Celebrity - Related Watches are Indeed Astounding

Latest Watches News Report: Auctions another prominent phenomenon is that celebrities and celebrity-related, or used watches prices tend to grow exponentially. You may remember last year when a "Mahatma" Gandhi used Zenith pocket watch alarm rang at Antiquorum's auction of 209 million dollars looks price is astounding. In fact, for most participants watch the auction watch fans, they most want to get in the auction, is nothing more than a rare common styles of watches. Many styles of watches auctions are antique watches, even with a little modern works, but also because time's sake, a lot of models already off the production line, survive in the world of watches have been produced thus become out of print.

Watch the major auction houses is seizing the current wave of people's enthusiasm for antique watchs, and enthusiastically participated in the models for the pursuit of the psychological, can always watch the auction in each auction prepared quite several components found in "topics" watch section. "Celebrities wear watches," the subject, can always popular in the community with a "celebrity" fans have attracted much attention to the watch. These celebrities, some of them have passed away, and some are still considerable weight now or continue Rounds. In short, associated with them to build some watches, the total could break the shackles of cost or market value, the price pulled up to a new level.

Antiquorum on 11 March 2010 at an auction in New York, the one with a unique power reserve display Blancpain Villeret series (Lot 238) sold for $ 7,800 a successful high price, more than regular models in the series higher prices to nearly double. The reason this is Blancpain in the early 20th century for the famous American director, producer and screenwriter and Oscar-winning five wins build Francis Ford Coppola, the world is only a limited edition.

The other celebrities associated with the watch in Antiquorum June 10, 2010 auction held in New York. A case of gold Patek Philippe watch 130 (Lot 101) in the detailed background information and pictures of support, were taken nearly 4 million ($ 39,600). This watch's original owner, the United States during the 20th century, flourished in the 30's, a refrigeration company's president. While the "celebrity" is not how much the reputation of loud, but this watch is still worse than the same product appearing in the auction field close to another phase Patek Philippe watch 130 (Lot 360, the transaction value $ 36,000) high a lot.

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