Four "special type" Hand Mechanical Watches

Latest Watches News Report: Compared to other types of mechanical watches, watches with the inherent advantage - totally dependent on mechanical principles to complete the work time, although it feels more original can not keep up the trend of modern technology, but the machine itself has a unique charm is beyond match.

Special Type:

This particular type can not be contained, which means that the way to express can be classified as a bit special, hour display is difficult to express ordinary watch, and I want to say to the most important FM crazy watch, it is unique is the hour numerals on the dial of a watch distribution violates the most basic common sense, as if specially designed for entertainment and a special mechanical watches, in fact, is its inherent or crazy bounce to follow certain rules, but first met if they simply could not understand this watch shows the time in the end is a few minutes, and it is the natural law of time not every two neighbors and become a distant relative, remember should be two adjacent points had been transformed into a five point interval of the display, so that the machinery created this special watch, there has recently seen a number of scale section of the watch upside down is very creative, to the time when the figures will stand upside down up.

In addition a more creative hours mechanical watch display is accomplished by mechanical transmission of the digital display, which is the luminous tube is designed mechanical procedures to planning, to what time will keep turning luminous tubes, to achieve between light and dark The changes make it clear that we can to check the time, like electronic displays to illustrate the same point of time, which is a special midnight show several ways, the second display is not too special, my memory, there are straight second hand display and the second hand will somersaults, etc., I think that when these special display minutes and seconds are not designers but by the whim of the moment to express their unique creative understanding of the mechanical watch, in addition to wearing a watch that they give people more many reasons.

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