Ballon Bleu de Cartier Monkey Patterned Watch

New Luxury Watches Report: Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch Monkey decorative patterns

Rhodium plated white gold case set with 126 diamonds, total weight of 1.95 karats of diamonds, platinum and recessed crown, inlaid a cabochon sapphire, gold filled enamel dial Monkey pattern, fur paved 225 cognac diamonds yellow , total weight of 0.84 karats of diamonds, enamel filled by the eight shades in a leaf decoration, assembly 049 automatic winding movement, limited edition 50 pieces

Keywords: colored stones, complex ideas, enamel, ultra-thin comfort, skill-based jewelry watch, look first, GMT, entry-level 2.0
Music Effect: Divine Comedy "uneasy"
Product Style: rich in style, variety, extravagant, extremely complex
Main Series: BallonBleu thin sheet, Calibre de Cartier, Advanced tab series, Delices female form, ArtKraft jewelry watch
New number: more than 50 models
Editors watch: BallonBleu thin sheet

Comment: The reason to use Divine Comedy "disturbed" to describe the conference, Cartier, Cartier was introduced this year because the product is so stimulating, it is difficult to imagine so many complex functions, so many artistic elements, so many types of styles will be in the same year, works with a concentrated expression of the brand.

Different categories, the self-produced movement Cartier Series - Calibre de Cartier, a junior-pin dress automatic watch this group of metal strap, although not necessarily to cater to the Chinese market, but certainly welcomed by the people. Altar watch known for many years Ballon Bleu series of weight-loss success, the case of the edge of the coins thinner than even, a sense of dignity, recognition and comfort of all good. Delices candy for the female form inspired by the best of cards to sub-master in the art and design style, Delices will become another popular women's watch style. High Watchmaking in the series of four works, not only reflect the complex technology and processes, but also to creative ideas to attract the attention of all visitors.

ArtKraft series of six high-level jewelry watch, the unprecedented luxury of hand-skills material replaced as the main products, which may become a trend - just get rid of restrictions on raw materials, jewelry design can be more free form, the output can be full release, a new round of consumer demand to get the greatest degree of satisfaction.

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