York, the one with a unique power reserve display Blancpain Villeret series (Lot 238) sold for $ 7,800 a successful high price, more than regular models in the series higher prices to nearly double. The reason this is Blancpain in the early 20th century for the famous American director, producer and screenwriter and Oscar-winning five wins build Francis Ford Coppola, the world is only a limited edition.

Patek Philippe 130 watch

The other celebrities associated with the watch in Antiquorum June 10, 2010 auction held in New York. A case of gold Patek Philippe watch 130 (Lot 101) in the detailed background information and pictures of support, were taken nearly 4 million ($ 39,600). This watch's original owner, the United States during the 20th century, flourished in the 30's, a refrigeration company's president. While the "celebrity" is not how much the reputation of loud, but this watch is still worse than the same product appearing in the auction field close to another phase Patek Philippe watch 130 (Lot 360, the transaction value $ 36,000) high a lot.

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