Baume & Mercier Linea Ladies Watch

Watch News Center Report: Baume & Mercier Linea Ladies Watch Chronograph
Diamond polishing of stainless steel round case, diameter 32 mm, mounted 42 diamonds, total weight of 0.6 karats, ETA251.471 quartz movement, with time, calendar functions, strap mounted 36 diamonds, total weight of 0.8 karats, waterproof 50 m

Keywords: 50's wind, watch the Chinese market, entry-level 2.0, female form, GMT
Music effect: whistling sound
Products style: full of life, in a relaxed, elegant design records life moments
Main Series: Capeland, Classima, Linea Ladies Watch
New number: M watch 9, the female form more than 10 (including strap)
Editors watch: Clay Bismarck jump watch

Review: Baume & Mercier beach huts that we set foot on this trip to Geneva, the first exhibition hall. Conference began, the melodious whistling sound, leads this year's Baume & Mercier theme - Life is about moments. Brand on Long Island in New York shot a promotional video site, reality invited all couples, happy moments, of course celebrities have a watch company. Capeland, Classima, and Linea all three main series this year, innovation, new style, new style, new meaning for the reconstruction of the status of celebrities in the world. And compared to previous years, introduced this year more celebrities gold watch, the Chinese market is so important, almost every brand of products in targeted adjustments.

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