Patek Philippe 5951P - Worth Buying Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Patek Philippe recommended the complexity of the menu, you need a lot of courage, not because he could not, but because of how that space is not enough. Such as The Patek Philippe 5951P, it is introduced this year, Patek Philippe watch only the N-number of the most complex one.

Complex where? Knowledgeable people would say this watch is the world's thinnest perpetual calendar double-tracking single gold button pin watch, even if it is to remove the thinnest perpetual calendar module. For ordinary people, as long as the line will count. 5951P has seven pointers and five windows, including three hours, minutes, seconds, three chronograph function pointer and a full moon phase, perpetual calendar display.

In my experience, to distinguish certain Patek Philippe watch its needle, 5951P is in addition to needle time of the two needles, the other is platinum needle, rendering into the black, white and red colors. So beautiful on the red pin, worth buying one. I have an experience, that when they do not know what to buy when the watch to buy any of a Patek Philippe do not go wrong. Which do not know when to buy a Patek Philippe, the string hand to buy it watch, of course, it is best to double the chronographs. Anyway, have ordered the goods line, they do not pick very carefully, because there so tired of buying individual to another.

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