Chanel J12 Mysterious Flyback Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Can you build a watch, the real world presents the most essential round, maybe that highlight the crown is always a difficult elimination of the obstacles. Chanel, through their own research and development, the crown of this watch is really an indispensable component to move to another location. Be installed at three sites on the crown only when needed, by pressing the button on the outer ring of the ceramic in order to be "called out" not only that, only watch the magic and many more features you screaming waiting for you to explore. The ultimate innovation, and only wait for you to play the moment in hand, to truly experience.

By the love he G u ilio P a pi to build the movement for Chanel, case diameter of 47 mm, gold case and hands, black bezel inlaid with high-tech precision ceramic, hollow dial, 9 points Tourbillon, sapphire plates, 3 point lift the crown, 6 points on the inverse of the round window the minute hand during the debugging display device jump, black high-tech precision ceramic strap.

Price: 2.106 million yuan

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