Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Although the use of a double movement, but the two movements, but the total thickness of 5 mm thickness of movement than many common even thinner. When the "big" and "thin" these two elements encountered in the watch and large is greater than thin is thin. Precisely the opposite of these two contradictory watch the count in this layer was uniform.

Some people like seconds subdial, because it is classical; others are like two hands, because it is modern. This double jeu watch the Piaget so you can enjoy the best of both worlds of fun. Equipped with two different movements, were responsible for two different times on the dial direction, and the double-indicator useful to visitors its duties. Upper dial equipped with 838P movement, adjusting to the destination time, and the lower dial are equipped with the 832P movement, continue to indicate the departure time. In 2010, it is with a new 24-hour dual time zone indication to replace the original 12 hours of instruction, emphasizing the Double Jeu watch concept.

18 K rose gold upper case, the assembly of the Piaget made 8 3 8 P ultra-thin mechanical movement with small seconds display, sapphire case back after perspective; 1 8 K rose gold lower case, the assembly of the count made 8 3 0 P thin mechanical movement, solid carved after the bottom cap. Case diameter 43 mm.
Price: 262,900 yuan

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