Beijing Watch "Crystal" Double Tourbillon

Latest Watches News Report: "Crystal" double tourbillon watch has sapphire plywood, free pop-hairspring balance wheel, in the six o'clock position and nine-bit two flying tourbillon assembly, 18K rose gold case and butterfly clasp

August 2010, Beijing Watch Factory created a unique watch, called "flamboyant." The particularity of this watch is that - it is unique in the world, tailored for the owner of a watch watches, watch all the requirements of the owner, who in the watch has been achieved. At first glance, this "golden glow," the watch will reveal a beautiful temperament, watch the most good at the watch with North golden eagles use technology, not only exquisite gorgeous, but reflect the tab's top technology level. The front of the watch, whether it is 18K gold dial, or Time Division-pin gold-plated, all by hand and had a deep relief carving, dial pattern is called "Cloud Dragon is now nine," and sculpture artists of these patterns, it was in 2008 completion of its creation, "Athena" deep plum embossed gold watch lady, her excellent knowledge of art vivid portrait of the Yunlong pattern, the performance right out of the solemn holy dragon.

To highlight the "flamboyant" theme, designer watches six o'clock position and nine o'clock position two put plywood on the tourbillon, each depicts the image of a dragon, a phoenix, when the watch is running, high-speed operation of the dragon and phoenix patterns may be the "flamboyant" proper interpretation of the word the best way out of the. In the back of the watch, the most eye-catching addition to a large drum on the image depicts a dragon and phoenix, as well as a small drum on the watch owner personally selected by the Sanxingdui relics from the birds on the pattern of the sun, this image use, not only demonstrates the cultural accomplishment of the watch owner, but also the history of the watch a little more flavor.

In an interview with advanced customization, while the watch 2010, the North also launched the "crystal" double Tuo and "Tai Chi" and other series of watches, is also a great deal of diversity in design, these new watches also accept admirers expect customized services . Order Form who can watch their own ideas to add exclusive elements to add the beautiful watches at the same time, more a sort of master of its own belonging to watch the highlights.

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