Tissot Veloci-T Super Racing Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Dial fine nuanced, eye-catching colors, unique materials - Tissot Veloci-T for the first time in Tissot Basel exhibition hall, is like wearing a T stage one by one bold fashion showcase the latest supermodel icon as popular, attracting the attention of many people, is reputation as "the most stylish sports watch." Powerful timer in a variety of materials and colors of the potent combination of charisma, in terms of speed to enjoy the thrill of the sports arena, or walk in the jungle city of fashion, this watch can show the precise timing and modern design.Speed Pioneer Tissot Veloci-T, from Italy in "Velocity", meaning "quick", can be described as the embodiment of speed. Veloci-T's dynamic design emphasizes the concept of speed: 1 / 10 second chronograph plate and second plate cleverly combined into a "8" shaped area, like a winding track, the vertical pattern of the region like most of the speeding car The child had left India; dial at the three-dimensional outer stripe across the angular scale area, auditorium, arena racing is not exactly it? And 10 positions at the "track" for 30 seconds outside the time the red second hand and foot speed on the bezel inside and outside the echo, conceal his dynamism and passion of the collision, creating a roaring sense of speed.

Photo 1: Tissot Veloci-T series (male models) 

The most stylish sports watch with bold color and material combinations are another highlight of Veloci-T family. 1 / 10 second chronograph second hand disk drive and other parts of the dial color and formed a strong contrast of color, but echoes the scale and speed of the tone bezel. Speed-foot circle on the scale and form a strong color of the color of the conflict, red and black, black and white, and black and gold! Sports watch less use of gold, but some styles are Veloci-T series creatively used with rose gold PVD coating dial, to build in the Tissot designer skilled artist, the whole is more mature and noble temperament watch, even if access formal occasions, but also with the temperament of the wearer. Veloci-T series in addition to the popular use of 316L stainless steel strap, also with black or white rubber strap, not only echo the dial color, the material is also similar and racing tires. Tissot attention to detail is also reflected in the crown and chronograph buttons in the design of its crown with screw design, a very mechanical sense. Timer button echoes the color of the bezel color, reflecting the dynamic fashion trends, it also faces special touch with granular button to increase the friction, easy to control.

Photo 2: Tissot Veloci-T series (Lady Model)

Tissot Veloci-T as speeding in the modern track, "beach-goers", it appears, will launch a complete new round of Tissot watch frenzy.Technical parameters: - waterproof to a depth of 100 m / 10 atm - anti-scratch sapphire crystal lens - 316L stainless steel case with rotating bezel - 316L stainless steel strap with folding buckle - black / white rubber strap with push-button folding buckle Suggested Retail Price: RMB 4,150 - 5,200

Since 1853, Tissot Swiss watch with the traditional design process and the spirit of continuous innovation, sales among the best in the world, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. As the world's largest watch manufacturer and distributor - a member of the Swatch Group, in the past 156 years, Tissot Swiss town from a force based in Locke's watch factory has developed into more than 150 countries with Office of the global brand. Tissot's leading position thanks to its unparalleled ability to innovate, its high-tech products, special materials and advanced research and development functions to spare no effort. Variety of high quality watches, Tissot introduced a broader, more diverse, but the price than any other Swiss watch brand more attractive, which also reflects its "civilian luxury" commitment. As American car race association NASCAR, the Australian Football League AFL, the Chinese basketball league CBA, MotoGP World Championship and the World cycling, fencing and ice hockey championship is the official timing and partners, Tissot is committed to provide payment at the same time respect the traditional Quality silver products, the ability of sport performance, precision and spirit of challenge themselves to the limit.

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