Tissot Sculpture Line Skeleton Classic Manual Winding Watch

Latest Watches News Report: Watch the birth process from the first day, those who love the watch on the movement, and its precise operation of curiosity has never ceased. And this strong curiosity is what has created the altar watch one of the highest degree of difficulty of the watch process "movement Loudiao." It is necessary to limit the movement of the largest hollow part to show the beauty of transparent, it must operate to ensure the stability of movement, stress points also take into account the overall configuration is balanced Carved, Carved process although it is no wonder the movement several hundred years of history, but because of certain technical strength of non-building or not, we now have the ability to watch a professional published hollow can be said that one of the few watch brands. In the 2011 Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the Tissot once again demonstrated the strength of strong professional watchmaking, made a name "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow", in addition to those who love the watch to the global declaration of appreciation hollowing process is not a small number of luxury brands patents, but also a symbol of the centuries-old process of movement Loudiao respect and heritage.

For those who love the watch for many of the mechanical movement can easily appreciate the beauty of rhythm, the deep insight into the meaning of time technology, especially in 2011, Tissot published "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow", showing attention to process brand value of the traditional spirit.

"Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic" is a blend of traditional and modern classic and practical watch. The hollow pocket watch antique 1950s as a source of inspiration, in addition to the movement completely hollow in order to show the most complete of mechanical beauty, more added retro Art Deco elements in them, such as the deck has become the backbone of the movement, in addition to gold plated with a layer of rust and add taste enjoyment, the top is more beautiful decorative engraved lines, can be said to never get tired; movement itself, as many as 17 used as a bearing or covered ruby ​​stone, gem size is also After deliberately enlarged, and the golden bridge plate has a finishing touch with the magical effects; to build on the refining of steel gears (Large cars, small volume vehicles) has also been hollow handle, in addition to add to the fun of hand when mixing, more can observed directly on the wound refining state, can be said to lots of fun; escapement soul ─ ─ balance is particularly increased the size, its like a heartbeat-like rhythm of mysterious, I believe both those who love the watch in general or professional Watch players will go for it and endless.

However, as the previous reading of skeleton watch has a bad problem for both the use of daily life, "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow" in the use of part of the hollow part of the dial design, by at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position of the perspective of space, can enjoy the rhythm and balance wheel spring release state, with the color of the column with the same case with the Roman word mark pointer, a sense of texture and technique can be said without saying may be evident. Also worth mentioning is that, "Tissot Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow" only Material published in 18K rose gold (black dial) and 18K gold material (white dial) of two styles, precious metals prices in today's increasingly high-teng, "Sculpture Line Skeleton watch classic hand mixing hollow" is not only a collection and appreciation of the value also has a very high inflation hedge and the Resistance, coupled with the Tissot brand position and "Swiss Made" blessing of origin, that will definitely become a collection of 2011, those who love the watch top of the list of choice!


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