Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2

Watches Review Center Report: The reason why the new material by the watch party favor, much more than just the table in order to meet the psychological needs of fans like the novelty, but a deeper pursuit of performance for the watch. This multi-functional product family, such as explorer watches, its case will be by the T i V an 1 5 alloy crafted, light weight and wear characteristics.

Meanwhile, high-tech scratch resistant bezel with ceramic, crown and chronograph buttons also covers a large area of the stripes on the rubber, make the operation more comfortable and smoothly. Meanwhile, the silicon material also in this table appear in escapement, so watch anti-magnetic ability greatly enhanced. Table fans to bring new materials, has already become detached in the usual new experience.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 781 automatic movement, dual time zone display, power the 6 0 hours, TiVa n 15 alloy case, ceramic bezel and crown, the crown and buttons with rubber coated, hollow dial, plywood covering black PVD coating, luminous material filled magnetic pointer, controlled by a toggle switch can be replaced-one strap, Double safety clasp, the entire table at home by 1000 hours of testing positive.
Price: 474,000 yuan

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