Two "Window Type" Hand Mechanical Watches

Fashion Watch News Report: Compared to other types of mechanical watches, watches with the inherent advantage - totally dependent on mechanical principles to complete the work time, although it feels more original can not keep up the trend of modern technology, but the machine itself has a unique charm is beyond match.

Window type:

This display is for a rare, hour, and second is the window of the display is very rare, perhaps it needs to be a breakthrough in technical difficulty, and points were also a window of great difficulty, because the window needs more complex display systems, but also points to the adjustment needs to be struck so the technical difficulty is relatively high, while the hour of the window can still be seen often, in fact, is the so-called window of time by the then dial to show, so we no need to scrutinize carefully the position pointer points, and this window is very user-friendly design, the new division recently Lange window displays will be able to describe the problem, of course, this the inherent difficulty of the design can be imagined, it will cost a lot of effort to complete the designer of this very close to the creativity of people.

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