Jaeger-LeCoultre New Masterpiece: The Unprecedented Tourbillon

Latest Watches News Report: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication Watch (Venice International Film Festival Special Edition).

This Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is not limited to complex, it combines the minute repeater, perpetual calendar star (the sun can display real time) and three complex features a floating tourbillon. The lower half of the sun dial tracks time indicates apparent solar time, every 24 hours a week. Northern Hemisphere stars on the dial painted blue paint. Flying Tourbillon is on top, one revolution a year, indicating that the zodiac constellations that month. This unprecedented tourbillon design, and integrated home audio and spring, and patented the crystal structure of silicon escapement together to form multi-axis tourbillon, after this is another masterpiece. Price of about 4 million yuan

Although considered a gold watch gold, but watch where the value system is based on technical content and process content based. The jewelry is based raw materials, the high proportion of material prices. So in this round of increases in the price of gold, all gold jewelry on the market along with price adjustment, while gold prices remained swatch watch. Prices does not mean that material, but not the collection and preservation for the watch does not make sense. Friends care about the watch should have fully understood the auction, the auction will mark the high prices are basically gold watch.

Such as Christie's in June of this year's "exquisite form and the Millennium Treasures" spring auction price of the top 10 with four platinum gold watch, two red gold watch, two gold watch (one of them to count Jewelry watch), a platinum sheet. The top three are platinum sheet, were Patek Philippe 5002P, Patek Philippe 3939HP and Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1 tourbillon perpetual calendar flip the watch. The only one without gold, is love he launched in 2008 that the section to the titanium, carbon fiber and high-tech ceramic made of the concept of the Royal Oak Tourbillon watch, the material also has reached the extreme.

So, although it can not expect to buy a gold watch to make money, but at least it is more than the preservation of steel sheet, it makes my heart is more at ease. Especially those with complex features and limited edition gold watch, looking tired after their own, you can transfer out, and will not loss too much. The steel sheet, in addition to Patek Philippe and Rolex are among the few, the preservation of basic do not have anything.

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