Swiss Watch Industry Leader - Tissot

Watch Traveling Report: Tissot was born in 1853, the cradle of Swiss watch-making industry. With the tradition of innovation, experience 150 years, Tissot name has been around more than 150 countries on five continents, to become immortal altar watch in the Swiss watch brands, and has repeatedly received international honors and awards.

150 years of superb Tissot Swiss watchmaking history, since 1853 been committed to manufacturing precision perfect watch, engraved in Le Locle of the plant that produced the watch, begin with imagination, excellence in quality and talent of the famous watchmaking technology world. Since the launch of epoch-making for centuries more people watch relish, such as the 1904 officers for the system of the Russian Queen "tsar watch" in 1953, the world's first automatic world time watch only the Navigator, 1971 launched the world's first only plastic watch IDEA 2001,1985 launched the world's first manufactured stone only Rock Watch, 1988 launched the world's first made only of wood Wood Watch, 2002 launch of the world's first touch sensor watches T-Touch, and the 2005 launch of both the world's first sensor touch only 150 countries world time watch - Navigator 3000, demonstration of innovative Tissot top brand in the world of continuing and the reasons for standing.

1853, Tissot was born in force Locke, one in the Jura and the French border border, only the Swiss town of 8,500 residents.

As the brand creator, Charles-Félicien's son, Charles-Emile Tissot have been from the beginning planned to expand the brand outside the Swiss borders. The spirit of daring Rebel, is still the cornerstone of brand growth.

Therefore, in 1858, Charles-Emile forces Locke to leave the sample with a pocket watch, came under the rule of tsarist Russia. Tissot watch has a large population into the market, was welcomed by the Russian nobility. Form 1904 is for the Russian tsarist army officials of the Royal Guard is specially designed section of the watch, the back of the Order of the Star of the decoration is still being copied into collection. Charles-Emile spent almost two decades, from St. Petersburg to Okhotsk coast, across the vast Russian empire.

Although Russia is Tissot was the largest foreign market, but Charles-Emile's vision is far more than this, he also noted that the United States and Latin America. As early as 1848, he first visited there, but until 1866, he really began with the United States and Latin America, the company's business activities. 1893 Chicago World's Fair, Charles-Emile became a member of the Swiss assessment.

With the expansion in Europe, Tissot, they get a certain number of medals, such as the World Exposition in Paris (1878 silver and 1889 gold), in Anvers (1890 Year Gold) and Geneva (1896 gold), etc.; 1900 Fair in Paris, the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt Wearing a Tissot watch, so many world-renowned Tissot owners who have joined the ranks, including the 1947 South American singer Carmen Miranda, and the royal family of Monaco in 1960 Locke also visited a factory tour in force, and was donated to Tissot.

Tissot 1983, joined the Swatch Group, the global president, says Mr Hayek, Tissot 150 years of innovation and the spirit of its brand image Rebel is entirely consistent with the Group. From a small town in the Jura, and now marketing to the 150 countries on five continents, and a representative of Swiss quality and precision of the brand, Tissot is itself a legend, it tells the world the brand constantly growing new design, new technology achievements, so the customer is always full of surprises. As the company's purpose: the extraordinary creativity, from the tradition.

Tissot combines 150 years of innovation and Swiss watchmaking tradition, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. Its goal is to provide to the public watches gold silver prices. As bicycles, motorcycles, fencing and ice hockey World Championship designated timer, Tissot emphasized for performance, precision and extreme sports to challenge themselves and value. In addition, Tissot also invited the English Premier League club Liverpool and national soul of Michael Owen (Michael Owen) as an international ambassador. Was selected as the 2001 European Footballer of wearing his watch, of course, accurate and reliable timepieces.


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